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From the day I was born I valued freedom (well I assume I did as a baby, I can’t quite be sure).

As I entered university and contemplated growing into an independent adult, the kind of independence I craved most was one that granted me freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

Initially I focused primarily on financial freedom, as my lack of money felt like the most restrictive force on my freedom at the time.

As I began to make money, I realized that often financial freedom came at the loss of time freedom. I didn’t see the point of having money if I was forced to do certain things I didn’t want to, so time freedom became just as important as financial freedom.

Finally, as I began to figure out how to make enough money to live how I wanted to live, and I did so with ample time to also live how I wanted to live, I came to see one final piece of the freedom pie was missing — mental freedom.

A need for mental freedom was difficult to become aware of at first, because it wasn’t controlled by any external variables. What I thought was always my choice, and I freely chose to focus on many things that caused stress.

To make a leap and grasp the final freedom, I had to learn how to simplify my mental structures so as to reduce stress, but at the same time make sure there was some kind of meaningful objective in my life, so as to create motivation and excitement.

Mental freedom is a balance between accepting the present, simplifying your expectations, yet also focusing on the future, creating joy from the anticipation and pursuit of goals.

After spending most of the past twenty years working towards these freedoms, I feel I have a few ideas and stories I can pass on to you, which I do in this, the freedom podcast episode.

Freedom Is Simple In Principle

Despite being such an important topic, this is not a long podcast.

There are only a few very powerful concepts I want to pass on to you, because they became the lynchpins for the freedom goals I have chased, which I know you chase too.

Concepts like the 80/20 Rule, leverage, simplicity, technology, other people and business models are all discussed in this podcast, and when combined together are a formula you can use to establish a platform for your freedom.

If you’re currently building a business to create financial freedom, you’re already financially successful but lack time freedom, or you constantly stressed out and feel ready for burnout, this podcast will help.

Enjoy the episode,

EJ Podcast

Topics Covered In This Podcast

  • Why passive income is a misnomer
  • The different phases of freedom you go through
  • The conflict I faced wanting a life without a job while studying at university
  • How to start implementing the 80/20 way into your lifestyle
  • The mistakes I made and lessons I learned from trying to do everything by myself
  • The irony behind losing freedom as you become more successful and how to handle this situation
  • My ‘car’ analogy for hiring others to help you on your journey
  • A brief overview of the different business models you can use to leverage your time and create freedom
  • The alluring aspects of our society that can distract you from obtaining freedom and how to overcome them

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