A Day in the Life of an Internet Entrepreneur

Update: There is a new 2009 version of this article now available here.

The purpose of this article is to give you a window into the lifestyle of an Internet business owner and in particular a home based business entrepreneur. The example below is a typical day in my life. If you are presently considering quitting your day job/after finishing school and starting your own Internet business I suggest you read – Do You Want to Run Your Own Business? Read this First!

So now without further ado here is a typical day in the life of Yaro Starak…



I wake up at somewhere between 8 – 10 AM depending on what time I went to bed the previous night (I need at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly). I roll out of bed and switch on the computer which is in my room. Presently my laptop is my business so when I’m at home I either work in my room or at a desk in the dining room.

First up I check and respond to emails and process jobs that have come through during the night from BetterEdit.com. Job processing means to assign editing jobs to staff members. I also manage ongoing projects including ensuring clients receive their jobs back on time, invoices are issued and payments are made. There are a lot of little things to coordinate but it doesn’t take too much time and can be handle completely via email and through the web. This takes about 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the time of year.

About an hour after waking up I eat my bowl of cereal for breakfast while I read up on the tennis results from the past day (I’m a big tennis fan).

In my room I have whiteboard with a task list that I slowly work through as part of my working day after I finish responding to time sensitive emails. Generally I work on a website or do some form of writing, which can be copy for a website, an article for a blog/website or content for marketing materials. I also have to control the other “standard” business tasks like hiring new staff, doing the bookkeeping and working with other business/freelancers to get things done that I can’t or choose not to do myself (complex website coding for example).

I spend a lot of time posting in forums and reading about search engine optimisation and Internet business. I find whenever I hit a wall and can’t write very coherently I either leave the computer altogether or do less brain taxing jobs. When you are mentally spent it’s a great time to work on free online marketing techniques that don’t require you to be firing on all cylinders. If you do a little bit of online promotion every day it can really build up your traffic over time so I stay persistent with this task.

Occasionally I will have a Skype conversation with a friend over the Internet. This can be with one of my local friends or a contact from overseas. I don’t feel this is a waste of time at all as conversations with your peers can teach you a lot and stimulate new ideas. It’s the equivalent of conferring with workmates at a normal job and since I don’t have workmates I rely on other people running businesses or websites for work related conversation.


I keep working until about lunch time, which is usually somewhere between 1 – 2 PM depending on when I woke up and had breakfast. During lunch I will often watch a little TV or a DVD.

The rest of the day can be quite varied but I will generally do something like this:

  • I might head to the swimming pool for some exercise.
  • I might head out to a university campus to advertise my business using posters.
  • Once a week I head to the city to check the post office box and deposit payments.
  • I sometimes go to town or a local retailer/cafe to meet with a friend or business associate or to purchase supplies.
  • Often I will pack my laptop and/or book and for a change of scenery and will go to a cafe to work and/or read.
  • Sometimes I stay at home and continue to work.

At the moment I keep a casual job for grocery money/rent and because I enjoy the work and it gets me out around people which is important when you work at home most of the day. I work about three shifts a week only on nights and weekends, which are 4 or 5 hours in duration. I work at an IT helpdesk at a university in front of a computer so when I am not helping a ridiculously attractive university student or completing a work task I write or research for my business projects.

If I have a night shift I will head to work, if not I might stay out if I’ve been at a cafe with my laptop until early evening and return home to make dinner at about 7-8 PM. I love cooking and eating so this is one of my favourite parts of the day. I enjoy cooking for myself at lunch time too and often you will find me watching a DVD and eating some great food (yes I don’t work that hard!).


During the night I head back onto the computer and complete more web work and answer any emails if any have come through during the day. I stay online until about midnight where I switch off and read myself to sleep. That concludes my day.


Note that my working week is not very defined and consequently I tend to work 7 days a week, however besides my casual shift work at the university I make my own hours. This means that some days I may only complete the status quo to keep the machine running and work for a couple of hours and others I might stay at the computer for over 10 hours proactively working on growth. Time spent online isn’t always directly related to business however since online business is a hobby I’m almost always reading about this topic if not producing output for a business.

Occasionally I field business calls on my mobile but I generally receive only about 1-3 per week. Most communication is handled through email. When it is busy season email sessions can take some time to process all the jobs and respond to queries but it’s during the busy months that the sales come through which help to cover the quieter months.

