Conversion Blogging Video Is Live

I’ve been talking about it for long enough. Now is your chance to watch my latest video. Here’s the link –

Conversion Blogging Video

Conversion Blogging

This video covers a form of Internet marketing that combines the traffic and raw exposure power of a blog, with the direct marketing power of email lists.

I call it Conversion Blogging, and it’s the basis for my entire six-figure online business.

I honestly believe this system represents a much easier methodology for making money with blogs. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make money from traditional blog monetization methods like advertising (I still make a big chunk of change from sponsorship), but a blog can be so much more if you combine it with what has worked in the Internet marketing and direct marketing worlds for years (almost centuries when you look at offline mail order).

Of course for this system to work you can’t ignore blogging fundamentals – you still need to know what goes into building a great blog.

To help with this, after you watch the Conversion Blogging video, you can enter your name and email to watch my second video, a brand new visual presentation of the Blog Profits Blueprint and grab an updated copy of the text version of the Blueprint too.

I’ll let the videos do the explaining, so please go watch now, and then tell me what you think in comment replies here.

Yaro Starak
Conversion Blogger

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Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • Great Video and great resource for information. I just watched and I’ve started watching your Blog Profits Blueprint Video. I’ve gone through both of your programs and I have had a very high return on investment. Not through online advertising but through the service that I provide which is Wedding DJ. I’ve even gone to start another blog called which is just getting off the ground.

    thanks for all your advice Yaro.

    P.S. Yours is the ONLY program I have ever purchased on the Internet and it was well worth it and more than already paid for.

  • Now your talking, Yaro. I just did the simplest thing, made my newsletter sign-up more visible, and now I’m getting lots of subscriptions. I can really see how the email list is still the best form of marketing. I completely get your ideas here. I’ve been getting a feel for where you were going over the past few months.

    Will any of this stuff be incorporated in Blog Mastermind? Will that program change? And will us old timers there get to see any new material?

    • Tom – Glad you liked the video. Yes, Blog Mastermind graduates will continue to receive all new content I release into the program as I promised.

      The core training is not going to change as it already covers how to build a great blog and use email marketing. It’s critical everyone goes through that so they can build a profitable blog.

      What I am going to do is add some new content to further expand on the Conversion Blogging process and make it a bit clearer for students.

      All Blog Mastermind students, past and present, will have access to the resources.

  • This is a great video, packed with super tips for bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

    Maria Reyes-McDavis
    Marketing Masters Guide

  • Yaro, I absolutely loved what I saw of the video. Unfortunately it wouldn’t play any further than 27 minutes. Sooo frustrating not to see the last 5!!

    Anyway – great content, great advice. Looking forward to watching more.

    • Hi Louise,

      You should be able to watch the whole video if you just let it load. Click play, then click pause after it starts. Let it finish loading (let the black line go to the end) and then watch.

      You can skip to the last 5 minutes this way too.

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  • Hi! Yaro, I’ve watched your two videos and find it very educational but my only problem is building an email list. I’ve already research on that in the net for a free opt email service but unfortunately none. I don’t have money to do that right now. Any tips you can give to me? Thank You! I’ll be waiting.

    • Hi Jan,

      An email autoresponder is one thing I don’t recommend you find the cheapest option.

      Simply put – you need AWeber or GetResponse.

      Save up until you can afford the $20 a month it costs and then buy one of these services. If $20 is going to break the bank, then you might want to look for a part time job or focus on building up that $20 from your blog first through advertising


  • Fantastic job, Yaro. I’m having a great time going through the content. I’ve written a short blog series to help promote the videos and BMM. I hope you get lots of great new students. I’m nearly compelled to go through the course again! 😀


  • Hey Yaro

    Your online video skills are getting better and better! Great to see!

    Loved the first and second video. I knew that I would get some great value from the first video, but thought the second video would just be a re-hash of the Blog Profits Blueprint.

    So, you could imagine my surprise as I watched the second video. It really opened up my eyes to new dimensions of blogging which I did not see previously. Even though the video was quite long, it didn’t feel that way because of the new insights that I gained.

    I don’t know what it is exactly, but there’s just something great about “watching” the Blog Profits Blueprint as apposed to just reading it. Perhaps because I’m a visual learner, it had an extra impact. But it certainly brought the whole thing to life for me.

    Thanks for putting these together!

    Gideon Shalwick

  • Kim

    Excellent video. I can hardly wait until the Blog Mastermind course starts. I’m definitely going to be taking it. I think it’s just what I need help me take my blog to the next level. Thanks for all the great content!


  • […] this seems a good option for you, go over to Yaro Starak’s blog, and check out his two newly released free videos — there is enough there to get you started on the right path. Yaro is one of the biggest […]

  • Excellent sets of videos. I love how it’s hype-free and brings absolutely new information. Kudos! Will be paying very close attention to the Blog Mastermind course.

  • I just finished watching the first video but I haven’t watched the second since I already have a plethora of ideas I need to act on before I can stuff any more into my brain.

    I always love your content because you’re so open and honest. I feel with many other marketers that there is a hidden agenda somewhere, but not with you. You’re to the point, and you make no bones about the fact that you’re opening up your Blog Mastermind program which I really appreciate and I’m sure everyone else does too. At the same time, you still provide everyone with information they can use and profit from, whether they join the program or not.

    Anyhoo, back to my ideas so I can start watching the second video. Thanks!

  • Great video Yaro, but i culdn’t play the last 5 mins may be there is some problem in the buffering process, interesting nomenclature you have used Conversion Blogging but damn effective. Really helped me increasing my blog traffic. Thnx for your help keep doing the good work.


    • Hi Ryan,

      You should be able to watch the whole video if you just let it load. Click play, then click pause after it starts. Let it finish loading (let the black line go to the end) and then watch.

      You can skip to the last 5 minutes this way too.

  • Great video, Yaro. Don’t worry about not being a professional video type person; you did a lot better than I would have! Cameras, speakers, scary, eep!

    I remember reading your Blog Profits Blueprint, and this was a nice companion to that.

    I’m already a six-figure blogger working part-time, but darned if I’m not tempted to sign up for your site. 🙂

    I’ve been really lazy about the entrepreneurial aspect, and am really relying on the advertising model right now, but I want to expand and start writing books (selling my own product instead of someone else’s!) and use my blog as a means of gathering together the folks I think would most benefit from them (AKA the “target audience” heh).

    I’ll think about your course. Take care, and thanks for the video!

  • Ty


    Love the videos, good production, good content and I’m starting to pine for imac. Your material begs more questions than I have answers. I’m seriously looking at the BMM.

    I’m a big fan of the idea of test and measure or “‘ave a go an’ stand back an’ see where it falls”, so I like what you said about the organic evolution of your first blog, can you expand on that a bit? It sounds like you gradually dug an inch wide, mile deep trench in your mile wide, inch deep pond.


