The Secret To Big Profits Selling Affiliate Products From Your Blog

Are You Stuck With Affiliate Blogging?When I posted my September blog earnings of $10,899.83 a few readers replied asking for advice with affiliate marketing. Given nearly $4,400 of that income was from affiliate sales – the largest single source of income – it’s easy to understand why people want further explanation in this area.

I’ll be frank with you, the area I make money from affiliate sales, is a highly competitive one, and I would probably make about twice or thrice as much money if I was doing what I do in a different niche. Selling affiliate offers to people interested in making money online is one of the hardest markets to sell in because it is over saturated and people are very skeptical. Unless you are the Rich Jerk or John Reese, two guys with huge email lists of people who love to buy Internet marketing products, you will struggle in this industry.

If I didn’t enjoy the topics of blogging and Internet business (especially combined together) and I was more interested in affiliate marketing just for the sake of money, I’d enter other affiliate markets like dating or ring tones (although these are quite saturated too) or go hunting for under serviced niche markets, where Internet marketing techniques will work even better because people are not used to them. A search of the various products you find at affiliate networks like Commission Junction and AzoogleAds provide plenty of inspiration for industries to enter as an affiliate marketer, beyond selling make money online products.

Not surprisingly, the Internet marketing industry is one of the most mature when it comes to Internet marketing tactics and as a result, the customers are over exposed to all the techniques we love so much, such as – namesqueeze pages, email marketing, sales copy, testimonials, etc. That’s not to say there is no money to be made, but you really need to be on top of your game. Other industries will be more forgiving.

I’ve been tempted many a time to jump ship after experiencing conversion rates lower than 0.1% on promotions I’ve done for Internet marketing products, although that might be more to do with the type of person I attract rather than the market itself.

The lesson here is that if you plan to enter the affiliate marketing arena and focus on Internet marketing products expect serious competition, and you better know how to find people who buy, which is an art form in itself!

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can use a blog make affiliate income.

It Starts With The First Sale

First SaleThe first money I ever made from affiliate marketing came from my blog. The grand total – $13 – and that was a couple of days after posting the article I had spent two hours slaving over hoping to make some big cash.

At the time I had an audience of 500 readers a day, although that may have been over exaggerated because I was using Webalizer to track my numbers, which generally provides a higher total compared to other statistics packages (Google Analytics for example shows less than half the visitors that Webalizer does). I was told about 2% is a reasonable conversion rate from people who know these things, so I assumed that would mean I would get at least 10 sales based on 500 readers.

I was like – Wow! if I can get 10 sales of an affiliate product that pays me $13 per sale, then all I need to do is write a great blog article to make $130 bucks! Do that a few times a week and you have a pretty darn good income, was what I thought to myself.

Rather than put in a half-hearted effort I wanted to be genuine and recommend something I knew was good, which I had used myself, from someone I respected and wasn’t too expensive (I didn’t think my readers had a lot of money at the time). I wrote my blog post, talked about how good the product was, used a little bit of scarcity because I thought the product offer was due to finish at the end of the month (turns out it wasn’t), published the article and then went to bed.

You can see the article here (incidentally the offer is still active – so much for scarcity!) –

Limited Time Special Price On AdWords E-Book

I woke up the next day, powered up my computer, opened up my browser and email, and excitedly looked to see if I had made any sales during the night.

The grand total was: $0

Not a single sale. I felt a bit sad but I didn’t give up because it was too early, not even 24 hours had passed since I put up the blog post, my hope was not crushed yet.

Unfortunately after 24 and then 48 hours passed no sales came through and by then I was about ready to give up blogging, wondering why I couldn’t convert even one sale while this guy Darren Rowse was, at the time, showing off his $15,000 AdSense checks.

A few days later I was over my slight depression and happily blogging again, content to do it for fun, when low and behold an email came through telling me I had made a $13 commission. Then another came through and a few more continued over the coming days, all from that one blog post.

Audience Size and Conversion Rates

I was far from blown away by my initial results at affiliate marketing, but I felt at least a little vindicated that I could make some sales. That initial affiliate product was a recurring subscription, so those first five or so sales I made kept bringing in a little over $60 a month, so it was certainly a good start, if less than what I was expecting at the time.

