You Are As Good As The People Around You

During the opening campaign for Membership Site Mastermind I actively observed the conversation occurring at other blogs about what I was doing.

One of the less-talked about benefits of conducting a major launch is the education you receive about your market. As Jeff Walker points out in his Product Launch Formula (PLF) program, each launch is an entirely different beast and once you begin the campaign you never truly know what will happen.

Eben Pagan, while presenting at one of Jeff’s PLF live workshops, stated something similar, explaining how each launch he has done has been different, teaching him new things as the campaign goes to unexpected places.

One of the great skills a marketer can develop is his or her ability to think on their feet and dynamically respond to what they see going on during their marketing campaign.

The very best marketers have an innate understanding of how they need to respond to what the market is telling them. For example, producing new content that is designed specifically to tackle an objection that they have observed coming from feedback during their campaign. As Jeff notes, he can “feel” how a launch is going, even before a product goes on sale.

Rich Schefren wrote an entire follow-up report to his first report (I believe it was the Missing Chapter follow-up to the Internet Business Manifesto) to specifically address a major sticking point he saw in his market. What was particularly amazing about this situation, was Rich was able to write the entire report DURING the launch campaign.

In my case, much of the content I published following up after the Masterplan report I released at the start of my campaign, contained elements designed to respond to specific rejections and talking points I saw in my market.

There were however, some things I couldn’t address during the campaign simply due to lack of resources (mostly time). There’s one thing that stuck in my mind since then that I wanted to write about here on my blog. This is a particularly important issue because I think it’s a mental hang-up you are likely feeling right now, which is significantly holding you back from success.

Your Peer Group Define Your Success

From a mindset standpoint you may have heard that in general people tend to perform to about the standards of their peer group. The people you associate with, how they live, what their attitude to life is like, how much money they make, etc, heavily influences your attitude and actions too.

This is why it’s critical that you surround yourself with people you regard and aspire to be like. If your peer group are negative, they don’t support you and don’t aspire to great things themselves, then they will hold you back. You may not notice it directly, but the impact they have on your mindset is dramatic. That’s why it’s so important to disassociate yourself from people who are not supporting your dreams.

If I look at my own success right now, it’s incredible who I have associated with lately. I recently attended a “faculty” mastermind session, made up of some of the most successful Internet marketing and information publishing entrepreneurs in Australia, many of whom are multi-millionaires.

Ten years ago I would have thought just meeting a millionaire was pretty cool. I don’t mean to sound blasé when I say this, but today hanging out with successful people is something that just naturally happens.

I’m still impressed by successful people and I admire them, but it’s not like deer in headlights type of impressed. Of course part of my attitude shift has occurred because my own financial wealth has increased too. I feel a part of the group of successful people because I am, but it is more than just that, my entire attitude to money has changed.

To put it simply, money is just not as big a deal as you think it is.

The only time when money feels like a big deal is when you don’t have it. This unfortunately is when emotions like jealousy, envy, bitterness and anger can surface, when you see that others have money.

It’s okay to experience these things, we all do at some point in our lives, but what’s important is you don’t let them control you. As an initial step, being aware why you are experiencing them in the first place is key. Having a peer group who are there to support you also helps, as they can “bring you down to earth” and keep you on track.

Role Models, Friends and Colleagues

It’s important to distinguish different groups of people around you. The multi-millionaires I know are not people I hang out with every day. They are mentors, colleagues, partners in business projects and friends, but the nature of where we are in life and often where we live too, means we don’t associate on a regular basis.

These people are important to me as benchmarks for success, who have done many things I aspire to do and thus make great role models, but they are not my day-to-day buddies.

My best friends, the people I see on a regular basis, who live in my city, perform the most important role of any of the people in my life (besides my family of course). These people are talented, motivated and share a passion for similar things to myself, both professionally and socially.

We’re all around the same level in terms of financial success as entrepreneurs and certainly this group of people are high-achievers compared to the general population. They are my peers, more so than mentors, but their role in my life is more important than any other group because we have so much fun together – I’d be living less of a life without them.

The final group I want to talk about are a bit different, and this group ties us back into the discussion I began at the start of this article. This group I will call your “online” peers, and it’s this group you really need to develop as an Internet entrepreneur.

Everywhere At Once

Every launch campaign I do I inevitably receive some kind of negative feedback, almost always coming from comments left on other blogs in my industry. This is okay, as I wrote about in my last article, if I wasn’t upsetting some people I’m not doing a good job as a marketer.

The nature of a large product launch campaign – and this is one of the true strengths of this marketing strategy – is that you get a lot of people talking about you at once.

This is incredibly powerful social proof, because it shows how many people support you and acknowledge you as an expert, even if they are doing it partially for a potential affiliate commission they might earn.

Every launch I’ve done has been extensively supported by a very important group of people: my fellow bloggers.

Right back to the very first time I launched a product online and including my recent Membership Site Mastermind launch, I’ve had significant support from other bloggers in my industry, for which I am truly grateful.

