Michael Cheney: How To Do A Successful Product Launch

Michael Cheney catapulted into the Internet marketing spotlight after the successful launch of his AdSense Videos (aff) course. Shortly after completing the launch of this product Michael released another set of videos for free which offered a behind the scenes look into what happened during the days leading up to the product launch and during the launch. It was quite fascinating to watch the money come in and see what goes on in the background of a product launch online.

I got in touch with Michael to ask for more details about doing a product launch and to find out how Michael become an online information marketer and AdSense guru. If you want to learn more about how Michael arrived at the position he is at today and also some really good stuff about product launches you will enjoy this podcast.

Show Notes

  • The first half of this interview is an introduction to Michael Cheney and how he became an Internet marketer
  • We then moved to some very specific details about doing a product launch, including –
    • How to set up the affiliate system
    • Why he chose Clickbank (aff)
    • How he found joint venture partners
  • We finished up with some advice on becoming an Internet marketer

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  • Nice to see you interviewing Michael Yaro. He deserves this success, and I believe he is a straight shooter. He’s been working hard for a long time now.


  • Another great interview Yaro. Well done.


  • […] And as cool as these videos are, I also found an interview with Michael where he answers a few tough questions about the launch.  If you ever want to do a product launch, even if it’s not in the Internet Marketing niche, I highly recommend you check out both of these resources. […]

  • Charles

    For a so-called internet marketing guru, Mr. Cheney sure knows how to turn people away from his products. Since signing up for his 5-day Adsense mini course, my inbox has been bombarded with 17 messages in the past 13 day. He has even sent me 4 emails in one day. Is that a principle of butterfly marketing?

  • Charles – You could say it is a principle of Butterfly Marketing in terms of creating buzz for a product launch – however if you, and other subscribers don’t like the volume of emails, Michael will receive a lot of unsubscriptions. One could argue that you are not the target customer for Micheal in that case.

    However I’ve surprised that Michael seems to be using his list almost 100% for affiliate promotions. If I didn’t consider him a mate I would have probably unsubscribed by now too – it’s a bit too much.

  • Is the Butterfly Marketing technique still viable?

  • Yes – very much such so.

  • He obviously purchased product launch formula and did a Jeff Walker launch, but he seems to be taking credit to himself for his genious in launching a new product online. At the end of the last video where he shows you how he made 250k he even says that he “may” put together a more comprehensive set of videos as a product in the future showing how to launch a product. Isn’t that what Jeff Walker did????

    Where at first I was interested in Michael Cheney, I’m a bit turned off by his arrogance and shady tactics. Just the other day he mailed for Joel Comm who scammed a bunch of people by forcing them into a continuity program.

    http://www.adsense-secrets . com/apology.html

    He’s let the money go to his head and seems to have left behind his decency. Best of luck I suppose. He’ll probably keep making a ton of money.

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