The business projects that are in early stages now are planned to create new, passive and almost-passive streams of income that will supplement what I currently make from BetterEdit. This will help to alleviate my dependence on a single business and reduce the amount of seasonal fluctuation in my income.

My longer term plans are to reduce the need for me to always be monitoring emails and the Internet. My current tasks are not complicated but they are business critical and time sensitive – someone has to do them. Because the tasks are reasonably simple it would not be hard to train an administration officer to take over most of the day-to-day jobs I currently complete, allowing me to work on strategic direction, new businesses and create more content.

Currently I work most of my time on this blog and BetterEdit.com. They both perform an important role, the latter providing my current cashflow and former part of my plans for future income. I enjoy my lifestyle now but there are things I would like to change and that is what motivates me everyday. The freedom I enjoy presently is significant and consequently a relative level of self discipline is required to keep the wheels in motion (I don’t always have enough self discipline).

Due in part because I have persisted over time repeating what has made money I have managed to create and grow a successful Internet business that has significant potential for further growth. I have also had success in the past with other websites that have helped by providing me with a “cushion” of capital to start with. I have made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of money along the way but as any good business person will tell you this is all part of the learning process.

The most critical variable at this point in time is me and hence business performance is tightly impacted by my own mood, well being and motivation. If I do not take care of myself my business suffers as well.

Well there you have it, a day in my life. Throw in some socialising, lots of book reading, visits with my parents, the occasional date, movies, dinner out, a party now and then, and trips to Canada (a whole other story) and you have my life. Wow, it really seems simple when you type it out like that…

Yaro Starak

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  • Sounds like a very relaxed working day, one many people in the “every day office” envy I’m sure.

    I sure envy your wakeup time 🙂

  • Hermann Klinke

    Great writeup. Enjoyed reading it!

  • Bernhard

    Congrats Yaro. You’ve already established your business and your life style. I guess, many of your readers (including me) still figuring out how to get there.

    When working from home, I also find it important to keep a social life and I’m thinking about taking an additional job with lots of social interaction. I too enjoy going to a coffee bar with my laptop.

    One question: you were writing about having someone handling your emails. Would you consider outsourcing your customer support? I’m pondering a business idea related to this.

  • It takes me a good 30 to 40 minutes to answer daily emails; I hate that part of internet business!!!!

    • I get over 600 emails a day from marketers and I’ve not even made a sale in a year!
      Just scanning them, buying and/or downloading stuff I’ll never use takes up about 7-8 hours a day!

      Then I start making webpages that nobody will ever see.

      Good job I manage to live on my $200 a week pension. LOL

  • It sounds like you’re always working, but I can appreciate that you enjoy your work. After all, if it means you’re working to maximize your income, you’re not going to be too fussed replying to an extra ten e-mails now and then! There is a point to be made with working at the computer all the time though – you must follow certain safety guidelines, or else you’ll be going down the road to RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), arthritis and the like. May I just add, it’s good to take breaks from the computer now and then – I know, I find it hard to pull myself away from my daily routine on the net, but breaks are good for you! Another great article Yaro. 🙂

  • Great article indeed. I am trying to establish similar lifestyle 🙂

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  • Nice article. A very relaxed schedule as other people said. I think that is the key to help you not go crazy and get burnt out.

  • Thanks for posting candid comments on the daily grind of the entrepreneur. Here in the US, there is a system of support for start-ups through the local colleges, via the Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs). These places are great background for developing your own business plan, and lately it is more common for people to become certified as entrepreneurs by taking a minimum of 4 courses at the SBDC’s, which helps you get organized enough in your business plan and contacts to qualify for small business loans. It helps give you a network of contacts in different areas–accounting, finance, operations, marketing, sales, and legal–which helps give your venture a greater chance of succeeding. I would imagine that Australia would have some equivalent.

  • Does not sound like a stressful day to me. I work a normal job and I work a lot of 7 day weeks and late into the night days. But I don’t get those slow days and I definitely hav eot get up a lot eariler. Sounds like a dream.


  • This is a great post. Looks like its been around for a while. This is a dream job come true. Congrats.

