From Radio Shack, To Self-Taught SEO Expert, Court Tuttle Reveals How He Always Knows Which Keywords Are Profitable Online

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How is this for a claim to fame – earning at least $200,000 a year for the last four years straight online. That’s what Courtney Tuttle has achieved.

A long time ago I was researching what top level keyword phrase I wanted EJ to rank for in search engines. I decided to try the very challenging phrase “Internet Marketing”.

I searched Google for this phrase to see who was at the top and the name “Courtney Tuttle” kept appearing. I had never heard of this Courtney person (I thought it was a girl initially for obvious reasons!), but she certainly knew how to rank for a competitive search phrase.

It turns out Courtney (Court) is a man and yes, he is very good at SEO.

What is surprising about Court’s story, which you will hear in this interview, is that he entered the world of search engine optimization with absolutely no background in it. His friend had a job at an SEO consulting firm, Court was interested in what he was doing, used his friend to get an interview, convinced them to give him a job just because he promised to be hard working, and within two years was a manager.

During that time Court not only helped other people with SEO, he practiced what he preached, launching a cellphone website using his knowledge of keywords. The site eventually became a moneymaker, earning as much as $5,000 per month.

From there Court quit his job, launched more sites, made more money and then started teaching. However, instead of teaching online, he started running small workshops at home in the evenings just to local friends. This spawned a blog and eventually the keyword academy training site.

Listen to this interview and you will be inspired to see that you really can enter the world of online marketing without needing any skills beyond knowing how to use a computer and the internet.

Which Keywords Make Money?

Be sure to stay tuned to about one-third through the interview where Court breaks down his keyword research system to find what phrases make money.

He also explains his formula that uses the CPC (Cost Per Click) values that the Google Keyword Tool provides if you are logged in, to figure out how much money per month he should make from a given website from AdSense.

For more details about this system, including pictures and screen recordings, check out Court’s training site, The Keyword Academy.

The Courtney Tuttle Story

  • How Court landed his first role as an SEO consultant (prior to this he worked at Radio Shack)
  • Court explains how he started his first website while working the job to prove to himself that his techniques worked
  • After success to the tune of $5,000 a month with his website, Court quits his job and starts producing more websites using his system
  • During evenings Court teaches workshops to family and friends on how to do what he does, this leads to starting, a blog about what he does
  • Next with a partner Court formalises his training into The Keyword Academy, which goes on to have as many as 1700 paying members

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Where to Find Court Online

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  • This was awesome interview Yaro. Very interesting.

  • What an excellent, LENGHTY interview! Took some time to read through the PDF, lol

    Some great ideas on how to evaluate how much a keyword is worth to you by simply using GKT. Would like to read more about exact link building strategies apart from just guest blog posting as creative link building strategies is what makes or breaks your SEO efforts.

  • Great advice GKT takes on a whole new meaning fantasic interview I agree with Andrew took some getting through but worth it.

  • I always look forward to you releasing new interviews because it always makes my journey to football training much more bearable. I too have no heard of Courtney Tuttle but he certainly sounds like he knows his stuff.

  • Good interview. I always prefer your podcasts because they last over an hour, a lot of the other podcasters seem to be cutting back and doing shorter interviews. You tend to let your guests say what they need to say without rushing them. Thanks,

  • wow you are awesome Yaro. Interview was lengthy but very helpful. Thanks for providing so many options to get the content and I used the PDF file:)

  • Once again, I’ve found a valuable resource here. Thanks for providing this, Yaro.

  • Very inspiring, thanks for the interview!

  • What an information packed interview Yaro. I am in the process of building my first niche site and the keyword research ideas (plus the download from Court) have been very helpful. His ideas on brainstorming keywords sound great and I hope to use them to build a small niche site very soon.

    My problem until now has been understanding the competition of the top ranking sites. Court’s explanation of the system he uses is helpful. The keyword I’ve already picked has way too much competition (PR7, PR6, PR4) in the top 3 results for a new site but this first site is going to be a bigger, longer lasting site than a regular niche site.

    Thanks for all the great information guys

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