Dan Young is the son of Chinese immigrant parents who fled China to escape communism. He then went on to live the American dream, building several companies in the computer hardware space, becoming a multi-millionaire.

Dan’s first big success came in the early 1990s, when with his wife they launched a computer hardware business called PC Laptops.

By offering an unlimited service warranty, using stickers to help spread the word and a crazy television ad campaign, they grew from negative $27,000 in year one, to a million dollars in year two, then five million in year three and kept growing from there.

Dan was quick to turn his business profits back into investments, buying stocks and property. This strategy continued throughout the almost thirty years since the company started, with Dan now having done over $600,000,000 in property deals.

More recently Dan and his team launched an e-commerce retailer focused on high-end computers for video gaming, called Xidax Pcs, and Storage Whale, a cloud based low-cost backup service.

Dan is clearly a deal maker, passionate about entrepreneurship, creating jobs and helping others to gain financial freedom.

Enjoy the interview.