    • Hi Ty,

      I’d love to expand on my history, but to be honest this blog is my history.

      Go back through the archives and you can learn plenty about the evolution of a profitable blog business.

  • Great video and great tutorial. Thank you.

  • Pamela Harper

    I loved your videos and understood better than ever before how positioning and understanding conversion will get you the following you need.

    I look forward to the opening of Blog Mastermind again won’t make the mistake of missing it and losing money. Thanks for your expertise. I am studying your blog archives as we speak and will prepare for your launch.

    Warm Regards,
    Pamela Harper

  • Yaro,

    I loved the videos, and in particular your comments on “moving the free line”. It inspired me to write a series of posts on my blog (I’m not including the link because I don’t want to be accused of comment spam!) the first of which went live this morning.

    As you can guess by the name of my website, I’m pretty much all about the free line. Yet, if a person wants traffic to their website they can never stop looking for opportunities to over deliver.

    One of my favorite ways of over delivering is with video, but I have been frustrated by many video sites not allowing larger or higher resolution videos. Many of my videos are screen casts and they require 640×480 to be comfortably viewed and readable. Fortunately YouTube now offers that (perhaps the others will follow suite soon).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the free videos.


  • Many thanks for this video Yaro. I’d been reading a lot about setting up an email list but feeling a little confused about how to differentiate it from my blog. Watching your video has given me an excellent explaination of the function of the email list and loads of ideas. Thankyou so much for being so generous with your knowledge!

  • Great informative videos, It’s time to get in business and build an strong targetted email list (Y)

  • Hey Yaro — nice work! The video is so content-rich and you’ve done very well with the production as well, which takes a bit of doing. I look forward to the next videos in the series. Will

  • Just wanted to leave a note of thanks for the free video. I find the use of the autoresponder intriguing and will be churning that idea over in my mind for a while.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Fantastic video, as always. I know you were a little worried about the production – but really the focus on the content and your basic command of video production saved the day. 🙂 I learned several new things watching the video and even if it wasn’t attached to an affiliate promotion, I would have definitely wanted to forward it on to potentially interested folks.

    Thanks, as always, for putting out consistently solid content in an industry that seems hellbent on lowering the bar and duplicating other people’s apparent successes.


  • Tish

    I’ve watched the first video, and it was great. Then I tried to download the pdf file, but I keep getting this message, “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.” I tried several times to save it without success. Has anyone else had a problem or is it just *my* connection?

  • Phil

    I found both videos brilliant – and very easy format to follow and absorb the fundamentals. I have just finished Blog Profits Blueprint which just seems to build on everything else.
    And it certainly poses the question for me as to whether I would bother o have a web site set up with a blog ‘attached’.
    I am really keen to get my coaching practices online and so I find Yaro’s information invaluable – now, about that ‘niche’ hmmn!

  • Great Video. Loads of useful information. Now comes the implementation. Wish you could help with that as well.

  • Yaro,

    Cool video! Patchy in my slow broadband 😛 But the quality is in the content, as always.


  • Yaro,

    Excellent video packed with useful info. Thanks!

  • Great video!

    I have been thinking about adding a lead capture box to my blog. Your video just gave me some great ideas for monetizing my site.


    Jerry Iannucci

  • I enjoyed your video so much. We are going to consider it for the creation of our own blog. This is a good resource with solid content.

  • Found the link to your video on the Warrior forum.
    Great information. Have signed up for the 2nd video.

  • Excellent video… great explanations

  • Yaro,

    I must say I could not stop watching the video. As a new blogger it is very useful. How many times did you have to rehearse? You seemed to flow really well for the whole hour.

    As soon as I build my authority blog I will be ready to implement your system.

    Thank you for the great free information.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Yet more great content! I’ve been going over the Blog Profits Blueprint for a couple of weeks now and it’s great stuff. However, I wonder if I haven’t already messed up. My blog is hosted on instead with a regular hosting company. Not sure how I’m going to change that….any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thanks for all the great content!

  • I really enjoyed this video and it was extremely informative – so much so that I’ve watched the second one – it was excellent as well.

    I’ve also downloaded the Blog Profits Blueprint and will read that shortly.

    Looking forward to the next in the series.

  • RhondaL

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and observations with us. I like your approach and teaching style, as well as the low-key, relaxed-yet-authoritative vibe of your presentations.

    As I had expected, I enjoyed the new video and can see how conversion blogging could work, but I need to figure out how to apply it to the blog I’m planning to set up. I imagine the concept working best with blogs that offer instruction, but the blog I’m considering setting up is more of a niche magazine-like blog.

    So, I’m not sure how to apply conversion blogging to that kind of blog. It’ll take some thought, but I’ll come up with something eventually. Meanwhile, I’ve got content and pillars to build. 🙂 Plenty to do for now.

    Thanks again, Yaro, for some great information.

  • Nothing new for me, but for beginers it’s exactly what they need.

  • Yaro,

    Excellent job once again. I stayed up last night to watch both videos straight through and re-downloaded the “Blog Profits Blueprint” and read it cover to cover.

    I can never get enough of your stuff, keep it coming.

    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Yaro,

    Been trying to make a living online for three months now (unsuccessfully!). Your video really opened my eyes and now i see some light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thanks a million.


  • Dear Yaro, it was a great video because it gave tips which I could almost instantly apply on all my blogs, thus making me more money in the eBiz which I run.

    I’m looking forward to listening to your upcoming audio as we could learn a thing or two from your million-dollar secret interviewee.

    This makes all of us more money, finally! 🙂

    Phew, what a relief, no more debts.. lol.

  • I’ve watched the first part and took notes while watching, basically, copy the outlines you have presented and note down your explanation for each point. That way, I was able to let the teachings simmer in my mind. I’m going to do the same for the second video. Although, I have downloaded the .pdf of “Blog Profits Blueprint” somehow, I could not finish reading it. I’m glad that you have come out with the video version.

    The “Conversion Blogging” is what I needed for my blog I have created (also through your help and Gideon’s in “Become a Blogger” videos). I really would want to join the “Blog Mastermind” training but I guess, I have to pass for now since I need to save some money for that. But I would like to thank you for making it possible for people like me to learn the ropes for free through your blogs, videos, e-books, etc.

    Yaro, you’re the best!


  • Yaro, thanks so much for the amount of info you provided. You have filled in some blanks for me concerning blogs as a business tool. I look forward to your coaching program.

    Paul Brady

  • I liked both videos and I also agree that you’re getting better and better at making them, but I’ll also like that you’re so down to earth and super slick like some of the others you mention. It draws people in more easily.

    My only complaint with the videos – in particular the conversion blogging one – is that you’re aiming them so much at people who are familiar with internet marketing. I’m sure that’s a conscious choice and I’m sure you have good reasons for it – I can imagine a few – but for my readers I’m afraid they’ll feel somewhat excluded because they’re eager but not as familiar with the lexicon/jargon.