The reason why a big launch can trigger negative feedback is that some people get sick of seeing every blog they read all talking about the same thing at once. They get suspicious of the motives behind the actions, they become jealous and feel they can’t become successful because other people won’t support them by promoting their products.

From the marketer’s point of view, seeing this response (in a minority of people), is a very good sign. It shows that you are dominating the conversation in an entire niche, at least for a few days, when you launch your product.

Although a small group complain, they don’t represent the feelings of the majority. Most people are paying attention and enjoying what you do because you’re delivering value, usually in the form of giving away powerful free resources that your partners help distribute all over the web.

Generating significant buzz during your launch leads to engagement, excitement and mass exposure, which leads to sales. This is why the launch process is powerful.

One of the obvious questions thus to ask is –

How do you get all these people to talk about you at once?

There’s no short answer to this question, but what I can do for you is explain the key element, what you can begin working on today.

It’s Who You Know

Through the various launches I’ve done you’ve likely seen leading bloggers in my industry, including Darren Rowse at, Brian Clark at, John Chow at, Daniel Scocco at and Jeremy Schoemaker at, all write about my programs and free resources.

Collectively these guys can reach hundreds of thousands of people, simply by writing a blog post. You can imagine the exposure having all of these people talking about your product at the same time can have.

In the Internet marketing “guru” circle you may have also seen a similar trend. Guys like Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Jeff Walker, John Reese, Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon, all throw their maximum support behind each other.

These guys are all good friends, they hang out together, they mastermind and JV together, and whenever any of them do a major launch, they mail for each other multiple times, throw in significant bonuses and essentially help each other all make more money.

You might view this situation as some kind of mutual back-scratching between power-players, and it is to some degree, but there are criteria that must be met for this to work, namely –

  1. The product being sold must be quality
  2. Your customer service must be solid
  3. The marketing process being used must be sound
  4. The relationships must be mutually beneficial

It’s difficult to break into these inner circles because of the criteria required to get there: You need to be somewhat successful already. Sure you can go up to any of these people and propose a JV, but most likely you will be rejected (see this article for more advice about proposing JVs to top partners).

The law of reciprocity is an important element and in order to reciprocate you yourself need to be in a position of influence.

I’ve had Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime and Jeff Walker all promote my launches. The only reason these guys even know I exist is because of my blog and the influence I have over the Internet marketing industry because of it (try doing a google search for any of these guy’s names and products and see where this blog shows up).

I’ve also been a top affiliate for these guys, selling thousands of dollars worth of their stuff when they do their launches. If I make them money, then they obviously feel indebted to do the same for me. If you want to guarantee someone will promote your launch, sell a bunch of their stuff first.

I expect right now you’re thinking you have no means to become a power affiliate and you’re blog is not influential in your market (yet), thus you can’t convince anyone to promote your launch. It feels like a catch-22, in order to become successful you have to be successful.

That’s just a reality you have to face when you begin, and even though it seems unfair, realize that every power broker in any market got there off the back of hard work. They enjoy success because they’ve built up connections and relationships over time, just like bloggers build an audience over time.

However, and here finally is the most important part of this article, there is something you can do right now to place yourself in a position to become a power-player in your market in the future…

Rise The Ladder Together

When I first started blogging over four years ago, I stumbled across a blog called, run by this guy from Melbourne named Darren. At the time his RSS feed counter had about 3,000 people on it, and boy was I impressed.

I started blogging and built my audience up slowly over time. Shortly after I started a guy named Brian began a blog called Copyblogger and it too started to gain traction. A year or so later Shoemoney came to my attention, though he started blogging much earlier, and John Chow rose to prominence around this time too.

Many other blogs that focused on related topics to my industry were created around the same time. Some never really gained traction so the authors gave up, others just didn’t have the “magic” to result in big success or the blogger behind the blog never committed enough energy to the project for long enough to make it work.

The leaders started to pull away from the pack and the best blogs became more popular. These bloggers did what others were not prepared to do: they continued to publish valuable content day in and day out. They were rewarded with huge audiences, significant influence and of course, big profits too.

Throughout this time, though we didn’t meet face to face more than once or twice or not at all, the top bloggers in my industry started connecting in some shape or form. Whether it was from simply sharing resources, to focused JVs, or just an email or Skype conversation here and there, relationships formed.

The thing about being a leader in your market, you inevitably become exposed to other leaders. There’s an obvious synergy and leverage to be gained by partnering with other successful people – it’s what successful people do. I would be half the success I am today if it wasn’t for the support of the top bloggers in my industry, and of course I feel indebted to them and will support them whenever they ask me to.

So how does this relate to you?

You need to do two things:

  1. Become a leader in your industry by being better, more prolific and more helpful than everyone else in your industry (this will take time).
  2. Find people who are equally motivated, talented and committed as you – your current online peers – and form relationships with them now.