What it did teach me was the importance of audience size and what sort of conversion rates I could expect. Although there is a big case to be made about the quality of visitor you attract and the type of marketing you use to promote products, as far as I was concerned it was all about the numbers. If 500 people brought me $50 in sales, then 5,000 people should bring in $500 in sales.

Presently as I type this article, more than two years after my first affiliate promotion, I actually have 5,000 blog readers, so does my initial theory hold true?

Well…sort of.

At times a single affiliate promotion can bring in $500, in fact it can be as much as $2,000 with my audience, but on the flipside some promotions still bring in zero sales. Based on an audience of 5,000 prospects other affiliates report higher or lower numbers depending what they sell and how they promote, so there really are no guarantees.

Despite all the variability there is a simple rule that applies to affiliate marketing in almost all cases – the more people you can reach, the more money you make. The quality of visitor plays a huge part, and as I have learned, what you offer to people, how much it costs, how you pitch it and how you initially attract the visitor, has as much impact as the raw numbers, but you at least need *some* numbers to make it work.

Free Content

One issue that a lot of bloggers face comes as a result of the nature of blogging. One of the “laws” of successful blogging is to give away as much free great content as you can. Unfortunately this activity tends to attract an audience that expects information to be free, so when you go suggesting they buy information they don’t have the money or are simply not buyers.

Blogs that cover consumables usually don’t have the same issue. If your blog is about laptops or mobile phones or PDAs or iPods or cars or sporting equipment or…you get the picture, there is a natural inclination of the reader to be a buyer. You generally don’t read a blog about cameras if you are not intending to buy a camera or camera accessories at some point in the near future.

Blogs about consumables have the advantage of obvious choice for affiliate products to sell. If you just reviewed a certain pair of shoes, then you can stick an affiliate link to sell the shoes. Blogs that are not specifically about products don’t always have as congruent a choice when it comes to affiliate products to promote, but I would argue there is always something to sell if you think laterally.


All blogs exist in an industry and attract people. As much as some of you might hate to admit it, we are all consumers and all people who read blogs buy things. This means that there are products to write about no matter what your blog is about if you understand the demographics of the person who reads your blog.

In my case I blog about Internet business and as a result I can focus on the tools needed to make money online. I happen to buy many tools myself, so there is a natural congruency between what I personally use, what I review on my blog and thus, how I make money from affiliate sales.

It’s all very congruent and natural. I have a problem I need solved. I buy a product or service to solve that problem, experience the results, hopefully solve my problem and then write about my experiences on my blog. My readers, many of whom are following in my footsteps or at least interested in the same things I am, tend to have the same problems I do, and a select few will purchase on my recommendation.

I’m convinced that reviews are the key for successful affiliate blogging because they offer a soft-sales pitch style of promotion. You provide value in the form of advice, people learn from your experience and you get paid for any referrals you make.

As an added advantage, reviews tend to rank well for product searches, so provided you build a popular blog the reviews you write should bring in highly targeted visitors from the search engines. Search visitors hunting for product information are generally buyers, they may not stick around your blog for long, but they will click affiliate links and buy things if shopping is the motivation that originally brought them to your blog.

Authentic Experience

As I have recently become very aware of, most people have no idea how to write a review that sells. That’s understandable of course, most people are not born writers but make comfortable progress learning as they go along practicing each day to become a better blogger.

Unfortunately when writing reviews, there is a big difference between a good review and a bad review when it comes to the one metric that really counts – conversion. A bad review makes no sales. A good review makes a few, but an archive full of great reviews can make you rich.

A poorly written review comes across as a thinly guised sales pitch and it’s easy to spot. When you read a review and you have questions in your head about a product and the reviewer meanders on and on about how good the features are (usually just reinforcing what the sales copy already says) you don’t benefit from the time spent reading.

Reviews need to answer the questions posed by the reader about a product. Actually, that’s not quite right. Reviews must address specifically the problem a person has and how good the product is at solving the problem. For a blogger to truly understand how to write a review that sells, they need to understand the problem.

