I started teaching online business, specifically blogging and email marketing, in 2007.

During that time I became intently interested in a certain issue — why people failed.

…and not just failed, but how they could continue to show up with motivation, take action, then come back again reporting that they’d made no progress.

I wanted to understand why people who were clearly motivated couldn’t seem to build anything.

What were they doing with their time? How could months, even years pass, and they’d have nothing to show for it?

To clarify, it’s not that they built a business that then failed. That would be something. They were barely making any progress at all.

Maybe they got their blog set up. Some would write a few articles. But that was about it.

My Realization Led To This Tutorial

In the year 2015, I launched a new membership site.

Back then, as you will hear me say in the above video tutorial, my membership site was called the EJ Insider.

Today it’s called the Laptop Lifestyle Academy. I moved every product I’ve ever created into the Academy, so if you want all my best premium training, it’s there.

This tutorial I am sharing with you today, was in my membership at the very start. I wanted to make sure I could help my students avoid what I had come to realize was this common point of failure.

The failure point seemed especially common in people new to entrepreneurship, new to online business, new to being in charge of building something themselves rather than working for others.

In the years 2007 to 2015 I came to deeply understand this failure point because I was able to study and learn from my own students.

I’d ask them why they were stuck. I’d ask why they got nothing done, built nothing, despite good intentions and months or even years of time to work.

Often I’d have to read between the lines when I heard their answers, but it became clear there was one very good reason why people didn’t building anything…

They had very little time and energy to use towards building their business, and most never used that time to build something.

The reasons why they didn’t build would be different from person to person. Some weren’t sure of their topic/niche. Others lacked confidence and they were afraid to ‘fail’ so just didn’t even start. Others loved to study, but never translated learning into action.

Whatever the case, it became clear to me that building something meant you had to have clarity about what to build.

This is even more important when you have very little time to work on your business.

You have to make sure that time is used wisely to build the right things in the right order.

Hence I created this tutorial I am sharing with you today…

How To Build Your Blog Business In Just One Hour Per Day

Press play on the video above to work through the 21 minute tutorial.

This tutorial reveals 5 steps to make sure you actually build a business and do so even when you only have one hour per day to work on your business.

It’s about clarity, prioritization and most importantly, understanding what NOT to work on.

It’s all in the video, so scroll back up and press play to begin.

More Help Inside The Academy

I’m sharing this tutorial as another example of what kind of training is available inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

If you make it to the end of the video, you will hear me recommend my Master Your Mindset training and also my flagship course, Blog Mastermind. Both of these programs are now inside the Academy as well.

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There is beginner training, programs to help with building your audience, and advanced training like how to conduct product launches.

It’s everything I ever created since I started teaching in 2007, all in the one place.

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