They key here is to spot talent in others early, and then support them. Find people who are like you and are in a similar place on the business development curve, who are ready to storm to the top of the industry with you. These are not the leaders today, these are the leaders of tomorrow. They will rise with you and when you are standing at the top of the mountain, they will be there with you.

It’s not always obvious who these people are, but it will become clearer over time. Most of your effort will be devoted to building your empire, but whenever you can, help build the empire of other talented and committed people and they will return the favor in time.

If you play this right and understand the importance of your online peer group, one day you will do a product launch and have all the leaders in your industry backing you, resulting in massive exposure and sales.

You Are As Good As The People Around You

I’ve defined different groups of people in this article, all who play an important role in your success as an entrepreneur and a human being.

Understand that relationships by their nature are extremely dynamic and take time.

You cannot manifest the ideal support group, key mentors and a solid online peer group in a matter of days. You need to put the work in to become successful because of your hard work, and leverage the support of the different people around you for exponential success.

My mentors, my friends and my online peers all influence me. Some are joint venture partners, some I hang out with for fun on a near daily basis, some I only see a few times a year and some I’ve never met in person.

What’s important is that you are actively looking for good people to associate yourself with. You won’t know immediately what role they will perform in your life, but in time relationships will happen if they are meant to and you want them to.

Don’t ever look at other successful people and become jealous because you think they are only successful because they have the backing of other successful people, and that will never happen to you.

It’s your job to demonstrate your worthiness over and over again and build your own successful peer group. Rise together and dominate your market by being leaders, innovators and mavens.

Good luck and I’ll see you at the top.

Yaro Starak
Connecting Maven



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  • Wow! great post yaro!

    Who is around you really does have an affect on you!

    It’s good to know people… especially connectors! 🙂

    Thanks for the post!


    • I want to know people because they’ve got good values… in business and life. They don’t have to be rich.

      In fact, most rich people I know aren’t very nice – they’re money obsessed and always wanting more. Usually perfectionists… which is a fault!

  • WOW what a great post YAro.

    Im a big fan of mastermind groups. I participate in several of them with some of the biggest internet marketers around, and they have been nothing short of amazing for me.

    I owe a lot of my success to friends like Shoemoney, Craig Ballantyne, Chris McCombs and a few others…

    I highly suggest people getting into a mastemrind group if they aren’t yet…

    – Justin

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thankyou for writing this article. It has given me a new perspective on being a beginner in the blogging world.
    Rather than feeling like a little no-body compared with the likes of yourself & Darren Rowse, Brian Clark & John Chow, I can start to discover the people who are at my level that I can grow with and make connections with to become successful in my field, while still modelling what the “big guys” do.


    Helena 🙂

  • That post absolutely hit the spot! If ever there were a motivational and productively-oriented piece written then this is it. I’m kicking myself for not having subscribed to your blog a long time ago. Many thanks for this great-value article.

  • Yaro, your take on Positive Peers is so true.

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and this is my first comment to your blog. I have to say you do make a lot of sense, and keep up the good work!

  • That is true about positive people. That is actually “The Secret” point. Positive people give you positive influence and if anyone shows even a little doubt about my project it effects my inspiration. But I solved that problem. I don’t talk about my ideas until they’re done 🙂

  • Another excellent post Yaro! I find that motivated, driven people naturally seek out like minded individuals. Some in the industry, but obviously not every person in a circle is going to be interested in the exact same things! I have successful, or climbing people from many walks of life in my circle, and I find it more inclusive that way. There are many folks who pick me up when I fall, or push me to do better, and support me no matter where I am.

    I definitely agree with the money topic. Trust me to pick that one point in a huge blog post. 😉 Money is only destructible pieces of green paper (for those of us in the states anywho) and to me its ridiculous to spend my life chasing after it. Its undeniable that some things take money, like electricity. I rather am partial to it. 🙂 But I can live with out it. Grudgingly!

    Well done again Yaro! If this comment makes NO sense, its due to it being 4am here lol.

  • Hi!

    It’s great reading your blog. I’ve already reached page 9, and am still digging trough your posts, wchich are all great.

    I’m a blogger from Poland, and to be honest, we are a little back from you in Australia. Around 1-2 years. There are some major blogs, first league guys gathering around 50k uu per month (I’m at 15k now after a year of blogging), and a lot of guys just trying to get attention, but not succeeding very much. I read constantly your blog Yaro, blogs run by Darren Rose, and Brian Clark.

    And it’s great reading all this stuff, that is going to happen inevitably in my coutry, also knowing that I’m a leader in my niche (50k guys are running tech-blogs, mine is business oriented).

    I’m looking forward to knowledge exchange with you. Unfortuletly I’m not writing my blog in english, so I’ll e-mail you about this very soon.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Amazing post Yaro, you are so right about positive peers

  • Some close friends can be negative about certain aspects and you cannot break friendship with them. What to do in that case? One of my friends is always very positive except when it comes to money/wealth. Should I cut him off or not?

  • @ Deepak – why don’t you make something to change your friedns attitude twards money?

