Podcast: How Did Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker Get To Where He Is Today?

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Jeremy SchoemakerJeremy Schoemaker, otherwise known as “Shoemoney” thanks to his famous blog, Shoemoney.com, is a serial Internet entrepreneur.

I looked forward to doing this interview for a couple of reasons. First I wanted to connect with Jeremy directly, as I had not personally ever spoken to him but obviously knew about his blog for a long time, and secondly to hear the crazy stories from Jeremy’s previous business experiences.

Whether by divine chance, or orchestrated intention, Jeremy has enjoyed some tremendous success online. He has followed his passions and turned them into money making web properties, including a site dedicated to cell phone image and ringtones, an online advertising network based on eBay which he sold within four months of starting, and of course, one of the most popular blogs in the make money online space.

Shoemoney with FriendsThis podcast is an interview, but it’s really a story. Jeremy takes us from day one of his Internet career, all the way up to the present. He includes the background story behind the projects that haven’t gone so well and all the inside details and emotions involved during the entire “ride” of every successful business.

It’s a great story, and I’m sure you will find it inspiring just as much as you enjoy the unique insights into why Jeremy has been able to make so much money online.

Show Notes

  • Jeremy begins with a look at his early history where he managed to get through school with the help of his mom
  • We discover how Jeremy started his first big successful website based on mobile phone backgrounds and ringtones
  • How Jeremy’s ringtone site NextPimp.com became a serious AdSense earner including the story behind the $130,000 AdSense check
  • We learn about the birth of the Shoemoney.com blog
  • Jeremy talks about his experience starting and then selling AuctionAds, what he calls the wildest four months of his life
  • After a successful exit from AuctionAds, flush with capital, Jeremy moves on to his next project, Shoemoney Tools
  • We talk about Jeremy’s live event, the Elite Retreat
  • Jeremy ends the interview with advice for people just starting out in the Internet business game

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  • What a fascinating insight in to an internet marketing success story. It also shows how entrepreneurialism (is that a word?), for some people is just what they do and whilst the money is nice, the thrill of starting the next big thing is great.

  • I must say after I saw that 130k adsense check, I knew there are money to be made on the internet.

    Shoemoney kind off make my blogging career take off after that.

    Thanks Jeremy !

  • It’s interesting to hear his story, and to get an insight into the world of a serial entrepreneur. Whilst the initial lure of the money might sucker people in, I think that the buzz of starting on the next project is what keeps people going. Work is never done, there is always something new to concentrate on.

  • 77 minutes? I know he said it was his most thorough interview on the Shoemoney story thus far but WOW. *presses play*

  • I am pretty impressed with your speed of publishing high quality podcasts. You are now really getting into the top creamy layer of internet marketers. I will listen to the podcast and comment again!

  • I enjoyed the interview very much. What an exciting time to be interested in making money while doing something you love. Never has there been such opportunity, no matter where you live or how much money you have to invest. You are so right when you say that you have to have confidence in yourself and just begin, and that each outcome is a learning opportunity.

    I am at the beginning, have no traffic, but I know that I can succeed with my dream. I hope to learn from people like yourself and Yaro,

  • I enjoyed the interview very much, thank you both.

    Jeremy is so right when he says that you need to have confidence. He reminded me that I do, and that I just need to begin.

  • Just downloading this now to listen to in my car. Looking forward to this. I love these interview podcasts and Schoemaker is an interesting case study.

  • Yaro – great podcast. I’ve heard and read parts of Jeremy’s story before but this is definitely the most in depth background I’ve heard. He should just link his ‘About’ page to this podcast! Thanks for such an interesting listen.

  • Great interview…very motivating and makes me want to work harder to make my internet business succeed.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Having listened to your entire podcast back catalog, I think this is probably your best interview so far. Even if Shoemoney is an “easy interviewer”..

    Being a programmer myself, I especially related to Shoe when he said (and to paraphrase) .. Programmers, Graphic Designers, and Marketers are all a dime-a-dozen. The people who see the angles and are in it for the long haul are the ones that will have huge value.

    That’s gold, and I think it applies to all kinds of people. Not just programmers.

