Elizabeth Yin is the co-founder and General Partner of a venture capital firm that, and I quote from their website, invests in “hilariously early startups”.

Hustle Fund typically invests $25,000 as a starting point into startups that have yet to show any revenues. Instead, they look for traction in other ways, which Elizabeth explains in this interview.

We also go back in time looking at Elizabeth’s own history as an entrepreneur, starting a company called LaunchBit, an advertising network, which was eventually acquired by BuySellAds.com.

Elizabeth and her company LaunchBit were graduates from the 500 Startups accelerator program. After selling her company, she returned to 500 Startups as an Entrepreneur in residence and later a partner.

This was her entry point into the world of venture capital. Elizabeth explains what she liked about the 500 Startups methodology — a global perspective, any person can be a founder — and how that informed her own strategy when forming Hustle Fund.

If you’re considering raising money for your startup this podcast is definitely worth listening to. Elizabeth breaks down what she looks for in an investment and some strategies for early stage companies based on her own experiences as a founder.

Enjoy the podcast.