This is where authentic experience comes in. When you have experienced the problem, attempted to solve it by using a product, then you are in a position to inherently understand the questions your readers are asking. If you can’t draw on authentic experiences and a genuine understanding of where your reader is coming from, it is difficult to write a review that sells.

Authentic content is the topic of one of the key lessons in Blog Mastermind and to be honest I think it’s probably the most important lesson in the entire course. If you want to read more on the topic of authentic content, please consider working with me in Blog Mastermind.

Repeat Exposure

As I learned with my first affiliate promotion, once is never enough. If you really want to make money from affiliate marketing you need to promote many products, many times.

Making this work without drowning your blog in affiliate promotion after affiliate promotion is a fine art. As stated in the beginning of this article, the first ingredient necessary is traffic, and you won’t attract an audience simply trying to sell products all the time, although really good writers can pull it off.

Affiliate marketing is a balance and it’s also heavily dependent on what you want your blog to be about. If money is primary to you, then you keep promoting until the point that it hurts your traffic. Unfortunately many affiliate bloggers over emphasize affiliate products using methods that turn people away, but if you are subtle with how you do it, it’s possible to promote products extensively without putting in the hard sell in every blog post you write.

In my case I have used a combination of reviews, product launches and kept the number of products I promote to a minimum. I can’t explain the entire system in this already long blog post, but if you stay tuned, I’ll have more on this topic very soon.

What is important is that you understand that affiliate income grows because you show your readers how much they need something if they want to achieve a certain goal, and you do it over and over again. In some industries there are must have products if you want to master certain things and you can mention these products over and over again as you write new blog posts.

For example, whenever I talk Google AdWords pay per click advertising I’m bound to mention Perry Marshall’s free e-course. Whenever I talk about systems in my business I mention Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits course. If I talk about blogging for money, I talk about Blog Mastermind.

Recursive Income

I won’t cover recursive income extensively in this article because, as readers who know my Blog Profits Blueprint understand, I rely heavily on recursive affiliate programs. If you haven’t got a copy of the Blueprint, I suggest you go download it now – it’s free.

It should be obvious to you – if you can make a sale once but get paid again and again, wouldn’t you focus on affiliate programs that are subscription based and pay a recursive commission?

Higher Priced Items

One area of affiliate marketing that surprised me early on was the potential to sell high priced items. Shortly after selling a $13 product I made a sale that brought in $150 then another that brought in about $450, if memory serves.

Later in that same year I managed to sell a couple of tickets to an event with the commission nearing $800 each, which was an insane amount of money for me at the time. I didn’t make many sales at that price, but I can tell you I was jumping for joy the two or three times that it happened.

Even today I don’t sell many high commission items, but I can see why so many affiliates gravitate towards products that pay three and four figure commissions. It surprises me how each month I still manage to generate a commission above $500, sometimes without even focusing on it, as my previous referrals buy new things.

That’s beauty of affiliate marketing, sometimes a single customer will spend thousands of dollars with the one business and you will get commissions long after you initially referred them.

If you were just getting started with affiliate marketing I’d focus on attracting the type of person who buys higher ticket items and seek out programs that pay commissions for all product sales in their sales funnel, not just the first sale.

Segmented Email Lists

If there was one piece of advice I recommend all bloggers who plan to use affiliate programs to make money take away after reading this article, it is build an email list.

Most of my affiliate income is not actually generated from my blog directly, it comes from combining my blog with an email list. My email list has been created thanks to the traffic my blog attracts, so there is a very symbiotic relationship between the two.

Email marketing, as I have written about before, is superior to other forms of online marketing because of how much attention people give to email and the speed of response. People read emails constantly and will do so as emails come in. Blogs command attention too, but people consume blogs when they want to, it is not a form of forced attention like email is currently consumed.

I use a combination of blogging, email marketing and reviews to drive affiliate sales. Not all promotions involve all three methods, but in most cases the biggest profits are made when I combine all three in a cohesive campaign. In fact, my entire online business currently leverages these resources and using them alone I generate over $200,000 a year with no employees, and compared to some, I’m a small fry – there are millionaires out there that use just these tools.

