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Pili And Jason Yarusi, $75 Million Multi-Family Real Estate Portfolio Of Over 1,000 Apartments (VC EP11)

Pili and Jason Yarusi are real estate investors who today focus on multi-family properties — buildings that can house for example 90 apartments.

They didn’t start out focusing on this type of property. Like many, they began with renovation flips, buying single family homes, upgrading them, then selling for a profit.

During this podcast Pili and Jason take us back through some of their pre-property investment days, including how they met working at a bar, but didn’t get together for ten years.

We learn about their first investments, how they switched to investing interstate using the support of a turn-key provider (a partner who helped source properties for them in other cities) and eventually, the mindset shift that led them to think really big, going after the multi-family market.

As you can imagine, it costs a lot more to purchase a 90-unit building compared to a single family home. Jason explains some of the different types of financing they use today to purchase the larger buildings.

If property investing is part of your capital growth strategy, this podcast will definitely open up your mind to bigger possibilities.

Enjoy the episode.