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People often ask me if blogging is too ‘old’ to make money from if you are just starting out today, and has it been replaced by social media or podcasting, or youtube …etc.

My response to that question is to point out that the medium of blogging (and thus writing) is still incredibly effective, and it hasn’t been replaced by any of these new platforms. In fact, all the new platforms ADD to the equation, giving you so many incredible options to build your audience.

However what does get old, or perhaps a better way to put it – much more competitive – are the subjects, the topics, and industries you can blog about.

This is why it’s a smart idea to do what Harry Campbell did, start blogging and podcasting and YouTubing about an emerging market – in his case, the ride-sharing industry driven by the rise of Uber and Lyft.

Harry Campbell The Rideshare Guy

From An Old Industry To A New One

Harry reveals in this interview how he first started blogging about what you might consider a very well established industry online – the personal finance space.

He enjoyed some success with his personal finance blog YourPFPro.com, making as much as $2,000 to $3,000 a month during the peak, but something bothered Harry.

He felt no matter how hard he worked he could never break through and become an A-Lister in his niche, he was just one of hundreds — possibly thousands — of personal finance bloggers doing okay.

Then one day Harry had a brainwave. He noticed while researching the ride-sharing world there were no really big blogs, no superstars covering this industry.

He decided to dive in, starting a new blog about a new industry, using his experience driving for Uber part time as the basis for his content.

Harry led with the common blogging philosophy of transparency, breaking down everything he was doing to maximize his profits from driving for ride sharing services, and offering advice to new and established drivers.

Tapping into the experience he already had from his personal finance blog, Harry was able to rapidly grow his new blog and today enjoys a leadership position in the industry and earns a full-time income. He’s constantly quoted in the mainstream press, delivers over 400,000 page views a month from his blog, has a podcast, and a youtube channel.

Multiple Streams Of Income

Make sure you stay tuned until the end of this interview as Harry breaks down the various income streams he currently uses (and there are over ten!).

I was pleased to hear Harry sells his own course, and also surprised to learn about a lot of other income streams I have never heard of, many of which are specific to his niche (a car mechanic affiliate program – how cool!).

If you’re considering starting a new blog to make a full-time living, listen to this interview today. It will make you think about other emerging markets you could go after and cement yourself as a leader in.


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