How Yaro Started Making Money Online – The Complete Background Story

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Yaro Starak promoting his watchYou may or may not have watched the split-up video segments of my presentation at the Hive networking event about my “business story”.

The audio on that presentation wasn’t good, however, I was also recording it via a clip-on microphone input to an Edirol audio recorder. I transferred the MP3 and the audio turned out pretty good, so I’ve decided to share it with you here on my blog as a complete podcast of my uninterrupted presentation.

This presentation takes you on an express journey through the last ten or so years of my life as an entrepreneur, including how I started my first money making website, then moved on to a proper online business model, eventually started blogging, creating information products and living the 2 Hour Work Day lifestyle.

Toward the end of the presentation, I covered some of the key concepts that have led to my success, like the 80/20 rule, leverage, strength analysis and business model selection. After that I take questions from the audience, which led to some interesting discussion.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and are inspired to walk your own entrepreneur’s journey.

About the photo: If anyone needs a watch model, I’m available 😉


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About Yaro

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Yaro, its an inspiration to read and listen about your story.

    Thanks for the audio.


  • Yaro,

    It is good to know more about your background story, it is sure inspirational for many new and upcoming bloggers.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I think it’s awesome that you are releasing this, looking to what lead to your own success helps immensely to see what took you to the place you are now,

    My best regards,

    Ka kei Ho.

  • Hi Yaro,

    It is really great to read your story.

    Pls, when will there be a transcript?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Yes please, transcript please Yaro! I’m a reader more than a listener!!! =)

  • I was inspired by your story Yaro..:)


  • Listening about such success stories can always serve as a great motivator. I downloaded the podcast and I have to say that it was pretty nice and although it was almost 50 minutes, it felt like rather 10. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing this. Seeing some success stories really adds inspiration to a lot of people. It adds more motivation that it can be done if we just work hard and smart. Just don’t easily give up, follow your action plans, keep on moving forward, and eventually, we will achieve success.

    Kind regards,


  • Yes Yaro, we need a watch model.. 😉

    Nice snappy shot and looks like a real short hair now eh?

  • Really! Very inspirational story.
    And you would be fine as a model…:)

    Thanks for sharing

  • This is a story that any online business owner must listen to. Thks for sharing your story with us. I am going to listen to it during my travel tomorrow.

  • man,you the guy who really inspired me when I was just starting out. hearing the full story was an insight. Thanks for helping us

  • Hi Yaro

    Thanks for Sharing. It has been a while since I have commented. It is inspirational what you have acheived. I remember coming to your blog in 2007 and you having less than 20000 rss subscribers!

    Well done you. Though not at your level after taking part in blog,mastermind I set up a number of blogs that all generate income. As you say it is important though to think of your strengths and the best business model. The knowledge I gained is now being put to good use with the “off line ” world where I get to give value and have a great time as well.

    Best Wishes

    PS Love the new haircut!

  • Awesome that you are sharing this story. I have not listened to the audio yet but it is queued up for later this afternoon during my workout. I love hearing success stories of people from the beginning stages and moving up the ladder to greatness.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing your life with us, a must for anyone reading.

    Wish we had something like the Hive in the UK, it would definitely be beneficial.

    Kind regards


  • Nice, thanks for looking out. I really enjoy downloading your mp3 and listen to them while I run or on road trips.

  • Great story, great teacher, my income is increasing each month thanks to this man!

  • Thanks for sharing your background story Yaro. Keep these audios coming. They are very powerful.

    You make an excellent watch model. Looks liek your hair keeps getting shorter. You better watch out or you might end up like me.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Great job of infusing so much conventional business knowledge into the podcast. Inventive, as always, yet level-headed and informative.

  • Hi Yaro,
    I appreciate how you share with us a significant part of your life and the very useful advice and tips you’ve learned along the way.

    I’m sure this will inspire many people to take their own route

  • Thanks a lot for this! 🙂
    And yes, when will be the transcript be ready?
    Good luck amigo!

  • Hi that is very easy work to make money on line all is very nice work.