  • Hey Yaro,

    AWESOME. You just have written what i have thought for a long time.
    At some point it really gets on my nervs when every guru and every email newsletter i subscribed talks about the same thing. But as you said …

    … it’s importnat to peer with other people in order to have much much more power together.

    Thanks a lot for writing this post – this surly made many things clear.

    To everyone else that is also just starting a blog 🙂

    Let’s peer and rockn roll. 🙂


  • Hello Yaro,
    i know a lot of people but friends, really friends I have only one. This one is 100% a friend in good and in bad days.
    If you have people arround you which are lucky, happy and successful, this will be seen by others and you will be successful too.
    But you have to do your work well.
    Again another good posting from you.
    To Your Success!
    Maik Jaeckle
    (Internet Marketing Expert)

  • Monique

    The friends you hang around can be the difference in you perservering and accomplishing you entrepreneurial goals. A positive support group will have you that extra “You Can Do It” Like Rob Schneider in the Adam Sandler movies, when you feel like giving up. I am been pleasantly surprised that when I got the courage to ask you or other successful internet marketers a question, they have all responded openly and honestly via twitter, email, or blog. Like a virtual suppport group. Thank you for summing up the two points to be a leader and form relationships now. This post is very valuable to me.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, though this is the first time I’m commenting. Great article! You are absolutely right, reciprocity and social proof are most important when it comes to blogging. I’ve been learning this all the time ever since I stepped into the online world. Many thanks for this excellent article.


  • It’s true what they say, you become who you hang around with. Success breeds success.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks a lot for writing this post – this surly made many things clear.Now,I can start to discover the people who are at my level that I can grow with and make connections with to become successful in my field, while still modelling what the “big guys” do.

    Sweet Angelina

  • In all walks of life, you are as good as the people around you. The web world is no exception as you have so ably brought out in this post.

  • I am one of the blogging plodders who just keeps posting and keeps on going.

    What has been interesting is that some of my relationships with other bloggers keep on going too–but we are all busy so the interactions are not regular.

    The upside? We help each other when needed and our blogs compliment one another.

    I enjoy that.

    What is disappointing (and something that saddens me) is when some of them stop blogging.

    A couple of blogs I really enjoyed no longer have new content because the blogger lost interest or didn’t stick around long enough to see the benefits.

    It takes a while to build relationships and to get a blog going–usually.

    Currently, my blog has a PR of 6 and when a new blogger asked to guest post I was willing to help.

    However, during editing he decided he didn’t want to wait and actually gave the article to someone else.

    First, that was very bad manners and second he didn’t have a serious commitment to building a relationship but only to get his guest post up for linkage..

    So, I’d encourage those who are looking to build relationships with other bloggers to get clear about your intention and to shoot for the long haul to avoid shooting yourself in the foot!

  • This is a great post Yaro. Brian Tracy talks about the influence of peer groups. I also recently attended the kick off event for Keith Ferrazi’s new book Who’s got your Back, where he discusses many similar concepts.

  • Great information you got here Yaro!
    Two things that really made me understand how to climb the “online world” are these 2 thing:

    1. Become a leader in your industry by being better, more prolific and more helpful than everyone else in your industry (this will take time).
    2. Find people who are equally motivated, talented and committed as you – your current online peers – and form relationships with them now.

    This is really an eye opener for me. I’ll always keep these things in my mind. What an article!

  • I love this post.

    You hit the nail right on the head on this one.

    Can I join your circle?


  • Yaro, excellent post. Truly we are limited as well as empowered by the people we choose to be involved with in business as well as life in general. I agree with you about the peer group. I will start to build one knowing full well that this is something that is done carefully, over time. Thanks for all the information!

  • It is totally true that we are really influenced by those who surround us. For that reason, I am a frequent visitor of this site, because I can know what Yaro thinks, although I live in South America and it is difficult to meet him personally. But reading his blog I can make him (or others top bloggers) to surround me in a virtual way.

  • This post reminded me of an idea I heard about quite a few years ago and is especially useful for those who don’t currently have supportive/positive/successful people or role models around them.

    The idea was to come up with a virtual “board of directors”. The board should consist of people who you consider to be excellent role models and who you’d love to consult with on life or business decisions if you could. The members of the board could be anyone – people you know, people you don’t, famous or not, alive or long gone, basically whoever you inspire to be like.

    Once you have your board of directors, when faced with a decision or challenge, you ask yourself what would John Smith do or what would Donald Trump or what would Puff Daddy do in this situation? Granted, you’re making assumptions on what they actually would do (Puff Daddy’s reaction my not necessarily be to shoot someone) 😉 but it can be very helpful in looking at situations in a different way to how you’d normally look at them. It can also help you to start modelling behaviour successful people typically use.

    It’s a great idea to build your own successful peer group (even if some of the members are virtual).

  • Good stuff, and yeah I think people say something like you become like the 4 people you spend the most time with.. And its so true!

