Podcast: Interview With Internet Marketing Pioneer Willie Crawford

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Willie Crawford and Yaro StarakWillie Crawford has been in the Internet marketing game for a long time, yet he still managed to have an entire career in the air force before becoming a devoted online marketer.

Willie and I recorded this interview on Skype and I wanted to learn more about his history online since he is widely regarded as one of the earlier “gurus”. I was also curious about what Willie’s first foray into online business was, as most people don’t start out selling how to make money products. Willie is no different – his first big success was a recipes email newsletter and a cook book he sold (a six figure business), which began after he started sharing recipes from his family farm.

From there Willie went on to become a seminar speaker, created a continuity income stream by private labeling the 1ShoppingCart system (his is called ProfitAutomation.com) and today runs a community of people who service all kinds of markets in his Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

Willie ends the interview with two powerful tips – how any person can start a business today providing basic Internet marketing services and training to local offline small businesses, and how to leverage forums to find opportunities.

Show Notes

  • Willie’s early life living on a family farm and then joining the air force
  • His first Internet business project – a dating affiliate program
  • Willie learns about niche marketing by reading email newsletters while flying in the air force
  • Family food leads to Willie’s first successful email list and product – a cook book
  • The next step – Willie becomes a speaker at Internet marketing seminars
  • Willie reveals the secret to success – good copywriting
  • Taking the next step, Willie decides to create his own residual income product
  • How to become an expert – run your own seminars like Willie
  • How the Warrior Forum led to a business opportunity
  • Today Willie focuses on offline businesses and helps them market online
  • Why do some people succeed online and others fail
  • Willie’s current community – The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
  • How to leverage forums to find business opportunities

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  • Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Doing the interview was fun. Seeing that photo has me back
    on putting in 5 miles each evening on a local track.

    Thanks for the doing the interview Yaro.


  • I don’t think this is only inspiring but also should be a goal setting example, for all entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. Post it, Read it, and realize the power of that every individual has.

    Thanks for the share. Enjoyed


  • It is an example of an individual saying “I will” instead of “I want to”.
    I’m trying to make that transition myself.

  • Thanks for another great interview. Really enjoyed this.

  • The interview was enlightening. Thanks

  • Good interview Yaro…Quite enjoyed it…Thanks

  • Congratulations Yaro, Wllie.
    Wow I didn’t really know you had such a long trajectory. And let me tell you that something that has never stopped amzing me is how humble and down to earth big internet marketers like you are.
    I totally agree with the employee to entrepreneur dificulties one can find, and actually I think that’s a bit of what has happened to me. We really have to learn to be accountable to our selves or definitelly ge an accountability partner.


  • Yaro and Willie,

    Great interview. It was really inspiring to know that Mr. Crawford wasn’t born and Internet Guru! The details on his internet journey was really helpful. It should that we all have to start somewhere and just keep at it to really attain success.

    Thank you both for your time!

  • Thanks for making this podcast, it was really interesting.Jack Humphrey made a podcast with Darren Rowse recently, and it was fantastic as well.We who are still on our way to the bloggers A-list learn a lot from these, so keep em coming!

  • Awesome resources. Internet Marketing Uncut is the key to doing business online and Willie Crawford has withstood the test of time and is still here to teach use the undercut value of Internet Marketing and I do respect anything he has to say. Good interview!

  • Hey thanks for the podcast.

    Its great to hear from marketers who have succeeded online as it gives inspiration to those of us who are just starting.

  • Gives me a bit more inspiration for doing IM while in school 🙂

  • The interview was inspiring and motivating. Thanks Yaro!

  • Rogbog4299

    Great interview. I want to get to know you better Willie seems like a very important and interesting person to know. You started years ago, have such a rich history, but amazingly, I haven’t heard of you much. Need to know more.

  • Thanks for this great podcast, Yaro. Willie is a great guy.

  • […] spoke about how it is important to take action and the other about the inevitability that most startups face […]

  • Thanks for this podcast, Yaro. You are my hero blogger.

  • Very inspiring interview and always great to hear from people who have been their and done it in the industry, thanks.

  • Lucky Balaraman

    I’m afraid I have an opinion contrary to all the glowing tributes here, because Willie has owed me a part refund of $1058 for over a year and has been evading payment for over a year despite more than 10 reminders sent to him through various channels. And I am not alone… he has done this to many people.

    What’s more, I honoured and trusted him for almost three years before he thus cheated me. What can be more treacherous than betraying someone’s unalloyed trust?

    Do not have financial dealings with Willie, he is dishonorable and insincere!

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