  • Yaro, Thank you so much for preparing such a good audio interview for us. I really learn something from this podcast and because of you and Jeremy, I am so inspired to take action

  • Awesome interview! Thanks for inspiration

  • A nice interview and some new insights about his background. Thanks.

  • I have been a shoemoney fan for awhile now and I never knew that much about him until now. Great interview… well it was more of a shoemoney rant more than an interview but it was great anyways.

  • Another great person you should interview is Neil Patel.

  • Hey Yaro, Thank you so much for this Podcast with Shoemoney. I am a regular reader of his blog, and am officially now a reader of your blog. Looking forward to listen to it!

  • Awesome podcast. I learned that you have to do what you love, and live in the moment. Also that traffic is key. The more traffic to your site the more you’ll make.


  • He is absolutely brilliant! Am definitely taking some notes here!

  • I must say, I really enjoyed this interview with Jeremy, I especially enjoyed hearing about his beginnings, and how he was honest about wasting his time in college, and how he got his startings on the internet. That’s something I never knew about Jeremy. All in all though A+ on the interview! 🙂

    Till then,


  • I think this helps people to understand that it really depends on the type of website you have in order to have serious capital gain from adsense.

    For instance, all the people who sell myspace layouts are making a killing..but people on money making blogs seem to purposely avoid clicking on your links..

  • Great interview. Lot’s of notes taken. Appreciate the make of the interview, Yaro and Jeremy

  • Thank you for this great interview Yaro! You are very smart guy! Well this is my first time here and I see a lot of interesting information what inspired me a lot. Well I have to go now but I bookmarked your site and will come back now very often. Thanks again!

  • I’ve been a follower of Jeremy aka Shoe for quite sometime now. Great insights you have here! Keep it up.

  • Thanks Yaro, I’m really encouraged by the last part where he talks about confidence, passion, not giving up, etc. Listening to that inspires me to keep on going for my dreams.


  • Awesome interview. It’s really inspired me to strive harder to succeed making money online. Thanks a lot dear Yaro and Jeremy!

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  • I’d never heard the whole story on how Shoemoney became an internet marketing icon, and millionaire! Very interesting and inspirational. Great interview! Thanks

  • I love shoemoney!!

  • WOW! This is cool!
    It does give you hope and inspiration about your own online adventures.

  • Nice! He was one of guys who inspire me to start this path.

  • Great interview, Yaro!!!

  • What a great story. A total inspiration for many of us! Keep it up!

  • Great interview. It sounded like Jeremy is really easiest person to interview. He talked a lot and that’s great.

  • great resource yaro , inspirational one . waiting to get the download completed thanks

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  • It’s good to hear such a very inspiring story. Jeremy seems to be a cool guy! The interview had so much insights. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Good Job!

  • this must be the best interview ever. I have has to listen twice and take notes. Suddenly, a lot more make sense to me. I have been meaning to share this with my readers and that is what I will do tonight. Thanks

  • What a great interview !

    Amazing, inspiring and motivated by that audio interview.

    Thanks Yaro

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  • thanks for all the great podcasts. Just discovered you quite recently, and this was the first podcast of yours I listened to. Wonderfully insightful, and the true story of an amazing success. Jeremy’s enthusiasm and life shine through. Have since listened to the bulk of your other audio work; insightful, and empowering; truly a different attitude to money, and attention. Nice to hear it from the horses mouth rather than through the hype engine of marketing pitches. Cheers and blessings for your work.

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  • Very good post. It is not easy to be in top 100 blogs but at the end quality and real efforts plays an important role

  • Very inspiring interview! I’m glad I’ve come across this because it motivates me to excel even higher. Thank for all that you do Yaro! And Kudos to Jeremy!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • […] like an “ah ha” moment. Incidentally was this interview that made jump in head first, https://yaro.blog/1067/shoemoney-jeremy-schoemaker/ where I connected with Jeremey’s story of how he was at school and ideas (just like me) and […]

  • Awesome interview! Thanks for inspiration

  • Very interesting and inspiring.

  • Thank you all for your support. It has been a great journey and learning process along the way.

  • Great audio, thanks to both of you 2 Jeremy and Yaro. 🙂

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