Many many years ago I was on skype talking to a friend in the USA.

My friend had a blog, one that was similar in audience size to my own, about small business branding.

We were chatting away, and my friend says to me he is thinking of selling his blog.

I don’t say this to him, but my immediate thought is…

Can you even do that? 

I was shocked at first, but then slowly started to realise it made sense.

My friend was more excited about blog design, and not running his small business blog, hence he was looking to sell it.

Before this I was used to the idea of large online companies selling up to other large companies.

I had not considered buying a blog something I might do, until suddenly one was presented to me.

I Bought The Blog

To cut a long story short, I did buy that blog from my friend, grew the income from a few hundred a month, to over $1,000 a month, and then brought on a team of writers to keep the site going.

Here’s a sample from the blog post my friend wrote the day after the sale…

Small Business Branding Is Sold

A few years later I sold the blog too, making more than 1,000% return on my investment.

This is just one of several website investing case studies that I will share stories from with you over the coming week.

Can You Buy A Blog?

To start things off and help you better understand why buying a blog might be the perfect way to speed up your own quest to have a money making online business, I’ve written a short new article –

The Quickest Path To Your Own Money Making Blog

If you are tired of lacklustre results growing your own blog or online busines from scratch, you should seriously consider the option of buying something that already has traffic and makes money.

You can also see purchasing a blog as an investment strategy, or a way to add value or new potential customers to your existing blog or business.

There are plenty of options. I’m looking forward to showing you several of them next week.

For now, go read my new blog post and consider whether buying a blog might be for you.

To your blogging success,

Yaro Starak

P.S. The reason for the focus on buying blogs, is because I have spent the last month preparing my new e-guide, How To Buy And Sell Blogs And Websites For Passive Profits.