  • I just signed up for your newsletter. I was hooked as soon as I came across your site. I am trying to do the same thing–are very similar thing–as what you are doing, which is learning, researching, and applying anything and everything you can about entrepneurship, web marketing, and building traffic for your blog. I’m trying to get my own blog up and running at Silentriot. I look forward to reading more and more articles that you have posted. Thanks for such a wonderful resource and keep up the good work!

  • Thanks Kevin – good luck with your projects!

  • Awesome post! I’ve been trying to come up with a good internet business idea for a while. Instead, I have come up with a great non-internet business idea, which kind of sucks in a way because this idea requires a lot of money, as opposed to a full internet-based business that might not require that much to get it started.

    I’m not giving up though. I recently started a blog where I plan to document my steps for starting my company. I figured it would keep me motivated and force me to keep at it. I also hope it will motivate the readers to keep trying to accomplish their goals.

    By the way, I love your site. I’ll be adding it to my list of interesting blogs.

  • Gladys

    Thanks for posting this very informative experience, Yaro.

    Just lately, I am considering establishing a small home-based biz. I still do not know how to start so I am fuelling myself with lots of informations from seasoned entrepreneurs, like you.

    I’ll be following your blog. =)

  • Hi Yaro, this article help me to come out some ideas to help me make my own schedule for my full time internet business.

    Thanks! 😉

  • Great, I almost have the same type of living as you, except the travelling part.

    I am brazillian and actually have 2 internet business, and answering e-mails take me at least 2 hour per day! I can’t continue with this anymore. But, I don’t know someone that is able to answer the same way I do, so I wonder the day I will can get a trip without headaches.

    Things I wanna change:
    – More time to plan;
    – More time to open my new ideas that are actually planned and shaped.

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  • Anonymous

    Great article:) I wish you luck.

  • As a Chef, I’ve always worked killer hours in the restaurant industry. I”m pushing hard to transfer my knowledge of the business into a Consulting/public relations/internet business but finding just the right blend or business profile is taking some time to acheive. As I sit here on January 1, I’m totally convinced that the time is now to make it happen! I realized a tremendous personal goal last year by losing over 100 lbs and although I”m almost at my goal, I’m now focusing on my business life. Your blog and follow up is excellent, and the day you describe here sounds like what I need. I’m a social person, so I know I’ll need to be out some, but being more computer based would be a great setup for me.

    I hope someone reads this, and benefits…check out my site to give me feedback!

    Happy New Year!

    Chef Tony

  • ann

    how i wish i hv a life like urs..
    working full time in a job i hate and working on my online business whenever i have the free time during and after work..it sreally taking a toll on my life and social life.
    how i wish i can afford to buy back my freedom and pay back my scholarship bond w my company..then i can focus on my online biz full time and get a happier better life.

  • Great work. Truly inspiring

  • Great article – that’s the kind of day I’m working towards myself. Have to love the opportunities the Internet provides for entrepreneurs! Love your articles Yaro. What part of Canada do you visit?

  • Irwin

    Great details. I am currently working from home but not the kind of work that you do. I am slowly starting to build some form of online business so I can have multiple streams of income. I will be persistent as it really takes that to be successful online.


  • Xin

    Interesting write up Yaro.

    I always find these real-life details very interesting.

    You mention you have started various other internet businesses apart from betteredit, can you mention what they are? I’d be great to see what you’ve done.

    I have justed moved to China from the UK to spend my fulltime on internet businesses, together with my partner Michelle. Hopefully you’ll start seeing some interesting stuff from us soon.


  • Nice article,

    I own a small internet business (me, myself and I :)) but work a lot of time in the office buildings of clients. So I have a pretty regular shedule.

    For the rest, I love having my own internet business, creativity keeps me going!

    Nice blog, keep up the good work.

  • Very interesting post! Every entrepreneur should give their own “A Day in the Life”, if only to remind each other that we have the power to do business the way we want.

    The great thing about being your own boss is that you set the hours to where it’s manageable for you. I believe that if people worked 8 hours a day throughout the day, as opposed to only 9-5, their minds and bodies would be more relaxed and free to be more creative. Not to mention the freedom you have to go and work anywhere that will keep you productive. That’s probably why your day seems so stress-free.

