Would You Sell Everything You Own, Quit Your Job & Travel To Australia Just After Having Your First Baby? Adam Baker Did. This Is His Story…

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Adam Baker is a well known personal finance blogger. He established himself by doing something most people think is a bit, well, risky.

Adam and his wife brought home their first baby girl from the hospital, and then he immediately quit his job. Their plan was to pay off the $18,000 in personal debt they had and save enough money to buy tickets to Australia and begin living life on their terms.

To reach this goal, Adam and his wife sold almost everything they had, down to what they could fit into two backpacks. Adam became a stay-at-home dad for a year while they began this process and started a blog to chronicle the entire journey. Hence ManVsDebt.com was born.

Needless to say his blog took off, but it was no fluke, Adam worked hard to both share his story and get to know other bloggers in his industry. There’s some great blogging advice in this interview, in particular how Adam grew his audience during the first 18 months of blogging.

Listen to this story and you will be inspired by someone who definitely does not make typical choices, in fact he almost always makes the counterintuitive choice given the situation he finds himself in, yet finds a way to make it work.

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  • Jon

    I enjoy the interview you had with Adam, Yaro. Looking forward to the followup interview going into more of the tactics that lead to his success.

    Founder of WoodMarvels.com

  • That should inspire anyone to take that first step toward their dream. Have a great day on purpose!

  • Man to man I would like to say that his wife, Courtney, should get much more credit than she is getting for what Adam is accomplishing.

    • Truer words have never been spoken! Seriously.

  • hi Yaro, excellent interview, I love Adam’s blog and his story is so inspiring, I fear that my two backpacks would be the size of small trucks though 🙂 However my better half would love me to get rid of everything I have!


  • His bravery is understated as his is work ethic – To quit things as life overhead increases.
    Courtney is also an incredible woman to support him in achieving his goals.

  • Yes, Adam and his wife are very brave persons. What’s more, information and knowledge, which they share on their webiste, are very helpful and motivational.
    BR, Chris

  • Amazing is Adam ? No ! It’s a real man with courage and a wife who loves him … there’s nothing better in earth !!!

  • How did they manage to get through Australian customs with just a backpack each?

  • Michael

    Hi Yaro,

    If you could please get transcribes done of your interviews that would be amazing!


  • Wow, that is taking some risk. But if you don’t take the risk you’ll never know if you could achieve the goal or not.

    I’m probably going to be forced to take the leap of faith here in a year. My J.O.B. is on the line.

  • michelle

    Wow Adam is truly awesome!

  • Karol

    is it avaible with subtitles in english?…i dont understand spoken language very well…thanks…you are soooo great….i admire you:)

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