  • Hey Yaro,

    I found you via ProBlogger just a few days ago and I’m glad I did. Your free content is totally solid and I know people new to the web and blogging are going to love it. I’ve even put up an article about your work on my site.

    Nice job man…and thanks for rekindling my push to make it in the blogging and Internet marketing world.

    Cheers Bro,
    Kyle Buttinger

  • Robert

    Thanks Yaro for a great teaching video. It will take me some time to absorb all of this as I am new to blogging. I hope to take your next mastermind class. One question, how do I find your Blog Profits Blueprint Video. I never received a link to this video. I’ve read the blueprint hardcopy but would also like to watch the video. Can you send me the link?
    Thanks again and I look forward to reading your blog everyday.

  • Hi Yaro, I thought the video was excellent. Very clear in outlining conversion blogging. I especially liked the comment that your give away material for signing up is related to the blog but not a rehashing. Excellent. keep it in the family but make it new.
    I tried to watch the second video that you sent by email and it is the same at the first. I was looking forward to watching over your shoulder to learn more. I have downloaded the Blueprint book, it is very good.
    looking forward to more
    thank you, bruce

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Yaro,

    I watched the video and I thought it was very informative and helpful, especially for newbies. Thank you for sharing your expertise and experiences.


  • Hey Yaro,

    The video rocked, and I got a lot out of it.

    I’m currently overhauling my own blog, and am taking some of your ideas on board…

    Psyched for the release of your next product. Let me know when it hits the shelves.

    To freedom,

    Scotty Stevens

  • I thought the video was very interesting. I’m having a hard time seeing how I can utilize this approach with my niche blog. I write a very successful blog about home improvement and construction but I’m not sure I can utilize your approach…maybe I’m wrong?

  • I’ve seen your stuff before and admire all that you have been able to accomplish with blogging. The video (I only got through #1 so far) was great and I’m looking forward to watching #2 soon.

    I’ve realized the potential of blogging for a long time, but I seem to have my hands in so many other “niche pots” that blogging gets put on the back burner. I’m also not up to the task of blogging for each of these niches on a regular basis, so what I’d really like to learn more about is how to oursource blogging or how you get guest bloggers to post on your blog.

    Oh…and by the way. The non-professional style of videos appeals much more to me than ones that are so professional they come off as a sales letter from the moment they start. I like the personal and honest touch of your videos.

    Thanks for the blogging education,

  • Hi Yaro
    What a refreshing experience! Two valuable content videos and an excellent approach to your “prospects”. Of course I am interested to hear more as I am getting nowhere at present. I think partly from information overload but also being uncertain about where to start. I would love to turn my site into an instructional, and profitable, blog and maybe what you will be offering, will help do the trick. I look forward to hearing more.

  • As with any video I wish there was a trascript. Videos take a long time to load and a long time to watch. And they are not as easy to skim or revise.

    The content about combining blog and email is great.

    Regarding automation. You will find attached to my email address another name ‘youvealreadygotit’ because I had to log in to get the second video even though you already have my name and email address. So I think the automation needs to be smarter.

  • Hi Yaro!
    I found the conversion blogging video to be a hurricane of fresh air – full of new perceptions and highly motivational as I struggle with redesigning several mediocre performing blogs of mine.

    The Blog Profits Blueprint video really hit home and I took lots of notes/reminders for making the changes I need. Hopefully I’ll be able to participate in the course when it reopens and am anxious to get more details.

    Thanks very much,

  • Yaro,
    Great video. Very simple, practical, and valuable information. Keep up the great work. I wish I would have known about you 6 months ago when I started my website.

    Looking forward to reading your Blog Profits Blueprint.

    Lowell Lane
    Kingdom Business Journal

  • Thanks for the good info Yaro. I will surely return for more of your quality resources.

  • Hi Yaro:

    No doubt…’re one of the ‘real’ guys on the net lately. As you know, I’ve posted favorably about you on my blog more than once already.

    I embraced blogging several years ago and highly recommended it to members of the salsa community back where I’m from. Unfortunately, to this day most of them still don’t ‘get it’. It’s so sad.

    I downloaded you ‘blueprint’. Thanks for that.

    And I especially admire and empathize with your position, stated in other emails, that one shouldn’t work too hard that you can’t enjoy the money. Lifestyle is indeed the goal.

    Best regards,

  • I was laid off my job last August and I wish I had applied your methods earlier. With the lay-off came the usual downer, then the idea that since I’ve been freelance writing (in conjunction with day jobs), it’s time to try it on my own. I’ve been motivated enough to sell my Harley, upgrade my computer to include a server and totally redo lack-luster my web site.

    I haven’t been able to afford the BlogMastermind program but signed up for your emails long ago. The information has been invaluable and as a result, the web address cited here will be gone shortly, replaced by a new one…revamped with a new design (my own), to including a blog and email opt-in for a monthly newsletter for business writing tips.

    You’re my hero, Yaro…when I get over the “hump” and have a little more income (I did over $2000 last month with my writing services and expect to have more when the new site goes live by the beginning of next week), I will be joining you and the crew.

    Thank you again, Yaro…I’ve got my life back!

    Laura Anderson, The Pen Pusher

  • Hi there

    My name is Ralph Morton, I am also known as noviorbis. I write lots of emails about the environment but and a big but I don’t et paid for it.

    I have been listening to your (and watching) videos, and I am impressed.

    I will keep watching because at my age 80 I need the money. Beautiful money.

    Now that I have started to get the message I will listen and watch more closely.


  • Nick

    You really nailed it this time. Your two videos were very well done. I wouldn’t worry about not having the “shock and awe” of an Andy Jenkins… or the polish of a John Reese! Perhaps it’s because I am techie at heart… but I found your presentation be be very relaxing and THEREFORE informative. You used the tools well (for a MAC) and made good use of examples.

    My keyword research tells me that next to cures for breast and prostate cancer, WORKING FROM HOME is the #1 keyword phrase on the planet. This is great news for all of us. It first of all, it reinforces what you say – that there is enough for everyone!

    We are on the edge of a mobile technological revolution. You think that wireless and laptop proliferation is huge now? Just watch the next few years.

    If I can read between the lines, however, I think there is a strong potential market in teaching others how to find their niche’s. So far you have outlined the mechanical aspects of getting up and running. However, I read the posts and see that there are a good number of folks who haven’t been able to nail down their niche and put into play the action plans you’ve so wonderfully outlined. They don’t seem to understand niche fundamentals. Maybe you need to do a series on niche analysis? If you don’t, I might just do this.

