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Nick Stephenson: How This Self-Published Thriller Author Tapped Into The Power Of Internet Marketing To Make $15,000 Month Selling His Books Online

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I bet you have a dream of one day publishing a book and having it become a bestseller, read by millions of people and possibly even turned into a television series or movie…

…Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

I’m excited to share with you this very revealing interview with a man who has gone through the process of writing his own book — a thriller — then expanding it into a series of six books, known as the “Leopold Blake” series.

Nick Stephenson cracked the code to selling his fiction books online after he learned about the power of internet marketing. In particular the concept of building a list by giving away a free ‘lead magnet’, or in this case for a fiction author, giving away a ‘reader magnet’, brought huge success.

Internet Marketing For Authors

In this interview Nick explains how he first became a writer, worked hard to write his book series, struggled to make sales, then started to get some success but was uncomfortable with how dependent he was on other people’s distribution platforms.

He realized the key was to build his own list of readers, people he could email whenever he wanted who had already demonstrated interest in his books.

To facilitate building his list he gives away his first book for free. Then whenever he has a new book to release, or a special to run, he can promote to his own database.

This process kicks off a wonderful positive cycle because the more books he sells, the better they rank in Amazon.com, leading to more book sales and people subscribing to his email list.

Nick Stephenson on the EJ Podcast

How Can Self Published Authors Sell Fiction Books Online

I was very interested to hear Nick’s advice on how authors should market their fiction books online.

Today Nick makes $50,000+ a month thanks to a combination of his own fiction book sales, and also teaching other authors how to use internet marketing to sell their books.

As a result he is uniquely positioned to know the difference when selling a fiction ‘story’ book, compared a non-fiction, ‘teaching’ book, an area I am much more familiar with.

Listen in to this interview and you will learn exactly how to market both types of books, fiction and non-fiction.


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