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Yaro Starak promoting his watchYou may have recently watched the split-up video segments of my presentation at the Hive networking event recently.

The audio on that presentation wasn’t good, however, I was also recording it via a clip-on microphone input to an Edirol audio recorder. I just transferred the MP3 and the audio turned out pretty good, so I’ve decided to share it with you here on my blog as a complete podcast of my uninterrupted presentation.

This presentation takes you on an express journey through the last ten or so years of my life as an entrepreneur, including how I started my first money making website, then moved on to a proper online business model, eventually started blogging, creating information products and living the 2 Hour Work Day lifestyle.

Toward the end of the presentation, I covered some of the key concepts that have led to my success, like the 80/20 rule, leverage, strength analysis and business model selection. After that I take questions from the audience, which led to some interesting discussion.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and are inspired to walk your own entrepreneur’s journey.

About the photo: If anyone needs a watch model, I’m available 😉


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