How A Blog Can Change Your Life: Mitch Moves To Maui All Thanks To His Multi-Million Dollar Sports Blog

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Mitch Wilson is a special person in my life because he was the first person I ever coached who went away and built a massive business.

In terms of money, no other client I’ve had since then has exceeded Mitch’s results, as far as I know.

He’s been making several million dollars a year for many years, and things are only going to get bigger, based on conversations I had with Mitch in Hawaii when I visited him.

Watching Mitch succeed, along with a handful of other people I coached back in the 2007-2010 era of the Internet, who went on to build massively successful businesses, gave me the confidence to know that what I was teaching would actually work for other people.

As a coach, until you see others get results, you always feel a sense of self-doubt. You want to help people experience real tangible outcomes that change their lives.

In my case, I wanted to see my clients build online businesses that made money, enough that they never needed a job again.

When I started coaching and teaching a new program in 2013, I began by interviewing people who had taken my previous coaching programs and built amazing businesses.

A couple of these people like Mitch had reached the million-dollar threshold, although most were making one-to-two hundred thousand dollars a year, a very good outcome in my books too!

Since then, as the years rolled by and I continued to coach more people, I’ve continued to record new interviews with the unique individuals who succeed – at least one every year – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

You can find their stories on the ever-growing Success Stories page.

What Made Mitch Different

Mitch’s results are not typical. That should be obvious.

I would never even begin to promise that by taking my coaching programs everyone can expect the same result. It’s not going to happen, he is an outlier, a one-percenter.

However, I do believe that bear minimum goal of earning at least a full-time income from an online business is within everyone’s grasp, especially those who have the combination of personal drive, a good niche, and value to offer.

Mitch earned a unique result, and it’s worth noting he was also unique way back over a decade ago when we first started working together.

Like most of my coaching members, Mitch didn’t enter the world of blogging and online business with any experience. He certainly had the three core things I mentioned — motivation, a good topic and value to add — but he also did something else that none of my other members did.

Mitch attended every coaching call I offered when he was just starting.

Not only did he attend every session, he always had a question for me. It wasn’t long before he was reporting back amazing results too, along with asking questions.

Here’s a quote from a post Mitch made to the Laptop Lifestyle Academy forums (he’s a mentor in the forums) –

When I was starting I asked a question on every call, would write them down all the time in between and then pick the best one. I think I might have asked some dumb ones, I think I asked some that ended up making me 6 or 7 figures.

Of course, I can’t really take all that much responsibility for those six or seven figures that Mitch made as a result of my answers. He was the one doing the work, day-in and day-out.

I think it’s fair to say though, that having a coach and a course and a community of people all going through the same process to build a business as Mitch was during his early days, made a big difference. We all kept each other going, just as we still do today inside the Academy.

Just Like Mitch Back Then — Tien, Kathy And Joseph Today

In the last few years as I’ve continued to do live coaching webinars, three other people very much with Mitch like qualities have shown up.

One them, Tien Chiu, I recently interviewed as a 2019 Blog Mastermind Case study. You can listen to Tien’s story here:

Another, Kathy, wrote a fantastic post to my member forums when she hit her $10,000 a month goal, and then repeated it month after month.

Here’s a quote from Kathy’s post:

My month of September has been absolutely incredible in terms of providing consultations, and I literally have had a $10,000+ month.

Say WHAT??!!! Yes, yes.., you saw that right.

Over $10,000 in one month. I am shocked.

Completely shocked. O.o And so incredibly grateful to @Yaro, Blog Mastermind, The Laptop Lifestyle Academy, and all of you who have been my support through some very dark days.

Joseph, also a long term member of my Laptop Lifestyle Academy posted a very exciting success story work in progress —

We have a US$130M transaction (was larger but the Brazilian currency moved in a negative direction so this will likely be the final size, at these numbers still a big number for a small company) that our firm was the lead investment banker advisor.

Joseph has taken the content marketing principles he’s learned from my coaching program and applied it to his property investment brokering company. He doesn’t do many deals a year, but when he does, the commissions as you can imagine are pretty good!

Mitch is in the sports betting industry, Tien is in color weaving (crafts), Kathy helps people with personality disorders, and Joseph deals with large property transactions in developing countries — and these are just four people who have taken part in my coaching programs. There are so many other unique people with unique niches that I could highlight — and there is a topic that will work for you too!

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