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Cash Cow 101: How To Setup A System To Sell Your Digital Products On Autopilot

Today I’m publishing something special for you, taken from my members-only training community, the Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

If you sell any kind of digital product, like ebooks, a membership site and especially a Flagship Course, this training is a must-watch.

This is part one of a two-part training I call the ‘Cash Cow Crash Course‘. I teach you the conditions necessary to set up a digital product that will sell long term — not just one or two successful launches, but years of continuous sales of the one product.

Press play to begin the training:

This training will teach you specific concepts that power the cash cow outcome, what you need to set up in your online teaching business to create a course that keeps selling on autopilot long term, and what stops a product from becoming a cash cow.

The entire video is less than one hour long, but I promise you, you will watch this and walk away thinking differently about your online business and how you sell your products and services.

Go watch it now.


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