    I have 35,000 hours of computer experience – mostly in building systems, servicing them, and trouble-shooting (help desk type stuff). I setup 6 websites in the last few months – and I manage three websites for commercial customers. The 6 site that I setup will be for me to get active in internet marketing. I’m pretty handy with Camtasia Studio 5, Photoshop, Paintshop Pro and my fav…. Xara Xtreme Pro. Perhaps I’ll work on a video series – “Niche Hunting 101” – tag a WordPress blog to it… and then follow your directions from Video 2!

    I think you will do well with any course you offer and I look forward to signing up soon.

    Keep up the great work!


    AKA – Lucidboomer
    from Tropical British Columbia

  • I’m from Italy and I didn’t know
    how important can become
    bloggin in a rigth way
    Thanks for your very clear course
    and i hope to hear from you soon

    Vittorio Florence Italy

  • Marina

    Hello Yaro!
    I am a beginner. After watching your video and also reading Blog Profits Blueprints, I now have the idea of what steps should be taken in doing to start internet marketing using a blog. The way you explain is very much easy to understand. Thank you and I look forward to your next posts.

  • Yaro,

    Thank you for the very valuable video instruction. I already can’t wait for more. You have encouraged me to stay the course with my six-month-old blog. I now see so much more potential…but without having to dread sitting in front of my computer 7 days a week, 12 hours a day!

    Warm regards,

    Cathy Yeatts

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great videos – lots of solid information. But you know, I think the best bit is the fact there is absolutely ‘No Hype’. Bring it on mate, fabulous.

  • Fantastic video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expereince. You are very easy to listen to and gave me another to do list! Looking forward to improving my blog.

    Thank you


  • Bonnie

    This video has an amazing amount of information. I listened to it twice and downloaded the text version. What a tremendous value you provide to your readers. Thanks.

  • I am still a bit overwhelmed at the information. I am not a “techi” person at all although I do get the value of the information you provided. I am just not sure how or If that is the direction I want to take my blog. That is in becoming the so-called expert in my field. I think that is good fodder for a blog in itself. I will continue to chew and digest the info.

  • Augusto

    Hello Yaro ! I saw your video and the 9 tutorials a and you rock! I have never received so much value from a presentation like yours. Very informative and to the point and without the unnecesary hype. Keep up the good work. I am sure you will succeed handsomely because this is the type of action that will asure you tons and tons of traffic. Looking forward for more!

  • Yaro,

    This was my first viewing of your videos. I am amazed that there is so much to learn just for a blog! You really opened my eyes. Great presentation and more informative than all the other ebooks I already have combined. Thanks!


  • Hi Yaro

    I have been going through the videos and I think they are great. I will recommend it to everyone. I am just starting my own blog and I will follow your steps building it. Can’t wait to join Blogmastermind.

    Best regards

    Birgir Edvardsson, Iceland

  • conchita valencia

    Hi Yaro,

    I enjoyed the videos and learned a lot. I am completely new at blogging, making web pages and web hosting. I am now organizing my ideas and resources to start a project.
    What I liked most of the videos, apart of the well organized material is precisely their straight, no nonsense format that makes me very confident about their content, it makes me focus on the information I need, no distraction of flashy graphics there. As a matter of fact while watching the videos I was thinking: “wow this guy is aware the people he is aiming to, he knows this no frills production is the right choice”. This way the videos are packed full of information and I felt completely at ease learning from them.


    Conchita Valencia

  • Hey Yaro,
    As a professional communications specialist–business, marketing, and technical writer–I have consistently found your materials exemplary. They are relatively simple, to the point, and easily digestible by a diverse audience.

    When I’m not creating content, I’m usually reading content, and it would be incredible to find more focused and well-organized content such as yours! If only more content developers spent some time at least learning how to communicate. We would all benefit … rather than spin from information overload

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge…and style.

    Best regards,

  • Well, there is no shortage of atta boy for you. I hope I will be forgiven, I downloaded both videos for additional viewing at my leasure. Your content affirms what some of the top marketers are saying and you have my attention. I would love to throw some names around but this is your show and you are doing great. My challenge is that I have information that you talk about that I have yet to act on. I thank you for your generosity it reminds me that there is more to learn.

  • Liz

    Oh my Yaro you did say flooding didn’t you hun…..
    First I loved your videos all ive seen so far, happy birthday again and hun get some flying lessons lol a pilot you aint yet!!!

    I agree with most, extreme clarifications my friend, so inspiring I wrote a 3 page blog last night i think you would approve. Im still reading the ebook but if it has more info as you said I will digest it little by little…not wanting to miss any important points. I have heard of you but until thursday and a heads up from Allan I feel I know you better, ty to you both

    Thank you very much for helping me and so many others ….super job


  • Your video had a lot of great information. Some I already knew, but some I didn’t I’ve added some of your suggestions to my weekly SEO to do list. I’m hoping that by spending some extra time doing some of these things I’ll see a return from my time soon.

    It’s great that you’re offering this video for free. I think I’m going to watch it again later and see if I can get anything else from it. Thanks for your help.

  • I was impressed and learned much. I was blogging quite a bit, then I hit the social networks while entering articles to my blogs, always using the name ‘Gimme A Dream’. I bought the rights to and now I at the point, of saying, “where do I go from here?” You have done well to show me and I will be taking your steps seriously to implement my own direction.

    Truth is I’m seriously considering your course, which is monumental for me to spend money on the net. I liked that I received no hype from your videos and little ‘about you’. I generally turn off literature that tells me about the expert and very little about the product, which just happens to be 99% of all my downloads.

    I took notes, lots of notes, lol. Now I intend to go through the Blog Profits Blueprint text and listen to the audio also. Then I intend to follow up on the course for setting up the website, with Up until now I have only used even though I am a member of wordpress.

    I also intend to be spending more time reading your articles. That is how impressed I am with what I’ve seen….

    Thank You Mr. Yaro Starak for much needed direction.

  • Impact marketing in action. It takes guts to get in from of a cam!

  • Hey Yaro,
    I’m glad that I’ve run into you on the web … blogg-profits-blueprint and your other videos are excellent … at least for me … I’ll tell you why, you are the most NORMAL person in this business of blogging, just a regular guy… Joel is OK, but you can smell commercialism in his videos. So either you’re playing it or (I think) this is just the way you are. Money is one thing, but some of the guys “up there” have their heads high the sky. Thank you for your advices, and I’d be glad to join your coaching program, but right now it’s a very hard time for me, so maybe in a little while … unless I’ll strike gold before that happens. Good luck to you Yaro, and remain yourself, like you are right now! Give me six months 🙂

  • Yaro, Great professional presentation on those two video’s that anyone can understand, even a newbie to blogging like myself. Thanks for keeping it real without all the hype. I already recommended you in several forums!

    Oh yeah…..I dig your Birthday video trying to fly your new toy, good stuff!

    Aloha from Maui!


