The First Sale Is The Hardest Sale To Make Have you ever struggled to sell your products and services online? That’s not surprising. The hardest sale you will ever have …

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  • I’ve literally spend 3 days on your site reading over and over to let the words that your saying stick honestly im all over the place because i need this and i need that to be done to my blog but i know what i really need to do first is to get my hosting which I still cant afford but Im currently using blogspot and i really want to turn my blog into a business and I need your help but i still cant pay for your help. I dont know but I crave more information from you everytime i read one of your articles. I want to start make money with my blog like no $5 a post sponsored post from companies I really want to drive traffic and make $100 of dollars thats what I really want I’ve been blogging for 3 years and everything is just at the same pase im not even racking in 100 views a day its dissappointing so I barely blog. I get lazy when its time to send out newsletters to people. Blogging is really frustrating when you dont know what the heck your doing, so please just set me straight

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