If you are interested in getting into email marketing AWeber is the email autoresponder I use and recommend. You can read my review of AWeber here if you want specifics, but I can save you time – there is not much wrong with AWeber and if you are serious about affiliate blogging you must have an email list, so go sign-up with AWeber now.

Common Mistakes

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to affiliate marketing with blogs, or as I like to call it – affiliate blogging. This article touches on many of the key lessons I’ve learned so far and I hope you got something from it.

Unfortunately as I browse around the blogosphere I’m frequently disappointed by most bloggers who go about affiliate marketing. I expect very few make much money from it and are very frustrated about the whole process.

Here are some common affiliate blogging mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Slapping up banners for affiliate promotions hoping to make it rich, then wondering why you don’t make any sales. Not surprisingly, banners don’t convert well, even less surprising – banners on a blog with no traffic, make no money.
  2. Copying promotional content and posting it directly as a blog article. Many affiliate programs provide sales emails and content you can use, but as all good bloggers know, sales copy does not make good blog content.
  3. Writing promotional reviews that over-praise the product hoping that if you talk about how good something is you are bound to make more sales. This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you tell people the bad points about a product or service you will actually make more sales.
  4. Jumping on board every new product launch and promoting anything that’s new and “hot”. Sometimes you have to say no to a promotion in order to make more money. There is a limit to how many blog posts your readers want to see about a certain new product or website or service and if you just add to the noise, you risk damaging your credibility and losing readers.

As always, here’s to your blogging success.

Yaro Starak
Blog Mastermind Mentor

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  • Wow, an absolutely amazing post. Perfectly laid out with just the right amount of links and a nice sign-up at the bottom.

    I have been thinking about getting into the affiliate business. I think this is a great starting point.

    And yes I did sign up, well done 🙂

    • This is a great article Yaro and one that I need to absorb and digest. I haven’t monetized my blog yet, which I am starting to realise is a mistake. Many people are casually telling me to slap Adsense on it but that doesn’t feel right but affiliate marketing does.

      But I want to get it right – I don’t want to suddenly become one of those people who has ‘sold out’ and now just shoves every promotion down everybody’s throats. I’m just not entirely sure how to get started and how to blend it into the current content of my blog.

  • CY

    hi Yaro:

    Great posts.

    I’d like to add a tip that have worked like charm for me: in the review, point out a flaw/disadvantage of the produuct. It adds credibility instantly, and from my experience really helps increase your sales (commissions!)

    eBay store warning!

  • Hey Yaro,

    Are you trying to give Maki a run for his money? I just stopped over there and now I’m exhausted by reading two full featured articles within half an hour. 🙂

    I stuffed up many times doing exactly what I shouldn’t have as so nicely explained by you above. Looks like I might have to join your mailing list.

    Do you intend to charge for this “guide” or not?

  • While I credit the formal teaching (to me) of this principle to Jay Abraham, it’s something I (and I’m sure everyone else) instinctively realizes.

    People don’t want to buy what you’re ‘selling’. They want to be helped, guided, led, advised, assisted, protected, mentored – in short, make it about THEM, not you… and you’ll win big time.

    This one single thing, a shift in perspective, that happened WITHIN ME (not from outside, in any sense) has turned me from a struggling affiliate marketer to a successful SUPER-affiliate.

    One tiny point I beg to disagree with in your otherwise excellent article is that you need a huge following like John Reese or the Rich Jerk to succeed in the hyper-competitive field of MMO-internet marketing. Small yet responsive and loyal following can bring astounding results – as long as you keep it about THEM, and not about YOU/ME.

    Thanks for the nice post, Yaro.

    All success

  • Fantastic article Yaro, some very good points there. It’s interesting to see your tactic of blogging/emails/reviews.

  • This is a great article Yaro and one that I need to absorb and digest. I haven’t monetized my blog yet, which I am starting to realise is a mistake. Many people are casually telling me to slap Adsense on it but that doesn’t feel right but affiliate marketing does.

    But I want to get it right – I don’t want to suddenly become one of those people who has ‘sold out’ and now just shoves every promotion down everybody’s throats. I’m just not entirely sure how to get started and how to blend it into the current content of my blog.

