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Podcast: David Risley Reveals How He Made $141,000 Online In One Year

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David RisleyDavid Risley recently began blogging at DavidRisley.com, which has all the makings of becoming one of the top blogs in the internet marketing industry. However before David began blogging, he spent over 10 years fostering his PCMech website, which began as a hobby to indulge in his passion for computers and technology, and today is a thriving content site and membership service.

In 2008 David generated over $140,000 and that was the third year running he’s made six figures plus, so he’s not new to success online. In this interview we learn how David got his start, how he grew his website, how he makes money from the sites he runs and what he’s doing today with his blog.

Show Notes

  • David talks about how PCMech got started and what the main source of traffic is
  • We hear about why David decided to start a membership site and how he faced challenges determining what to offer to his members
  • David talks about the different methods he uses to make money with his sites
  • Next is the story of why David started a blog and what he’s hoping to achieve with it
  • David shares some of the plugins he uses on his blog
  • The interview ends with some advice from David for other people looking to make a living online

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