  • Yes, that is 100% true, when you are surrounding by a group of some mindset people and you will tense to follow them or they follow you, just like Twitter (The most popular tool for now).

    So I always believed that, a good leader will lead the follow to a better direction. 🙂


  • Good Evening Yaro,

    First of all, thanks for all the leadership you provide via posts like this, Blog Profits Blueprint and all the insight/interactions at Become a Blogger. It has gone beyond the point of pure education but has also inspired me to push forward and keep pushing the bar a little higher.

    We are definitely a product of our environment and the people we associate with are a large part of the environment’s influence. As I begin to spread my “Web” wings, I am always looking for authentic and focused people dedicated to their mission; whether they are my peers or apparent leaders.

    As interactions continue over time, we have the chance to learn about these people; check for all the qualities important to us and build relationships where mutually beneficial. One of the things we always have to remember is success takes time to build as you point out above. Given the plethora of successful people (or at least who are declaring success) on the Internet, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the time factor typically involved.

    Your two points about striving to become a leader in your niche and always working to build the right types of relationships are noted and will be put to use.

    Thanks and take care …

  • The internet has opened up a whole new world for everyone that is able to surf the net. We can find teachers and mentors for anything we want to learn. I think it is important to find reputable people to associate with, and strive to offer something of value in return. The reputation you create online will follow you the same as it does offline.

  • Excellent post Yaro. I’ve always looked to you because we have similar experiences from 15 – post university. Always enjoy reading your posts and find them very encouraging as well.

  • Yaro such words of wisdom! You’ve made me see how I can help the people in my network more and vice verse…we all have a lot of fun but the comments you made about being the leaders of tomorrow will help motivate us to take our various businesses to the next level. Thank you.

  • Yaro,

    What a timely post for me. I was listening to Napoleon Hills audio book while doing my taxes this Sunday and I thought the same thing … that in some ways I feel that I’m not quite where I want to be, but at the same time, I’m so much further than one year ago.

    I also look at who I know, who I email or call on a daily base and it’s quite the list.

    Since launching my new site, I’ve been in conversation with a lot of people who have huge lists and who have been successful and they’ve been soooooooo generous with their time and advice and this gives me confidence to move forward.

    While listening to Napoleon Hill, I was also able to clarify my vision of where I wanted to be in 5 years and what I saw myself doing and how far I had pushed my successful media company.

    I know that my current contacts and connections will be important in my success … and I’m only getting started.

  • Thanks yaro! This is a very inspiring article which encourages me to be optimistic. It inspires me to be more open and friendly to the people around me.

  • Thanks for such a great post. You are right, people that surrounds you are key elements. Looking for positive people and support will only help you on your way to success. Learning for the leaders is top priority. Know what they do, how they became successful. I would also recommend to follow more than one and take the best out of all of them. To become a leader you need to know your market and be aware of what all the others are doing. I agree, don’t be jealous or envious of others look at them as references to set up your goals and remember no matter how successful they are … one day they were also beginners … you got to start somewhere.

  • Flattered by the mention Yaro, especially among those names.

    But yeah you must surround yourself with people that have already or that are working hard to achieve the same things that you want. And this is true both at personal and professional level.

  • Great post. As they say “Iron sharpens iron”. The better people you have around you will push you to stay at that high level.

  • Great post Yaro. Aside from online marketing I study NLP. Role modelling plays a huge part in NLP and there are some great techniques in how you can use the strengths of others to improve your own habits. I have always loved the quote “Shape your habits and they will shape you”.

    You made a great point, when you said the first step is to be “aware” of your emotions (if you are feeling jelous etc). Being able to control your emotions or being aware of why you are feeling a certain way is a huge part of what makes certain people successful.

    There are a lack of mastermind groups etc where I live but maybe that’s just an indication I should start one 🙂

  • I’ve always made it a point to associate myself with positive people. I found a way, by hook or by crook to get to know leaders in the SEO and IM field. I became their friends by providing more value before I ever asked for a thing. I’ve enjoyed the benefit of outstanding relationships over the years because of it.

    Thanks again for the post.


  • Wow, a ton of info but, all so true…

    There is a highly popular saying in the network marketing/direct sales industry that I think sums this all up perfectly:

    “Your Network = Your Net Worth”

    And to add to it, I truly believe that the only way to add highly successful people to your network is to become one through relationship building and education.

    Rock on Yaro!

    Kevin Blue

  • This is really a fact that “if you will stay at a perfume shop even if you will not buy it, you will still get a good fragrance”, so is the case with good people company if you will stay with them even for a short while you will learn some good thing

  • Yaro, thank you for that post. I’ve heard the concept before similarly in the Entrepreneur magazine that I subscribe to, in an article and they said that,”You are the product by the people you surround yourself with.” It is so true and I get angry when people close to me try to slow me down or stop me by discrediting me from reaching higher and being successful and happy at my career. What holds down the majority of the masses is AGREEMENT where they think it isn’t worth getting ahead in life and it is good enough just to be like everyone else, just getting by and being mediocre. Every great mind has received opposition. I’m amazed at your articulation of your thoughts and I share your sentiments. I aspire to become a millionaire and only want money to allow me to do things and have some possessions, but I could care less at how much material wealth I have. There is also spiritual and intellectual wealth also and I strive to learn as much about life as possible and from the great leaders of this planet, old and new. I regard your insights as valuable, quality and useful knowledge on blogging and I commend you for sharing your thoughts. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.