  • Yaro, these 2 videos I watched really got me to thinking about a change in direction in my internet goals through blogging to help promote my present web site and web sites that I have planned for.
    I look forward to more helpful information from you.
    Thank you!

  • Pauline

    I truly enjoyed listening to your video. It was easy to follow, had a logical sequence, and was laced with useful, immediately applicable information. I took notes as you spoke not to forget any of the key tips and techniques you offered.

    I am in process of developing “quality content” in my “niche”. Your marketing strategies are invaluable. I will refer to them frequently when I reach that phase of my development. I’ve taken several web 2.0 courses, so I feel pretty comfortable with blogging, video/podcast producing, but I haven’t done much with twitter yet. I look forward to reading your free newsletter daily.

    Many thanks for the multimedia of information.

  • Thanks for the video. Content is still the king. No dispute on that.

  • Yaro
    I thought it was a truely great video and had a lot of good information in it. I have not watched the second one yet because i have been a little busy but cant wait to see it. I am interested on getting in to the school. Have a great day.

  • Chris Holdheide

    Hello fellow bloggers. I have been studying blogging and other forms of internet marketing and thus far have found this to be the best place to start learning. The video not only gave me some great tip for getting started in blogging but also built me up with some great energy and motivation. I look forward to hearing more from Yaro.

  • I truly enjoyed the video, and once I realized my blogging efforts were in the “failing realm,” I’ve changed my strategic plan. It’s good to know that my “starter blog” or “test blog” gave me a feel for the challenges and burn-outs of blogging. I’m ready to upgrade.

  • stuart

    Hi Yaro,
    I thought your videos were excellent, you have a great voice and are extremely clear with what you explain. I really would like to learn from you.

    You’re the best Yaro


  • Cathy

    First time I have found myself to your site..your an insperation..Finally I have found what I have been looking for .. some real answers to a ton of my questions..Your a great teacher..the only other thing I want is that program screen flow.. what a great product.. now I wish I had a Mac..(wink)
    be looking forward to some more video’s from you and I will be reading your blog!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I would like to thank you for the emails. I am very impressed with your site Blogmastermind and the 2 videos. This is a real site with a real person behind it who would actually write real non automated emails. The marketing strategies you deliver in the two videos are jaw dropping considering they’re free. When you advocate “over delivering”, you really mean it. By walking the talk, you established Trust, which is something you stressed in your video.
    What I like most about your site is the understated confidence and kindness you generate which instantly builds rapport with the viewers. This ability to easily connect with the viewers is probably what makes your business successful. Besides all the strategies, you’ve got that trusting touch.
    All that said, I command you for the down to earth, no hype approach to real facts that work, real information that was designed to maximize a person’s potential for success. As a person with many years of real world experience, I can recognize the real stuff from the rah rah. For all the above reasons, I would have to also command myself for spending my precious time on a useful website such as Entrepreneurs-Journey versus the so many others. Your experience and knowledge show through, and the simplicity, non connercialized video is actually your strong points, not something you should be concerned about or do away with. A lot of your friends (yes, I visited your links too) are too commercialized, and I wonder who would trust a professional salesman anymore. The trick is, you are a professional salesman, with that guy next door personality. GREAT VIDEO! A big loss for anyone who has not seen it.
    It’s nice to see real teaching on the internet.

  • Thanks fo rall videos, I already learnt a lot!

  • Joe

    Hi Yaro

    I enjoyed the videos very much. I thought I knew something about blogging but was surprized at some of the tips and ideas you presented. Like you I am an inspiring entrepreneur and have a passion for Internet Marketing.

    I am still in my first year of becoming a marketer but things are getting better as I find inspiring sites like yours. I have taken some courses on social power linking and have learned a lot about working with the social sites. Along with your videos and the blue print to blogging I am sure I will be referring to them to do things the right way from now on.

    I hope to meet ya some day to exchange some ideas to make Internet Marketing a more exciting and fun business. Until I watched your videos, I was noy sure were my blog was heading to. Now that I watched your presentation on blogging it gives me some ideas to reflect on to create something that I can be proud of. I look forward to joining the Internet Marketer authority sites in the future.

    A big thumbs up for this information and many thanks for presenting it with a great tone!!


  • Hello Yarrow:

    Your videoos still have my ‘head spinning’!!

    To me you have given new meaning to the words ‘over deliver’…Thankyou so very much!!

    You are an excellent communicator & Teacher!!,,,You have given me many new ideas & food for thought in how to present what I am Passionate about to the world!

    Thanks Again!

    You are a true Leader & Servant!

    Matt Geib

  • Really appreciated this video! I am new to blogging ,but have been studying internet marketing.. So this really helps. Easy to understand and very helpful. I am encouraged to see what i can do. Will continue with your videos and beyond.


  • Les

    Hi Yaro

    Great video and will get to watch part two later today I hope. I am looking forward to it – also looking forward to finding out more.

    Glad to be keeping it in the sunshine state

  • I signed up on your blog about 10 days ago, the very first time I found it. I was looking “how much a website is worth” on Google. What blows my mind is that I agree in just about EVERYTHING you talk about. I’ve been applying your technics unconsciously in my websites, but they lack of the system, depth, and consistency you so well explain in this video, and trough out this site.

    I am so exited to convert my modest website in an useful, educational blog, and may be a profitable one, following your experience, expertise, advices, and methods, that you so clear and in a very fun and digestible way explain. You make it look so easy, at least for me.

    Congratulations for a job done so, so well!!!

  • well your first one was good but i just couldn’t get past a certain place in the second one so i still keep on trying

  • Yaro, I like the part where you summarized the whole process of conversion blogging (WWW => Blog => Email list funnel into Customers)

    These videos have given me as well as bloggers who like to monetize their blogs a clear direction and focus, preventing us from turning our blogs into a flea market.

    I look forward to more helpful information.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Really enjoyed your videos. Thanks for moving the “Free Line” some more. I have several blogs but have not been real faithful in posting content. You have renewed my interest and given me a new vision for what is possible.


  • scott lambert

    Thanks Yaro
    I believe you understand about giving to recieve.
    I’m about to start my journey blogging & look forward to learning so much more from you! Very early days for me but will keep you posted.


  • yorgi

    Thanks a lot Yaro, i really enjoyed the two vids, that’s really some great piece of content, and it inspired me some really great ideas, i also apreciated a lot you saying that we shoudn’t just be content consumers but start creating our own content and techniques, but I also believe that the content you gave is the starting point. Keep up the good job.


  • Hi I am new to all this blogging stuff but it looks like just what I need to get my message out to parents who are trying to help their kids learn. Looking forward to finding out if your coaching prog can handle a non-tecky like me – comments anyone!


