Frank Kern kicked off back in 2012 with his State of The Internet address. This is a speech where Frank talks to the Internet marketing community and discusses where he thinks things will be headed for in the upcoming year.

Frank Kern - State Of The Internet 2012

This year was a simple speech, but I believe it has the potential to make a profound impact. For those that missed the talk here is a recap.

The 3 Pillars Of Internet Marketing

Frank believes there are three areas of focus or pillars for internet marketers:

  1. Technology
  2. Marketing
  3. Excellent Product

Let’s break each of these down into a bit more detail.

Pillar #1 – Technology

The first pillar Frank describes as technology. This is like the icing on the cake. Frank describes it as a nice paint job on a car, it’s nice to have but not essential.

In essence I believe he is referring to “shiny objects” which I have addressed in previous articles. Things that promise the world, print money on demand for us, but really distract us from our more important and long term sustainable goals.

Use technology to your advantage, but don’t let it use you. When in doubt about whether you should buy the latest gadget or gizmo, just remember the famous saying “no money gets made until something gets sold?” and ask will this piece of “technology” move you closer to that goal?

Pillar #2 – Marketing

Anyone who has followed my articles knows that I’m a big fan of marketing. But once again no money gets made with just marketing. Money gets made by selling.

I like how succinctly Frank sums it up:

Internet marketing is using the internet to deliver the right message about an excellent product to the right people at the right time – Frank Kern

There is plenty of good marketing advice from market research, to copywriting to key marketing concepts to marketing resources.

One of the major obstacles to getting things done is a lack of proper goals and focus. I’ve talked about proper goal setting and productivity before. These issues will always be relevant as long as you are working to achieve something and you have not put systems in place to control and minimize the interference they can have on your productivity.

You may surprise yourself with what you can get accomplished with some clear cut goals, restrictions on email, Facebook and Twitter and well scheduled breaks to help recharge and rejuvenate yourself. I highly recommend Tony Schwartz’s The Power Of Full Engagement or you can watch this great presentation at Google explaining our cyclical energy and the importance of proper work day breaks.

Pillar #3 – The Magic Bullet For Making Money

The magic bullet I’m going to reveal for making money has worked for me for many years and I feel confident will work for me for years to come. If you were to get as close as possible to a magic bullet, it would be as Frank says “a product so exceptionally good, your customers have an experience that is almost magical in their eyes.”

If you make a really great killer product, it makes selling and therefore making money a whole lot easier.

A blatant example that Frank gives is the iPhone. For a large majority of its users it’s an awesome, awesome product. If you walked into a room of 20 year olds who had never seen an iPhone, how hard do you think it would be to sell them one? Once you showed them how it worked, what it could do and all the capabilities it had – it would probably be pretty easy. That’s the power of a great product.

Frank believes lack of a good product to sell is at the root of most Internet marketing failures and frustrations.

I’ve talked at length about how to create a great and valuable infoproduct.

If you can do your market research and satisfy a hungry crowd and deliver something of great value to them, then you have a great winning formula. Combine that with savvy marketing and you are moving towards having a “magic bullet”.

But I Don’t Know How To Create A Great Product?

You personally don’t need to know how to create a great product. This is true for both infoproducts and physical products. There are thousands of people around the world that do know how to make your idea into a digital or physical reality.

Previous generations had it tough. They had the hurdle of the great idea and then turning that idea into a reality. I believe nowadays we still face the first hurdle of a great idea – that is something you can’t outsource. But once you come up with that great idea you can outsource the creation of it.

I recommend that people at least do the initial market research and leg work for their product creation. You will need to do this to find out what type of product you are going to create, how you are going to position it and how you are going to market it.

Are You Ready To Make An Infoproduct This Year?

Info-marketing can be a great income source. If you know what you are doing it can be a project you can get off the ground and making sales in a very short amount of time. The start up costs can be minimal compared to getting a physical product off the ground. Plus once up and running the maintenance costs are little more than the cost of your website and payment processor.

Why not make this year the year you finally do it.