  • Wilam

    Yaro, Your ‘Print this article’ button is not working properly. It takes you to a different page.

    You know that your articles are quite long. I always print them out and read on my way to/from work. Hope you could correct this.

    Very few bloggers use this button and it is very helpful. Thanks for thinking about your audience.

  • My dad has always told me, “you hang with losers, you become a loser”, and I have definitely agreed with him ever since he related that message to me. It is definitely about who you know.

    And also Rocky said it himself and this is the exact quote “You hang out with coconuts, you get nowhere. They’re eleven, eleven. You hang out with nice people, you get nice friends, y’understand? You hang out with smart people, you get smart friends. You hang out with yo-yo people, you get yo-yo friends! Y’see, it’s simple mathematics.”

    Till then,


  • Thanks for the great post Yaro.

    Interesting to hear some of your story about how you started and what is happening to you now.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • What a great story, and it is the truth. Anyone into people watching? My lord, it is all around you. You see exactly how people are. Pretty crazy actually. Thanks for taking the time for this post!

    Happy Business!

  • Hi

    I was once told years ago that if you want to fly with the eagles then don’t flock with the cattle.

    That being said i think everyone has a role, what that role is, you decide.

  • Inspiring.

  • I am drinking a lot from this posting. thanks Yaro, as blogging is part of service so mutual benefit is also expected.

  • It is true that you are as good as the people around you. I had read somewhere sometime back that “Your income is the average of the incomes of the ten closest friends you have”. This indeed is true.
    The fact that new bloggers will never be able to partner with successful and iconic bloggers in the blogosphere is true, but these iconic bloggers act as mentors for these new bloggers, though there might not be a visible relationship between them. For instance, you have been a mentor for me and my blogs since the time I had started blogging.
    As for the point about finding bloggers and internet marketers in the same situation and scale as you and who has an ambition of growing to the top, the best place to find them is in blogs like that of yours. I have found quite a few such friends at various blogs like dailyblogtips, problogger, caroline-middlebrook, etc. and it has helped me quite a bit in gaining exposure for my blogs.
    Excellent post and a worthy read.

  • Great post Yaro and very true, like the above comments – success begets success! Belonging to and being part of a successful group can be the making or breaking of your online career. Thanks for sharing.
    Julie 🙂

  • I have seen this work before in my own life. I was drug addicted, homeless, & unemployed. At one point I decided that was not where I wanted to be, I wanted to have a wife, family, and home of my own. I chose to change my habits, one of which was to stop spending my time with those who did not have what I wanted in favor of those who did. Now I am a husband, father and grandfather. and a home owner. As you point out, this took time, over 15 years to be exact. It does work … when one works it.

    I appreciate you,

    Bill Tessore

  • I’ve been in a mastermind group for 8 months now and the results have been great. One thing I’ve noticed though is that if you check out the Mastermind chapter in Think and Grow Rich, a mastermind is different than a brain-storming group.

  • With the internet and all the tools that we have to connect with people there, we have the opportunity to become an expert in our area and share what we know that can help others. I think it is awesome how we can also choose our mentors and communicate with experts in any area including highly successful mentors that can give us invaluable information and inspiration. We can engage to whatever extent we choose.

  • Great Post Yaro,

    It makes alot of difference who you hang around with. If you look at the income of your 5 closests friends, you will find yourself earning that. So associate with People who have what you are after and you will see a major change in your income. Great article.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Excellent thoughts. I especially liked your insights on the value of relationships. Indeed, taking the time to develop strong bonds of trust often makes the difference between success and failure.

    Interesting that even in the midst of a massive product launch, strong individual relationships play such an important role.

    I also appreciated your thinking on emotions such as jealousy, envy, etc. I feel strongly that it’s important to recognize that negativity when it crops up and move on to more positive thoughts.

    Thanks for the great post.

    Steve DeVane

  • I’ve always known you are known by the company you keep. It is very true that to be positive, you should hang out with positive people. To learn your craft, you must hang with those who know what they are doing.

  • Wow this is food for thought in so many levels for so many people. I participate in group calls and stay close to these people because we are all after the same basic principle, which the people in my neighbor hood know nothing about, they are not looking to move forward with their lives. They sorta sit an wait to hit the lottery, LOL….Even if they did they wouldn’t know how to handle that type of money….Anyhow, awesome article!

  • RyanEnglish

    It’s very true! The people around you can certainly have an effect on you. If this is the case then, you must try to surround yourself with successful people. People who share your interests and goals in life can make a difference in achieving success. Of course, you still need to communicate well and be a good follower and a leader too! It may sound complicated but believe me, these tips really work!