  • Xin – If you read my business timeline you can get a feel for what I have been done in previous years. You will find it in my about page.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for vising my blog. I am sure planning a day ahead will make your business run forward better.

    I also experience that to have your own business you need to have self descipline to manage your time well.

    John Tan

  • Jeremy


    I’m still trying to succeed online after 3 years,
    but I see once you make it work for yourself the results are very residual. I read of many 6 figure blogs and websites where they get so much traffic they can take a month off here and there
    during the year.

    Who wants to be chained to your computer all day,
    passive income is the way to go.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Great Blog! So what’s your daily routine now? It’s 2007.

    Any new projects lately?

    Your Internet Friend,

    Chris Brisson

  • Hi Chris,

    I’m due for an update to this article. I’ll probably get something done in the near future. I have to update my timeline as well.


  • MBM

    Hi Yaro,

    Can you imagine? I found your web site probably half an year ago and having no time to read it, I just made a shortcut to one of your articles on my desktop. Now, I am happy that I have done it. Today when I found spare time to check and clean the old shortcuts I started reading few of your articles. It is great blog and your articles are great too. This is my third comment here now and I am going to subscribe for your news letter and also spend enough time next day for reading more from this excellent stuff here.
    Particularly regarding your typical day, I am impressed because it is quite similar to how I imagine should be my typical day when/if I start working for myself.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Milko,

    Thanks for your kind comments and I’m glad you enjoyed my articles.

    My typical day hasn’t changed much really. It tends to move around a bit but generally it’s work on the computer, some exercise, lots of eating and some socializing too.

    Not bad!

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  • Thanks for this one, I really enjoyed reading it and often recognized my typical day. Keep up the good work. All the best to you

  • […] end up with you needing something “supplemental” on the weekends.  For example, take Yaro Starak.  He’s got free time enough to watch a DVD in the afternoon and to take his dog for a walk- […]

  • DW


    I only found your site a couple of days ago but am very impressed with your articles and posts. I find it refreshing to see someone with a “tell it like it is” approach that it seems you have.

    I come from a long time customer service background and often found that giving informatio to people “straight” was so much better in the long run. Your article is quite true, in that people want to be business owners, they have the picture in their head of what they want, but do not know how to get there, or what is “truly” involved.

    I am glad I found your site, and only wish I had found it sooner.

    Keep up the great work.


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  • Hi

    Read with great interest and the typical day totally different from you..

    Still Enjoying life and the internet.



  • Greetings from California, Yaro!

    Smiling here, reading your Typical Day description.

    In ways, it’s similar to mine – except for that part about interacting with (and appreciating…) ridiculously attractive university students. My husband wouldn’t be too keen on that.

    After a fantastic trip to Adelaide for professional training years ago, I’ve had a soft spot for all things Australian ever since. In fact, one of my favorite bloggers, Mez, writes MelbourneStories.blogspot.com.

    If you haven’t stumbled over her blogging in your travels, believe me, she’s worth a visit.

    Anyway, I very much like what you’re up to here, so I’ve signed up for your tips.

    And…I’ll be back.

    Warm regards,

  • Hello Yaro,

    This is an excellent way to live 🙂 Having the time and financial freedom. It’s this what everyone is working towards? Since I found my passion on self development topics,working on my computer is an enjoyment everyday.

    Will certainly come back for more

    Be Blessed


  • Man, does that sound like heaven! I can’t wait for a day where I wake up at an undefined time and do what I want to do. It’s not a pipe-dream anymore. I’m on my way….

  • Hello Yaro,

    Its impressive life style..
    what about a 9 to 6 job and whole day relax and do blogging and surfing net and some social life…

    Night movie and hangout with friends…

    what u thinks about this life style?

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  • Thomas


    Interesting to note that your original article on your daily routine was written and published back in August 2005 and yet, is still creating feedback.

    I only recently came across your site and have acquired an interest in blogging to which I may take further.

    I can also relate to this article as I have a similar lifestyle being self employed, running an offline business but have a collection of domain names which I am currently developing.

    I really look forward to more incisive and articulate postings from both yourself and fellow bloggers.

    PS. I have a domain name which I believe could be a great blogging site in http://www.myfuturespace.com and wanted some feedback from either yourself or followers.

  • Great post. It’s a good reminder to startups about all the hats they will have to wear at first, too. When you work at home – at least for a while – there’s no admin staff to hand off time-consuming chores to.

