Sara Mauskopf is the co-founder and CEO of, a marketplace platform that connects parents looking for childcare and preschool providers with over 250,000 centres around the USA.

To date, Sara and her team have raised $15.5 Million in venture funding over three rounds, with the most recent $9 million series being led by Rethink Impact.

In this interview we first dive back into Sara’s history as a math major, then moving over to computer science, which led her to a job at Google after graduation. She later left Google for Twitter, then left again to join Postmates, where she met her co-founder, Anne Halsall.

Sara and Anne were a little unique as working parents inside Postmates, and realized how difficult it was to juggle raising children and maintaining full time jobs. One of the challenges was childcare, an industry that was still driven mostly by a word-of-mouth for finding good options.

Sara breaks down all the steps from making the first version of their platform, how they built the supply side up, attracted parents to the site, raised funding and currently make money.

There’s a lot to learn from Sara and she shares a lot of wisdom, so don’t miss this one.

Enjoy the podcast.