  • I almost gave up on affiliate marketing when one firm I was working with told me I was not getting the big commissions anymore because they had ‘changed’ the payouts. Here I was marketing their Options system and then when it was time to collect, suddenly I was not qualified. I am not sure affiliate marketing is honest enough to pay those who worked to get the commission.

  • Caroline,

    Just pick a promotion and put it on your site. In a few weeks, pick another one. Then get to the point where you have a “review” post once a week on a specific day. If they are well received, then you can tailor the frequency accordingly.

    This is well timed; I wrote a review article this morning that basically followed all of the points in the article (as they relate to a specific promotion anyway) – when I go back over it tonight to edit it I’ll have to make sure it’s up to snuff!

  • Yaro fantastically detailed piece on affiliate marketing! I was also wondering if there would be a ‘charge’ for joining the training course, but it seems very interesting.

    I am currently in the process of desiging and setting up a blog, and am learning affiliate and product marketing more in depth. It is unfortunate that so many blogs just ‘dump’ a load of advertising and adsense and hope for the best, with no thoughts as to how their visitors view the barrage of ads. Make a living yes, but as Yaro points out dont drown your blog in affiliate products!

  • Absolutely right Yaro, reviews work like a charm whether blogging or just in article format so long as you have used and experienced the product.

    The key is to share RESULTS not just features or benefits of the product. If you can demonstrate some decent results, your method of using the proudct along with a few cautionary notes – then you have the basics of a great review.

    Challenge for most people is that they don’t actually put the product in use and so miss out on covering the most important aspect of the review from a reader’s perspective.


  • Yaro you’ve done an excellent job. I went through two coffees reading this post and now I am really hyped up, maybe it’s the coffee.

    I have only just started delving into affiliate marketing seriously and your article is going to help to keep me focused in the right areas.

    Thank you

  • Hey Monika…I was just thinking that too! Yaro has equalled Dosh Dosh in length on this one 🙂

  • Wow what a post Yaro and really helpful – especially with the review thing. I’ve gotta try more of those myself with products that fit the internet entrepreneurship niche.


  • Great article Yaro. It helps that you have clearly defined on your objectives from the outset, but you always put great content, without which any blog would fail, I’m sure.

    Carloine, I don’t see it as a mistake you have not yet monetized your blog. In my view the mistake comes when you try to put the monetization in first. There’s way too many people putting up sites without original content, pasting in go-articles, and thinking if they implement SEO tactics adsense will make them serious money. I doubt any blog will succeeed without good, original content, so I think you are wise to put that in first.

    Adsense for Adsense sake makes NOsense to me.

    Regards, Mark.

  • Hey Yaro! GREAT Post! My thing is Affiliate Marketing and making money with Affiliate marketing and this poet lays it out very well. I want to be able to use my blog as a tool for generating great income with affiliate marketing products and ,yes, I too sighned up. Keep the information coming.

  • Great article.

  • Thanks for all the comments everyone. I’m not sure what the affiliate blogging program will look like. At the moment I’m thinking some teleseminars and a review writing crib sheet.

    I will charge for it, but it will be a low one time I fee.

    It’s funny how you all reference Maki’s post length at DoshDosh. I’ve been writing long posts on this blog since early 2005, before DoshDosh existed (check my archives), although I have to admit that Maki really took it to the next level given every post he writes is a monster – I rarely finish reading them!

  • WOW!! This was a lot of reading but very worth it. You have provided a number of good points needed to succeed in affiliate marketing. I will be sure to think more before I put up an affiliate link or post for that matter and keep in mind the things you mentioned in this post. Thanks!

  • Hey Mike, Great minds think alike 🙂

    But kidding aside, Yaro, that was a joke but still it holds some truth and like you said you did write a lot of longer posts.

    That crib sheet sounds interesting and I look forward to seeing your idea come together anyway.

  • Wow ! I never thought you could make such a fortune through affliate marketing, infact i have never tried out even..Your poost is very inspiring..I will defenitely try it out …

    Thanks for such an insightful post..

  • Thanks for the great post.

    I find that my sales are very up and down. I do not get a consistent income from them. Some weeks it is $100 others it is nothing.