  • Yaro, thanks for the great content in this video. Fantastic stuff…keep it man, you’ve helped me get back on my blogging quest. Thanks…Cheers Mate,

  • Ben

    Great Videos, lots of inspiration to get my blog up and running

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for making this info available. I discovered within the first ten pages that everything I had planned for my blog was taking me in the wrong direction. I especially liked having the more detailed printed info as an addition to the videos.

    Most helpful for me was your balanced treatment of the many issues involved in creating and maintaining a successful blog-based business. I liked that you gave pro and cons, the upside and the downside, of the many topics you covered.

    I’m continuing to digest the printed material and am backing up to square one and taking a fresh approach to getting my online business up and functioning.

    Again, many thanks.

    Susan B.

  • Thanks Yaro,

    That was some great stuff and as a newbie, at least to blogging, it let me know that I was on the right track in a lot of areas like content but was a little off base and off target in other areas. Thanks for making sense of out of all of it so far for me. I look forward to whatever else you have out there, you seem to be one of the good guys.


  • Dear Yaro,

    Your forthright and honest upfront approach in your video was a breath of fresh air. A most welcome change from all the hype and rubbish one runs into all the time on the internet with both free and paid sources.

    I picked up some invaluable information from the content in your video. I have been trying to make blogging pay for some months. As a result of watching your video I now know why things are not going as well as I would wish. I then watched video two. I was so impressed, I printed out your Blueprint and have since benefited from many invaluable gems of information.

    I am amazed you gave all this away for free. Mind you I am not complaining. Thanks very much. I look forward to more involvement with your training courses when available.

    Invaluable, excellent training and advice for bloggers at all levels of earnings success.

  • Wicked video! Can’t wait to learn further more from you, liked quailty of video you have got, I want to have a Mac NOW. : )

  • Scott


    Great video with tons of quality information. Thanks for making this content available to those of us who are just starting out in the blogosphere.


  • Yaro,

    Thank you for your knowledge, experience and tips on the “How to” do conversions from the web to customers. It is a formula that with practice can be mastered. I am new to blogging and your tips have helped me realize that there is a better approach to marketing. These tips that you gave are valuable.

    I have not viewed the second video, but I am sure it is just as great as the first one. I also like the email tips you send out, those have been helpful. I hope to get into your Blog Mastermind course because I just started a blog, and I know with your program I can achieve far better results.

    Thanks again,

  • Hi Yaro,

    From one Brisbane guy to another I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your two latest videos, especially the second one “The Blog Profits Blueprint.” I was particularly impressed with the concept of using well known and respected people in a particular niche and writing quality content about them or their products as a means to increase organic search engine traffic.
    Thanks so much for the great content and ideas.

  • eve

    Hi Yaro,
    Sorry for taking me too long to send you my comment,I’ve been very busy for the last three days.Well,I salute your video and you.Your great,
    really.I’ve learned a lot.But i guess i should go further to any coaching you could generously offer to each of us.But on my part I really have to digest every lesson you feed. I have a lot of questions to ask you,perhaps i’ll be sending those to you tomorrow.

    More power,

  • Mia

    Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for sharing your expertise and experience with us.
    Lots of value and strategy outlined in these videos…
    Powerful stuff! Thanks for bringing me to
    a higher level of understanding…
    and hopefully success!


  • Hello Yaro,

    You delivered great information on your blogging for profit video. This is a video that needs to be watched several times and notes taken.

    Yaro, you deliver your message very well and I like the way you present yourself. Your great.


  • I thought this video gave me a lot of immediate practical steps for setting up a money-making blog. The second video was even better. It went on to lay out strategic next steps for bloggers. I am looking forward to the coaching course.

  • Please can you get me out of automatically receiving all the comments here?Thanks]

  • Your video was excellent. Very well defined steps to blog success.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Thank you so much for the awsome video, I just started a home based business and am looking at various ways of marketing on the internet. I have spent alot of time learning google adwords, but you shared some valuable information on your video on the of building relationships with people in your blog, which you can’t really do with google adwords, all your doing is directing people to your site and there are so many variables you have to consider when setting up a campaign, and once you have done that you still have to build that relationsip. However, with a good blog you are ahead of the game and with vidoes etc.. wow, great information.

    Thanks again,


    Susan Trepkov


  • Extremely valuable information . Yaro is a cut above all the rest. I checked the http:// too and was floored at the wealth and depth of the free tutorials provided there and which other guys are charging membership for.

    So far, I am truly impressed by everyone I dealt with from Australia. You guys seem to have a higher level of integrity , a long term outlook on the relationship with the client , and do not subscribe to the “squeeze the suckers for every dime” mentality. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you

  • Great information for everybody who want to gain money from internet…I’ll be waiting the next tutorial from you Yaro…

  • Greetings Yaro & Friends,

    The video was AWESOME. I love your style: simple and to the point, yet packed with valuable information. It was well worth my time and I’ve already begun to implement the simple yet highly profitable strategy.

    The concept of the Pillar Articles was one of my personal faves, not to mention combining my blog with a targeted e-mail newsletter list for a powerful one-two punch that gets results.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, from a new blogger for life.

    Continued Blessings!
    Valerie Love

  • Hey Yaro,
    I’m designing a new WordPress based site right now and watching your tips is extremely useful to ensure that I get it right from the start. I’ve written 2 new posts based on your instruction in the last few days and have been getting a favorable response.

    John Dickinson

  • Yevette

    Enjoyed the video. As I venture into the blogging world it was great to realize that the possibilties are indeed endless. I look forward to learning more from you.

  • Great video, thanks for the great insight in conversion blogging. New term for me, I can’t wait to try new techniques. Thanks Taro.

    -Debt Free Hispanic

  • Wendell

    The video (and others) was fantastic. This type of qualitive information is what I have been searching for to assist with an quality decision. I thank you for presenting them.

    I have spent the last couple of days taking in the information , as well as sharing it with others. I am enjoying what I have come across and am mentally committed to enrolling into your class.

    I have even had an idea for a community newsletter that has set on the back burner for a couple of years as I tried to figure out distribution. Seems to me that this idea could be more effectively produced as a blog, without the extensive overhead.

    On you class, I need ask; can I join the program then learn and develop from the computer at the public library (where I have watched everything previous) or would it be better served to wait until I acquire a computer for the home?

  • Ray Wiler

    Hi Yaro:
    I did enjoy your video. Learned alot. I’m an old man, exploring the internet and seeing what is out there. I had heard about blogging, and now I understand a bit more. My Wife and I tried an internet business and failed miserably. Had to remortgage the house to pay off credit cards. Wish I had considered your avenue sooner. Now, we’re just tired, broke, and too scared to try again.

    Thank You.


  • Great videos Yaro,

    They are very informative and useful to any blogger out there.
    It looks like anyone who wants to take his/her blog to the next level should seriously consider joining your coaching program. I will definitely be signing up as soon as my finances allow. I wish you many more successes .


