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Podcast: Interview With Internet Marketing Pioneer Willie Crawford

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Willie Crawford and Yaro StarakWillie Crawford has been in the Internet marketing game for a long time, yet he still managed to have an entire career in the air force before becoming a devoted online marketer.

Willie and I recorded this interview on Skype and I wanted to learn more about his history online since he is widely regarded as one of the earlier “gurus”. I was also curious about what Willie’s first foray into online business was, as most people don’t start out selling how to make money products. Willie is no different – his first big success was a recipes email newsletter and a cook book he sold (a six figure business), which began after he started sharing recipes from his family farm.

From there Willie went on to become a seminar speaker, created a continuity income stream by private labeling the 1ShoppingCart system (his is called ProfitAutomation.com) and today runs a community of people who service all kinds of markets in his Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

Willie ends the interview with two powerful tips – how any person can start a business today providing basic Internet marketing services and training to local offline small businesses, and how to leverage forums to find opportunities.

Show Notes

  • Willie’s early life living on a family farm and then joining the air force
  • His first Internet business project – a dating affiliate program
  • Willie learns about niche marketing by reading email newsletters while flying in the air force
  • Family food leads to Willie’s first successful email list and product – a cook book
  • The next step – Willie becomes a speaker at Internet marketing seminars
  • Willie reveals the secret to success – good copywriting
  • Taking the next step, Willie decides to create his own residual income product
  • How to become an expert – run your own seminars like Willie
  • How the Warrior Forum led to a business opportunity
  • Today Willie focuses on offline businesses and helps them market online
  • Why do some people succeed online and others fail
  • Willie’s current community – The Internet Marketing Inner Circle
  • How to leverage forums to find business opportunities

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