    How do you stabilize your income so that you can predict what will be coming in every month?

  • Yaro,

    I just found out about you today through the problogger contest with MyBlogLog. I read a lot of your posts and advice, and I must say, you’ve got some awesome information! I love it when people happily offer up free info like you do constantly, and then you get blessed by your own kindness. Thank you for the help Yaro, and you’ve made a long term subscriber out of me. By the way, I wrote an article with a backlink to you regarding writing good content.Check it out!

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  • Interesting article. Thanks, Yaro.

    I agree, writing well written, objective reviews is key. I think it’s all about being authentic on the net.

    It’s also important to find reliable vendors and to not only promote sometimes inferior products just because they promise high payouts.

    Be keen to see how your course approaches review writing.


  • Wow, Yaro!

    If you are providing information like this on your blog for free you have got to wonder what type of information you get if you are charging for it. Excellent post. I really Dugg it!

    I am also going to agree with Dr. Mani (who wouldn’t) The list size sometimes does not matter but rather the type of person on the list. Your tips here will definitely make the small list still very profitable. I believe the same goes for the amount of blog readers you have; a smaller group of voracious buyers is many times better than the larger group of readers that want the freebies.

  • This is really a great post, Yaro. Something I’ve really been contemplating lately is how I can monetize my blog but here’s the thing … one of the reasons I had started the blog in the first place was to be a lead generation source. To bring people to my over all business and products. Can monetizing the blog itself through some affiliates go hand in hand with lead gen or are the going to conflict with each other?

  • Yaro, You’ve way with words, approach and style. I love this post. Informative and yet not too hard selling on your own stuff. That’s your forte. I’ll be back, probably not buying anything as yet. But definitely, I’ve learned a lot from you.
    Thank you Yaro.

  • If you’re in the “how to make money online” market, you’ll make more in affiliate programs than Google Adsense or most other advertising programs, simply because of the points Yaro mentioned. Affiliate income is also one of my biggest sources of income. I wrote this short article of affiliate blogging tactics:

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  • Yet another excellent post.
    I think this topic is one that all of us bloggers are consumed with. Most of us are not in this just for the fun and would like to be making more money that we are making from affiliate marketing.
    I will be following this topic….
    All the best

  • AAAhhhh.

    A master. Each and every point you drive home, you also “sell” us… right down to getting us to voluntarily give you our e-mail addresses… because that is one of the key elements.

    A lot to be learned within this post…

  • Yaro,

    I have to agree. You have a great way of explaining things and drawing my attention. I’m a busy guy, but I find myself making time to absorb your in depth info.

    Keep up the great work!

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    I am starting blogging and I need all the help that I can get.

    Mario o.

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  • I can attest to the fact that just slapping affiliate banners on a blog doesn’t work!

    If building an email list is the way to go, what do you actually do with said list to encourage sales that you can’t do on a blog?

  • Ed Erickson

    Great article Yaro. I really do appreciate your genuine style. I signed up as well.

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    Very informative although i think I messed up the regiestration for the blue print report.

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  • Yaro
    Great post, as usual. Could you just right another one, this time from the point of view if the product owner?

  • Hey Scam – The biggest use of an email list is to drive a lot of eyeballs at once to anything you like.

    You can point them at blog articles – like reviews – or include the affiliate link in the email itself.

    It’s just like blogging, except with email the response is more immediate and in some cases the attention is more focused too, which means you get a better conversion rate.

    Like blogging, you can’t just use your email for promotions, although a lot of Internet marketers do so by weaving promotions within content.

  • Thanks for the starting point Yaro – I have a lot of traffic but make very little money with my blog – I now think that creating an email list may be the way to change that.

  • Adsense still remains the best source of income.

  • Excellent post! Anyone has info on affiliate programs for spanish speaking countries?. Regards

  • Yaro,

    I’m into affiliate marketing and so far just made 10 bux 😛

    I’d say the authentic experience is my way to go – unless I tried it myself, I can’t say a good word or two about it – naturally!