  • Steph NZ

    What an inspiring and interesting video. You put much time and effort in and it shows, it certainly has high value even though you offer it for free. Thanks.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Firstly, I’d like to say that it’s a pleasure to meet another Australian who’s an unashamed Star Trek fan. I have been since the original came out in the 1960’s so that dates me.

    I’ve only learned to use the computer in the last three years and have only been blogging since April this year, but my situation is a little different because my blog is to help parents take up the educational slack that’s being left by the schools and make sure their kids learn the basics.

    I’m doing pretty well with Google and if you Google ‘teaching reading and writing blogs in Australia’ I’m fighting it out for first with the big Thrass Educational Company. The thing is that I’m there because of my content but I’m not getting the traffic I need, so your videos have given me lots of Ideas to work on.I’ve started to get into the forums and put comments on other blogs.

    I’d like to make a little money from it, to eak out the pension. I’ve already put some Adsense adds on it, but because there are only a few visitors, I haven’t made anything yet. Anyway, since the primary motivation is the kids, I haven’t lost my momentum or motivation, I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos. The content is great and you make it easy to understand for someone who’s only new at it, like me.

    Thank you very much

  • Nadine fletcher

    I am still working on my blogs. It takes me a while to learn
    things. Your blog is most inspirational! I will continue
    viewing your emails and trying to change my situation.
    At this time I have no job or money and live with relatives.
    I have a little over six months to change my present
    situation. I don’t want to end up in a shelter but that is possible. But I am hoping to turn my life around in less
    than six months.

  • Excellent video. I’m new to the Blogging game and I learned a lot. I downloaded your e-book so I can study it further. Great marketing ideas!
    It shows why your a leader in the field!

  • I don’t think it gets any better than your videos. I just got into blogging and look forward to watching more of your videos. I think the conversion blogging video will work really well with my blog since I also have another business to run. I also have a background in real estate and having a database of email is one of the most valuable lists you can have. So, I will definitely check AWeber out.


  • I loved your video. It was so enlightening and detailed. I hope you continue to produce more. I am just starting out with my blog and my squeeze page, etc.
    this concept is so fascinating. I am glad to have people like you who are willing to give more than just “fluff” to us newbies.

    But my question is how do you insert a form for your autoresponder when your blog doesn’t allow for html? I ended up having to use a link to my squeeze page that has the form.

    Thanks again,

  • Thanks for the info in the 2 videos. I’m new so I’m heading over to so I will know how to tweek what I’ve already begun.

  • Carla

    Hi Yaro,

    I loved your video and I also loved your book. You taught me so much, I never knew about blogging. I am very secure in internet marketing now that I know how to build a blog. You gave me confidence in myself and I really believe that I will succeed. You are the greatest teacher of the 21st century and I recommend your videos to everyone. Thank you for taking the time to make the video and care enough about people to show them how to be successful while building a blog. M

  • Hello Master, PURE GOLD!! I can´t call it otherwise, thanks to you Í´m building the opt-in form for adding to my blog and following all your advise I´m sure to get more traffic and boost my list building, Thank you YARO!! THANK YOU.

  • Anita

    Hi Yaro

    I’m pretty new to the blogging world, I do however have a website and this video has given me the inspiration and determination to add a blog to my site. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now, but I thought that it would be too much work. After watching your video and reading the blueprint, I’m ready to move forward.
    This way I can interact more with my visitors, which I would just love to do. And I’m sure it will bring more traffic.
    Thank you for this.

  • Rick R.

    Dear Yaro,
    I thought your, “Conversion Blogging” video was comprehensive and informative, covering mostly all or most problems a beginner blogger has pertaining to that subject. You explained blogging in simple, plain English without making it complicated.
    I presently have a blog on having to do with Ferraris.
    I want to mention, you don’t do what I call, software tricks, where when I see a video the first time, afterwards the video stops showing because you don’t want your customers to see it over and over again like I’ve seen with some Internet merchants. You are customer friendly and sincere with people who really want to learn how to make money with blogging. I admire you for that.
    I have a few questions for you. What keywords should I enter to find out what cars, specially sports cars, people are looking for on the Internet on Wordtracker in my geographical location? I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. My next question is can I put a shopping cart service on my blog platform such as
    I’ve watched all 10 videos from and I’ve listened to your audio interview with Alborz Fallah. I want to join the Blog Mastermind as soon as I pay off some debt and I plan on having Al as my mentor.
    I thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Yours sincerely,
    Rick Resch

  • Jonathan


    Blogging is a whole new world for me and I’ve been creating a blog the past 2 weeks around a passion of mine. The conversion blogging video was very eye opening to say the least for someone who is learning how to blog and wants to make money. Very informative!!

    However, I was not able to view the second video that came with it, and did not receive the Blog Blueprint video version. I downloaded it so I could read it, but I really want the updated video version. Is there anyway possible to receive the 2nd video after Conversion Blogging, and the video edition of Blog Blueprints??

    Thanks Yaro, and I’m looking forward to joining your BMM in the very near future to fast track this process.


    Jonathan (in Texas)

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Did you enter your name and email and then get taken to a second page? The second page has the second video.


  • Louise

    Hi Yaro
    Just wanted to thank you so much for the videos. I’ve been blogging on a personal level for some time but switching to business blogging is a whole different ball game. Your vidoes were informative and to the point, really helpful. I went back, after watching the first one, to and watched all the videos there too.
    Even though it’s stuff I’d already done, I still picked up some useful tips and I’ll be recommending them to everyone.
    I love the simple, straightforward, plain speaking way you have of outlining the process… don’t ever apologise for not having flashy videos!! I doubt we’d all have found them such a great resource if you were any less yourself. Kudos and karma to you! Coversion blogging make more sense than anything else I’ve heard!


  • Dear Yaro,

    The video is wonderful! I took three full pages of notes.

    I tried an opt-in box previously, but didn’t offer anything compelling and so, got only 10 responses.

    After watching your video, I’m going to get off my not-so-lazy behind and USE my AWeber account and get a DECENT opt-in offer going.

    Thank you so much,

  • Shelley Stevens

    Hello Yaro,

    I found your video very informative as I am just beginning to understand the internet medium. I know that your information will be very valuable to me as I develop my first blog. I will be going over the text version and devise a plan.

    Thank for sharing your insights.

  • Yaro,

    Thanks for the great information. Very helpful. I can’t use much of the information with my current blog for reasons too complicated to explain but it will be great for future blogs.

  • This video was fascinating and very helpful. I have read a great deal about monetizing blogging, but the writers are often poor at explaining the preliminary steps of the process. Your video goes through the steps to take (and to avoid) in a systematic and logical way, and having watched it, feel I understand what is involved, and that this is something I can actually do. Watch out for my name on your coaching program!


