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Jennifer Beck Founder Of Jihi.com, Cannabase.io Sold To Helix TCS, Challenges Of Cannabis Startups (VC EP 7)

Jennifer Beck is currently the founder of Jihi.com, a CBD skin and body care producer that aims to help high performing people sleep better and recover faster.

Before this, Jennifer was co-founder of Cannabase, a wholesale exchange platform for the legal cannabis industry, which was acquired for over seven figures by Helix TCS.

I knew the cannabis industry was heavily regulated, but I didn’t realize how much of a challenge it presents to potential founders until I heard Jennifer explain what she went through.

While it’s an exciting and growing industry, entrepreneurs who decide to get into the Cannabis space have to be ready to face roadblocks around financing, taking payments and even simple things like moving product from one place to another.

Despite the difficulties, Jennifer was able to raise capital, build a team, and exit with equity in a newly publicly traded company. She worked at the acquiring company for two years, before she left so she could sell some of her shares.

Using her capital, Jennifer then decided to fund a new company without outside investors, formulating her own CBD products and launching Jihi, a DTC and subscription CBD product range.

If you want to hear how a two-sided marketplace business was created and then acquired for over seven-figures, how Jennifer monetized her marketplace, and what it takes to launch a physical product in the CBD industry, this interview will definitely give you insights.

Enjoy the podcast.