    Thanks for this ponder-some post 🙂


    • True, I think compelling content is the key though as you need to engage with people that you connect with

  • Hi Yaro!
    It’s an interesting article, but I think that recursive affiliate programs are like a trap: it’s not fair to earn being at the top of the “pyramid”, while the underlying affiliates don’t earn money. They join “the game” since they think to gain something, but this is false…
    Pyramidal systems are unreliable and they always fail, it’s only a matter of time.
    What do you think?

  • An awesome post and yes affiliate blogging is very frustrating. I am the type who keeps at it though so I’ll stick it out for a couple years.

    It’s been a year and I made some referral bonuses in the form of storage space and a meagre AdSense stream.

    I live North of you in Townsville at the moment Yaro! I’ll add myself to your list for affiliate blogging for sure. Here’s to Yaro’s blogging success!

  • Yaro…Thanks again for some great information. I’ve been following you since I started blogging over a year ago. Unfortunately I haven’t had the funds to go all out and join in on your coaching and such, but I have really enjoyed reading all your free content. Your blogging has inspired me to stay with it and keep on plugging away. I have thought of throwing in the towel many a times, but you have always seemed to have great things to say to keep me going and I thank you for that. I emailed you when I first started and asked you for your advice to get me going, not really thinking I would get an email back from such a seasoned blogger, but you did! Your advice to me was to keep writing as much as I could. Write an article a week for 6 months and see what happens. Well your advice has payed off, maybe not so much in my pocket but as far as traffic, pretty good I think. Your are an inspiration to the blogging community and I’m looking forward to more great stuff!

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  • what you have here are a great help. I also learn a lot from the comments (I read many of them too.

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    Your guidance on how to blog properly and make money in the process is invaluable. I have learned so much from you over the past almost 3 years. My own blog has become successful because I have listened and tried to implement everything you have taught in the Blog Mastermind. The great part is that I am only at the very beginning of my blog’s success! I am going to be able to improve it so much more, thanks to your constant guidance. You are amazing! All the best, -Neil Uttamsingh

  • I hope, I am not very late for this. I have been hunting for some of the ways affiliate blogging is done since a week and now my hunt ends. Thanks Yaro!

  • Although this article has been written in 2007, now in Feb 2014, I still find it full of great advice and tips. What I learned from this article is that when writing a review I should focus on how this product helped me achieve X instead of simply repeating and enforcing the features and benefits of the product that can also be found on the sales page.

    Thanks for this article.

    (This is your first comment for 2014 :D)

  • You make some great points! This is going to come in handy for me and others new to affiliate marketing!

  • Nice post, Yaro.
    Specialy the part about being honest when describing a product. Do not hide the negative points.
    Well done,

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    That’s called an authority post. Great post indeed and truly speaking learnt a lot from this. I am new to affiliate marketing and mainly focus on lead affiliates and getting decent commission. But definitely after reading this i will try with small products.


  • Mi

    So wonderful experience!)) I know a person who is building Amazon affilaite stores on regular basis and earn thousands monthly! Some of his sites he sells on Flippa at a very good price. Now I am trying to build such sites myself, I’ve joined Amazon for learning more information!! But now I’m thinking about my blog))

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    I will keep reading and digesting!

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    Thanks again and have a good one!

  • I am actually new to Affiliate Marketing.I’ve read this post previously,but didn’t understand the exact point at that time.But now,after few affiliate sales and with some beginner experience,I could get all the benefits of this post.
    As said reviews are always converting.I found product reviews with actual photos and experiences attracts traffic from search engines and some conversions too.I am still a newbie.Hope to use these ideas in my affiliate marketing posts.
    Thanks for sharing informative posts as always.

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    I love Affiliate Marketing and I think it’s one of the best way out there for a newbie to earn some extra money online 🙂

    thanks for writing this article !

  • A lot of great information to digest Yaro. I find to get more sales you need to give the product your promoting, a story of how you used it an what you got from it to be successful in sales. Giving an incentive from yourself is another great tip. Maybe a free video course, ebook, report or tutorial.

  • Tom

    Great reading, thanks for sharing Yaro.

  • […] to be truthful about the products and services you are endorsing. For example, if you are promoting affiliate products, you should always include a clear statement on your blog that indicates that you get a commission […]

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