  • if you want to be successful in life be with winners because they make you feel about your inner ability while losers will always discourage you, so to be a winner be with winners.

  • obikodi

    Inspirational and Sensational.


  • Andrew Baker

    Fantastic post Yaro…

    I’ve always been a huge believer in the “it’s not what you know but who you know” rule and it’s helped me get to where I am today. You sum it up nicely in the post, great work.

    Just goes to show how easy it can be for you to get to the top just by meeting the right people, no matter if they are at the CEO level or the cleaner.

  • Yaro – another considered, insightful post about a topic that affects us all.

    The fact that we have several layers or levels of spheres of influence is important as they each need different consideration.

    Of course it is impossible for each to only mix with people ‘above’ them … so we must be sure to also be a mentor and a friend to those who aspire to be like us. Give them a helping hand too.

    Keep ’em coming…

    John Gordon
    The Infotainer

  • Excellent post Yaro, it’s so true the people you surround yourself with is vital to your success. You can’t afford to be around negative people, as the old saying goes “If you find someone is negative and dragging you down, don’t walk away – run!”

  • I totally agree. We have to choose our friends wisely because they will also reflect our character.

  • KLKarrington

    Hi Yaro! This is such a great reminder to us all that everything we do has a direct effect on everyone else, whether it be in business or any other facet of life. Everything you said is right on the money ~ thanks so much for sharing, and I look forward to delving further into your brain! klk

  • Nice post Yaro. I would say former US president Nixon would be a good example of this article. He was by no means a great president, but he surrounded himself with very good advisors. He should have had one to advise him to burn the tapes.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I enjoyed your blog post. I think even when networking in groups, you’ll find that some groups have high achievers, and some have low achievers. I always find it interesting that the low achievers like to hang out with each other all the time. That doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity to expand.

    My husband is a pretty good golfer. He’s on a golf league, and is one of the best players. He decided this year to play on a different league, which happens to have a lot of scratch golfers on it. He’s already finding an improvement in his game as a result.

  • Your article covers a number of points. A couple of the most important ones is that you can judge your success by the success of the people with whom you associate. You really do have to be careful with whom you share your ideas, dreams, and goals. Negative feedback can sabotage your mindset and, ergo, what you desire to accomplish.

    Also, we learn through Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” That we need to keep away the negative emotions, such as fear, jealousy, anger, focus on lack, and keep at the forefront the positive emotions such as love, desire, faith, enthusiasm, prosperity.

    And you are right – no one is better than I am. He or she is just better at what I want to do – for the moment. I can improve myself, which is the only way to succeed. Of course, being with a great mastermind group is the catalyst that helps most of us better ourselves.

    Thanks for the article.

  • Once again Yaro, a very excellent post. I don’t really think it can be stated often enough that we are a product of our environment. If our environment is one that surround us by successful people, who we find inspiration and credibility in, it will only serve to make us want to succeed towards our own business and personal goals.

    I really like your take on how some people may give negative feed back each time a launch comes up. Your right, it’s incredible social proof! No matter what, none of us will ever please “all of the people, all of the time”..but no matter what, even “negative” feedback does draw attention. And that can usually only be good.

    Once again…great post. Enjoyed it!


  • there is an old saying “birds of a feather flock together” its so true. its all part of the conversation that is going on in our minds. what we read and hear affects what we think about.

    I have been reading Yaro stuff for some time now and its has been of great benefit for me. its help me lift myself out of negative life style and made me a much happier person.

    Ian Harper

    • Well put, Ian! The first thing that sprung to mind was this classic old saying, and let’s face it, our social circles determine our limits and boundaries. If you want to run with the big dogs, you can not pee like a puppy is another analogy that springs to mind!

  • Thanks for your insights in building relationships with mentors, peers, and friends. And the work it takes to build a successful blog. I will be more alert to peers reaching out to me and spend time building those relationships.

  • I know exactly what you mean by this post because of my own experience not just in business but in life. As a nurse, an internet network marketer and as a Christian, who I’m around matters! And as others get to know me, I hope I make a difference, inspiring people to always be empowered as a force for good.

    Proverbs 27:17

    “Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other.”
    King Solomon

  • Great post Yaro! I certainly believe that we must surround ourselves with successful people. Their success can rub off to us as well.

    We can learn a lot from them and I’m sure they will be more than willing to teach us various lessons on how they achieved their success.

    • Yes, I’ve got to agree. Success is in a large part down to your attitude – if you see and mix with successful people then you pick up that attitude and it feeds into your work too.

  • This is so true. I’ve been part of a mastermind group of like minded people for a few years now. It’s always easier when you have people who lift you up and mastermind with you.

  • Hey Yaro, you’re my BFF 😉

    Anyone who has been really following you will recognize this as a great example of a pillar article.

    It really goes for more then just people, think about feng shui, taking your surroundings into account. If you live or work in an uncomfortable or chaotic environment, it’s like being surrounded by negative people.