    I bet it won’t be long before you find you can hand off some of the things you’re doing now to a virtual assistant or employee. Giving someone else the responsibility for performing tasks that don’t require your personal creativity – tasks like invoicing, answering routine email, perhaps even assigning editing jobs to staff members – will free up your own time to do more of the planning and work that will produce new streams of steady income.

  • Great site. You have a wonderful, down to earth outlook. I am also an entrepreneur working in the world of public drinking water quality. I run a family owned company for my husband who works another full time job. I organize, coordinate, mediate, keep books do field work etc. This enables him to use his time efficiently when he is working the family biz. I feel blessed to have this opportunity but I am looking for another outlet in my office which will be “mine”, to earn extra money and to tap into my creative side. Possibly freelance writing or editing. I have no idea what company’s to explore or the best way to pursue this. I suppose I am just looking for advise, or ideas. I love artwork and writing although I am not a pro. I started my blog in January and have not learned the “ins and outs” of the bloggers world, so I only have a handful of readers, but I am having fun with it. It’s a great way to express myself while spreading the word about our precious resource, water. http://www.waterwheelworld.blogspot.com
    I am also working on a book geared towards youth. It’s an adventure, but teaches about natural resources and healthy living. I’m not sure how to promote it or even how to publish it when I’m finished but I suppose I will learn. Any input would be greatly appreciated. J Trout

  • Lucky you, i wake up at 4:30 am (early shift)
    An interesting inside in the daily life of an online job. Great post, keep on going.
    Don’t forget to mention that working at home has great benifits

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  • Hey Yaro,
    I just recently started a blog with the help of your Blog Profit Blueprints. This post is great as it takes a look at everything that needs to get done to run an online business. There is a lot of work involved and I find that it’s important to keep up to date with new information. I’ve been spending too much time reading ebooks and blogs on how to and not actually spending enough time doing.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Sounds like a fantastic way to spend your day. Working hard on something you love for a living must be great. Good luck.

  • It sounds like a great lifestyle. But what about evaluating all of the business ideas that flow through your site? It’s an entrepreneur’s website, I know, but what about the traditional start-up (non-internet based)?
    I like the article. Personalizes you.

    http://www.businesseydeas.com – where the consumer’s eye meets business start-up eydeas

  • Yaro, I am inspired by your notion of freedom. We should all be living the way you are. Freedom is the ability to do your own thing, but to make a difference as well but on your terms. If we could all live this kind of life, I think that the happiness quotient in the world would go way up. Keep up the good work.


  • Sounds like a good day! I was wondering if there’s an updated version? Would love to hear how much you work etc in a typical day now.

  • Yaro I like the way you work throughout the day.Really appreciable.

  • It’s great to read about the lives of fellow entrepreneurs. I should do a similar post of what my day looks life living/working in New York City.

    As a coach to entrepreneurs and seasoned executives, I have noticed that only a few create and sustain a healthy balance. Most dream of working less and playing more, having more time with family and friends, and traveling the world.

    P.S. myself included 🙂

    • Hi,
      It is really nice post.i would like to open a small Business. do i have to study to be a business entrepreneur and get the certificate or can i just read about it?

  • Would love to see a day in the life now 4 years on!

  • Heh heh.. reading this now is quite an eye-opener.. 🙂 thanks for directing the traffic this way

  • What I would like to see is a video summary of a working day 🙂


  • Hey Yaro,

    This post is really refreshing. I read a lot of blogs, but most people never tell their personal experiences. I personally think it is these kinds of posts which has made your blog popular.

    I am sure you are loving the internet lifestyle 🙂 Keep it up, you deserve it!

  • Hi Yaro,

    What is your advice on socializing? do you equate socializing vs. networking i.e. hanging out w/ like-minded individuals? I echo the severe impact on social life – at one point, I was pressed enough to go out and meet people face-to-face.

  • Are current times ok to start an online business …. looking forward to some feedback. Confused

  • First of all, congratulation! it sounds like you live your life at its fullness.
    Many of us might be jealous as we are still struggling with life and work. However, your article can be trully inspiring that we have options to free our selves from the 9-5 office hours. Thank you for the posting. I would love to learn so much more about internet business.

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