    • I totally agree! Everything is via the internet now so we’d better take advantage of it!

  • Your story is inspiring and its great to hear about your journey. Great podcast. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Whats the link to become an affiliate for you Mr. Yaro

  • I appreciate the recording.

    It was nice to hear something refreshing such as that instead of seeing the flashy sports cars and fancy homes on sales pages just to get less information than what I heard here.

    Great information.


  • Yaro, I follow the 80/20 rule for everything in life and it seems to work out perfectly. Except the only thing is I always give 100% of my effort into everything.

    • Oh yeah, I also just recently checked out all your bio stuff. Wow you went through one crazy journey in the internet field!

  • Hey Yaro, been following your blog for a while now, always great to revisit the Yaro story 🙂 and re-listening to this via mp3 🙂

    Till then,


  • Thanks for this great mp3. I have been following your blog for quite some time now. It is good to see how things work out for great bloggers when they put the time and passion into it……hahahahah….you would make a great watch model too!

  • Very inspiring story Yaro 🙂

  • Hi Yaro,

    You are a great motivator.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  • What? You were in Singapore? Wished I knew about you then and I would have searched for you, Yaro. Enjoyed your podcast. =)

  • inspirational as always.. bookmarked

  • Listening to how successful people started in the business is always inspiring to me. Makes me think that I can achieve some sort of success if I try my best.

  • I must say it was very engrossing listening to this, Yaro. Thanks for taking the time to put it into audio.

  • awsome.. u r the est yaro.. hope to follow u.

  • Great post, very informative. I just started my own blog, as a hobby and not for profit, but who knows what may happen down the road. Thanks.

  • The two hour workday lifestyle is something we all aspire to! One day I’ll get there. You dispense good advise, but applying it isn’t always easy. Just got to keep on trying, keep on plugging away.

  • I have been fortunate enough to have been able to do really well making money online. However, it makes me pretty sad in this industry that so many people struggle.

  • Dear Yaro

    I’m still not convinced about the haircut – is there a video somewhere where you explain why you had all your lovely hair cut off?

    Anyway, just been enjoying the car video – lighting great, sunshine great, car looking great and audio very good indeed.

    Just been recommending your site to my sister heather Cairncross who is a professional singer who’s blogging about the life and times of a “nearly there” singer / star. She’s just launched her blog and by blogging about singing on Susan Boyle’s new album, unleased a torrent of traffic and comments (good and bad) on her brand new site.

    I told her, no comments are bad comments, just approve them and reply and keep the activity on your site going strong.

    Then I sent her over to you, to learn how to blog properly. I’m so worn out with the years of convincing her that she SHOULD blog, I can’t be bothered with teaching her HOW to blog effectivly – figure you are the man for that job LOL

    Thanks for the MP3 – I’ve downloaded it but I’m afraid without a transcription to read it’s sadly unlikely that I’ll ever be able to listen to the whole thing.

    Can i advise anyone that does audio/podcasting to get transcriptions? Yaro is the first guy to do that regularly and I love him for it – being very visual.

    I’ll watch the videos instead perhaps.

    BTW I laughed out loud about your “watch model” comment!


    p.s. Happy Birthday Yaro and grow that hair back!

  • It is always interesting and inspiring to hear someone’s story of success. The key that I take from each of these stories is that regardless of the person or the opportunity, it takes hard work and dedication. There is no shortcut to success, however, there are indeed smarter ways to go about it. The old saying, “Work smarter, not harder,” can be applied in all aspects of life.

    Yaro, here’s to your continued success.

  • Very good interview! I am so thankful to have stumbled across this website about a year ago. I really enjoy all the interviews and all the great advice you hand out for free.

    I am really excited about my first big business gamble that I did just yesterday…I outsourced my very first website project. I can’t wait to get it back and see what my development team will do with the idea I sent them!

    Thanks for everything you do Yaro,

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  • Yes great mp3, you are crazy for the internet.
    About the photo: If anyone needs a watch model, I’m available 😉 My Director will be contact you soon. Be Kiss ready! 😉

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have read your story it’s really great

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