    Seriously great post. Success through osmosis.

  • That being aware of their shyness helps you to feel more comfortable in your own insecurities, it makes you feel like you are on a more level playing field…

  • Great post! In my opinion you get a lot of habits of your closest friends…

  • This is so true. I always did better in school in the advanced classes because of the other good students and struggled in the basics because of all the slacker’s bad influences.

  • It’s truthtastic, and mental blocks are really the number one cause of business failure.

  • Interesting article Yaro. I totally agree with you. You need to associate people with similar goals to better succeed. It reminds me of a good friend of mine who also markets websites. We often e-mail each other back and forth to see how the other is doing. This connection helps both of us in so many ways. We motivate each other and we can give each other advice and feedback. Now I am developing a lot more contacts such as freelance workers, other seo’s, bloggers, etc. As I connect with more like minded people, everything just gets easier.

  • This is such an important point in success. As a hypnotherapist, I know that you are always resonating at a subconscious level with those around you. Even if you are thinking positive and working hard, your efforts could be sabotaged by your peers’ thoughts. I heard that if you think about the five people closest to you and estimate how much they make, then divide their income by five, your income will be within 10% of that number. So, the message is to hang out with more successful people and influencers if you want to move beyond your current income as well as feel more positive automatically.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I read every word of your article and am impressed with the thoroughness of your writing and your concise wording. You helped me understand my current position as a blogger and an internet marketer. I’m involved in a strange and relatively small field: bipolar treatment with alternative meds and techniques.

    You suggest to me that I look for up and coming leaders in my arena and affiliate myself with them.

    You say, “If I make them money, then they obviously feel indebted to do the same for me…. Understand that relationships by their nature are extremely dynamic and take time…..It’s your job to demonstrate your worthiness over and over again and build your own successful peer group. Rise together and dominate your market by being leaders, innovators and mavens.”

    So, with your encouragements in mind, I’ll continue patiently building and building, growing and growing.

    I appreciate your input for those of us who are establishing our presence as entrepreneurs online.

  • Great post and very informative! I guess what you’re saying is that in this business it’s who you know AND what you know. You really have to have both in order to succeed in this market place.
    I loved that you brought up the fact of how we are only as good as our peer group. Many of us don’t realize it or don’t want to admit it, but our friends aren’t inspiring us to do better but dragging us down – so true.
    Keep up the great work!

  • The Law of ‘You Get What You Focus Upon’ (part of The Secret, The Aladdin Principle etc) is also stri#ongly at work here.

    I know many who say “It’s OK …. sure they think I’m crazy, but I can handle them” or “I just ignore their comments and jibes” or “I can win an argument with them any day!”.

    But all this is sapping your energy and getting your attention. It’s like a payload in your mind … it’s like spam in your mental mailbox.

    And if you spen time on this AT ALL …. then that’s what you’ll get.

    We DO have to say “Thanks and Goodbye” to these people. ‘Putting up with them’ isn’t an option for success.

    Laser Focus for Success

    John Gordon
    The Infotainer

  • Its always been said that those who you hang out with are reflections of you, and if they are negative you should drop them. Sometimes its hard for people to see that they are being negative and even harder to drop them because you also have to think about: do you have a backup group you can cling to after them? Like many things, Its easier said then done.


  • I’ve been hearing a lot about Rich Schefren lately and just took out the time to check out his website. I’m impressed so far, and might check out more stuff by him. Is he having a membership website or something similar?

  • I agree. The good times are over and they’re not coming back. 2010 and 2011 will see the total destruction of our economy and defeat of our military forces on a global scale. People will be praying in the streets, even atheists, but it will be too late. It’s all said and done.

  • Thanks for the post. What a great read. I actually emailed it to myself for a later read. I am a firm believer in that you become who you hang around. Everything in your post I knew but somehow forgot. Life gets in the way, you forgot what got you to the top. The comment that kept on coming back to me in your post was…..

    “The only time when money feels like a big deal is when you don’t have it. This unfortunately is when emotions like jealousy, envy, bitterness and anger can surface, when you see that others have money.”

    Just these lines have made me change the way I rethink about money. Thanks, Mike

  • How true, how true. I found my way here through a mastermind group of peers I belong to. Its so important to associate with people that have dreams and are like minded. The support you receive in a group like this will stay with you to success and beyond. Relationships like these benefit all concerned.
    Great stuff Yaro.

  • To be frank, when I began I always viewed A-list bloggers like John Chow and Shoemoney as big things. But after a while I realised that there is no such thing as a problogger. You write good content and attract readers and you’re better than the rest.

  • Hello, it is not to say easy……

  • I agree your peers matters. Measures your success in many ways.

  • Sid

    It can be true what they say, you become who you hang around with. Success breeds success. but sometimes you can get lucky!! excellent post matey!!

  • What do you know, and who you know.
    What you put in your head, and who you would to share.

  • Our knowledge is overall of 5 people people around us.

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