Go to any blog and you will see the free report and subscriber’s box. They can come in many shapes and promises. It doesn’t matter if it is subtle in the layout or a pop-up overlay – the free report is one of the best ways to obtain subscribers. If you attach it with an affiliate promotion, it is one of the best ways to land subscribers AND high number sales.

It turns out though, most of us get the free report – wrong. I am here to tell you what you can do about that.

When I Say We, I Include Me

I have developed a number of reports over the years. It has taken me years, but I have 10,000+ subscribers and a high “open” rating. That last part is extremely significant because a list is only good if people are opening what you send them. I constantly update my list, organize it, and confirm contact with my readers. When I had 5,000 subscribers, it was more active than some people’s 25,000.

In the beginning, I didn’t offer a report. In fact, I didn’t bother with people signing up at all. Some of my highest influx days I ever had to my blog, I never captured a single visitor. In fact, I have most likely lost over 100,000’s of subscribers, easily. It is gut wrenching to think about it, but now I put 100% into growing my subscriber and contact list.

Where The Report Comes In

People don’t trust you. People don’t want to give you their email. People are jaded from years of spam and b.s. promotions. Convincing someone to hand over their email is harder than their money. In fact, I have had people give me almost $80.00 for an ebook, but never sign up for my mailing list or update list for the product they just bought.  Nowadays, especially with Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites, people are protecting their email more and more. It is your job to do the following:

  • Prove you deserve it.
  • Give them something for giving you their email.
  • Treat the email with respect once you have it.

The first two things can be done with a free report.  With the right report, you can give them comfort for trusting you with their email, and show them that they were right to do it. The last thing you want to do is pull them in with a flashy report and then not deliver the goods. You have to think of this as an extremely beneficial impression. If you nail this introduction and trust process, you will automatically be in your readers’ good graces. If you treat them right, don’t spam them, and deliver on your word – it will stay that way.

The free report is better than any business card you can hand out.

Give The Cow Away, Because Most Can’t Milk It

Often times I see people guarding their information as if it is all they have left. Let me tell you something, information is all you have. You need to lead with it, not guard it. Guarding your information means one thing  – no one ever knows you have it or who you are.

I have grown and still grow my business based on the fact that I answer all questions without the statement “Buy my book.” I could count on my hands the amount of times I have told someone to buy one of my books in a one-on-one conversation. If I do so, it is merely to make things easier.

You need to come to terms with the fact that you aren’t special. Lots of people can do what you do and find the information you can find. If you look at yourself as 1% number in the world, it will only lead to paranoia and resentment towards others.

People have an amazing ability to learn and create things. The information isn’t special, it is the application and action that is distinctive. It is action that is rare, not what action is. A lot of people can sing, but most people are not going to go out, set up live shows, tour the country and try to make a living from it. Thus, stars are born because they tried. Don’t believe me, check out Youtube channels where phenomenal talent is being seen by 102 views in the entire world.

The most valuable lesson to take away from this is – don’t hold back! Throw out all you have to give and then give a little more. Yaro is an outstanding example of this. In his free report, he gives you all you need and then some to begin on your journey. What do you learn from his report? That he knows bounties of information, he can be trusted, and he has talent in his field. Would you have learned that without his free report? Maybe, because his blog is full of excellent content, but content all in one place helps with falling attention spans.

Final Points

  • Go the extra mile. Do what the others won’t do.
  • Put your best information forward; don’t hide.
  • Tackle a topic the people want, not necessarily what you want.
  • Consider hiring a cover artist or editor.
  • Hold a contest or giveaway; promote the report.
  • Make it at least ten pages of quality content. The more, the better. People like quantity and quality.
  • If it isn’t strong enough, change it. When it is right, keep it. Don’t keep changing your report. If you land on a winner, keep the winner. It has been years and Yaro still has the same free report. You know why? Because it is a winner.

Leigh Peele