Nathan Barry is the founder and CEO of, an email newsletter platform for creators to send newsletters and run email marketing campaigns.

Nathan is well known for transparency, sharing the behind the scenes growth in revenue of his company from day one. At the time of this interview, ConvertKit is generating over $28 Million a year in sales.

During this podcast we first cover all the businesses and roles Nathan had before he started ConvertKit, from running a web design agency at 17, to building IOS apps, to running an information publishing business selling books and courses on digital interface design making as much as $250,000 a year.

Then we switched into the origin and early stage growth stage of ConvertKit. This was a super insightful part of the interview as Nathan explained how after two years of stagnation at $2,000/month in revenue, over the next two years he ramped it up to $500,000/month in revenue.

What a run that is!

I also asked Nathan to explain his philosophy around raising capital, staying private, sharing equity with his employees and what the future holds for ConvertKit.

Enjoy the interview.