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Chris Guthrie is like your every day guy. He’s into video games, he likes computers, he studied marketing at Western Washington University, worked a full time job first as a game tester with Microsoft, and later in sales selling IT equipment. He also happened to be really good at the game Halo 2, so good that he decided to use his skill to create a website about the game to help professional Halo players (yes there are professional video game players!). Thus an internet marketing career began.

Chris started recording his game performances and shared the footage as video on his Halo site. Eventually, he added a forum and thanks to the community he built, was able to start making money with advertising programs like AdSense. His next major success was with review sites, in particular one site that reviewed netbooks (small laptops) just as they were becoming popular. Thanks in particular to income from the Amazon affiliate program Chris was able to leave the workforce and become a full time internet marketer (well he actually was fired!).

Next Chris began buying and selling websites and creating more niche sites using his review site formula. Less than two years after starting his netbook site, he sold it for more than six figures using an investment banker as a broker.

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Chris went from getting fired in 2009 to earning well over $150,000 in 2010 from the Amazon affiliate program and other income streams, and today makes his entire living online. Listen to this interview with Chris as he takes you back over his entrepreneur journey, including how he started his websites, how he made money from them and how he became serious about buying and selling websites.

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