I woke up, checked my email, and there it was.

I’d made a sale.

This was not the first product sale I’d ever made, nor was it for a lot of money.

Just $29 for an ebook and some bonuses.

However, what made this sale special was because it was the first sale I’d ever made from an automatic email sequence.

I didn’t do a launch. No live webinar. I hadn’t written a new blog post or sent a new email to my newsletter.

This is why it was so magical…

Somehow, probably via Google search, a person found one of my blog posts. They read the article, then signed up for a free two week email course I offered from the blog post.

They received the emails automatically thanks to my email autoresponder software. Then in one of those emails, they clicked a link to go to my product sales page, clicked the buy button, entered their credit card, and purchased my product.

My email system then sent them a welcome email with a login username and password to access the product they just purchased.

All of this happened without me.

What Were The Emails I Wrote?

You’re probably wondering, what were the emails I wrote in this two week free course?

Great question — and one that I answer in a video training.

Normally this training is only for my Laptop Lifestyle Academy members, but I’ve decided to publish it here on my blog for a limited time.

Press play on this video and I’ll guide you through the 8 email ‘templates’ I used to sell my product.

In this training you will learn the marketing psychology behind how to write an email sequence designed to sell any product or service.

The templates I provide are general enough for almost any industry, to sell most entry level products or services.

As you will see, these are concepts for emails, you still have to write them for your specific product or service.

These Email Campaigns Will Increase Your Sales

I’m very confident these email sequence concepts will work for you because I tested them over five years with three different products.

One was a product on mindset/productivity, another a guide on blog traffic and another one on how to buy and sell websites.

For each product I wrote two-to-three week email campaigns using the concepts revealed in the video above and watched as the sales continued to come in for years.

Without the automatic email courses I’d miss out on 90% of the sales. Blog posts alone are not enough to convince people to buy, you need to follow up with more content over email.

I eventually moved all three of the products into my Laptop Lifestyle Academy membership site, but that was after years of earning basically passive income from sales of these products.

I never tired of getting en email notification telling me about a sale. It was like magic every time.

Yet I know it wasn’t magic. It was because I put in the effort to create the product, write blog posts and write the free email courses to sell the products.

It’s a simple formula, and I lay all out for you in the video, so go watch it now.


This video, while comprehensive, is my introductory training on email marketing campaigns.

Inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy there is another course, called Emails Revealed.

This is my advanced email marketing automation course, where I go through each email campaign that powered the millions of dollars in sales I’ve made of my training products.

I also include PDF downloads of every email in my campaigns. You can copy and adapt my emails for your products.

All of this is inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, which you can get lifetime access to for one payment (or split the payments over 12 months).