  • Hello Yaro,
    I view the video over the weekend.
    I went to bed with one word on mind…Blog..Blog..Blog

    While the information is very useful I’m still stuck on how to begin??
    I never blog before…so everything seems sooo overwhelming.
    I feel like a six-year old with all the blog info and not really sure how to begin.

    What’s my step?

    Any suggestions.



  • The video was great, good information for beginners and for those who have already a blog but don’t make to much money from it.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Watched your video the other night. I found it straight forward and easy to follow. It gave me the kick I needed to get my own website started which I have been threatening to do for a long time now. Thanks for the inspiration……

  • I really enjoyed the video… I just created my blog with after watching it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


  • At the moment I write a blog that isn’t geared to earn money but, after watching both your videos and reading your blueprint pdf, I really feel inspired. I’m going to start researching my area of expertise in order to start a blog that WILL bring in money. Thanks!

  • A great video. Especially for me who is just starting my IM career. Looking forward to learning more from Yaro. Thanks again and I’ll watch all the other videos over the weekend.
    Tom O’Boyle

  • dennis

    As I startted doing this almost a year ago you are one of the very very smal group of people who puts out some usfull information that doesn’t require me to buy something and for that I am thank full.This is proubly going to an autoresponder but I have to send it anyway. I don’t realy understand this blogging stuff but do to what you’ve given me I will keep trying.It’s the mechanics for some one who is acomputor dummy that makes it difficult but then I guess you’ve been there.THANKS

  • Yaro; Thank you for the wonderful content! I am new to the blogging space and had a limited view of blogs. Before I started watching your videos and read your Blog Profit BluePrint I thought a blog was simply a web journal. You opened my eyes to the power of a blog and the potential to help me market my company and how a blog can provide more value than a traditional website. I am now going down the road of establishing our own blog to market our goods and services. You will be on the top of the list of resources when I get to the point that I will need help. Best regards and thank you again for the wonderful content.


  • Your video is comprehensive and very informative. The conversion/blogging method is one in which I buy. Hopefully your personal course is affordable enough!

    Great job!

  • I have been reading your name at Problogger and others, but I am so stupid that it is only now I was attracted. Anyway, your video is very informative as even my 7-year old son can understand. You treat your viewers as gentle as you could, that I barely noticed from others. This maybe the reason why I don’t subscribe to you before.

    List building is something I want to practice soon, but I want to believe first in the product that I will be selling before I sell it.

    Thanks for being so generous.
    Keep it up!

  • I enjoyed the video and was inspired to start blogging myself. There is a ton of information, and I plan on watching it and the follow-up vid several times as well as read the Blueprint. I’ve been looking for a way to indulge my interests and hopefully make a profit. Thank you

  • John

    Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful. Even for people like me in other side of the world. I going to start my blogg in Spanish soon I hope you can help me.

    See you soon.


  • Hey Yaro,
    If this free stuff is so powerful what else will you be having in the coaching
    program……….You start right from the beginning and gently move forward.
    What I like best is the language.No high jargon that a beginner like me wont understand.No technical stuff or analysis.
    I am very lucky to stumble upon your site at the right time and got a chance to view this wonderful video.
    Thanks Yaro.You are the best.

  • Dear Yaro; very effective video, I subscribed to your paid course. I guess you could call that my endorsement. Looking forward to profiting from your expertise.

    Thanks so much.

  • Having quickly brushed through a number of the replies, and my own thoughts on your videos Yaro, I must say that your videos (and I`ve only looked at 2 so far) are EXTREMELY informative and are presented clearly enough at a slow pace to really knock your messages of expertise home. Perhaps the most influential piece of web-work I have ever seen.

    I will need to review them another time and I will be taking my own specific key notes as the movies progress.

    They have given me so much insight into many things. Some of the mistakes you mentioned and tenancies of lazy bloggers was a good self-check for myself.

    I could write forever on how much I enjoyed your videos. I enjoyed them so much that I woke up at 6am this morning hungry, and the first thing I thought about (besides food) was the lessons and ideas that I learned the day before.

    Thank you so much for the amount of time you have invested into these videos and let`s see if I can put some of the main key points into practical application myself sooner rather than later.

    Keep on the look-out for an easy-dinner-guide in the form of an ebook in the upcoming future.

  • Well Yaro, your 10 videos are well presented, easy to follow and understand.
    In fact the video on RSS feeds is the only one I have seen where it tells you exactly what to do and how to set up feedburner.
    I have a feed up on feedburner, but had no idea how to automate things.
    Absolutely down to the last detail. Others just tell you set up a feedburner account and that’s it.

    Excellent videos and for FREE as well.

  • This video is great to anyone who just aware about blogging and social media. It will inspire and guide him a lot. I downloaded pdf file too just now will give look at it again to make its good impact on me.

  • Excellent video. A lot of ground work put in. The simplicity of the presentation gives me the confidence to start my own blog. Thanks Yaro! you are over delivering from the word GO. This video will be a turning point for a lot of newbees like me. I would say Yaro is the new generation of internet marketers who are thinking of their potential customers first. Its like the story of going to an African village and finding out that no one wore shoes. The first shoe salesman decided there was no market and left. The second shoe salesman saw the opportunity and thought the people the advantage of shoes and persuaded them to wear shoes. Yaro is that type of business man. Thanks again Yaro for showing me the way to Blogging

  • Hi Yaro, I just finished conversion blogging and Blog profits blueprint. I want to thank for being one of very few people/resources on the internet that provides actionable and real life information that I can and anyone can use to be successful at blogging. I am implementing your ideas in small steps each day since I do have a lot my plate but I am trying my best to stay on track using the information in your videos and PDFs. I appreciate the detailed information in the PDFs and the great information in the videos.

    Thank You!

  • Yaro, you always provide great videos with great content. You sometimes say that it’s not all technical and flashy.. but that’s the point.. it’s straight forward great information presented in an easy to understand/watch way. I have never read one of your blog posts, watched any of your videos or listened to any of your interviews without learning a great deal and having so many ‘Ah-Ha’ moments. Oh and also… these are free!

    Thanks again,

  • Whew. Just finished reviewing your two videos TWICE and my brain hurts.

    You’ve set me on a new direction. The videos were precise, informative (a little entertaining) and extremly helpful. For six weeks I’ve been saying “I’m not participating in the recession.” Now, I have the tool to really make that happen and I’m beginning to believe I can avoid it.

    Today is the first day of the new working year and I’m dedicating 2 hours per day to do Blog work. At this point most of it is research and listing questions. I already have some pretty good authentic content so once I get the fundamentals in place that part of it is ready to go. With more than 20 years experience (After age 50 you quit bragging about how many actual years you have) I truly am an expert in my field of promotional marketing and marketing products.

    My website has been a basic listing of promotional products and ideas for people to research and purchase. My first order of business is to figure out how to turn the left side of that website into my blog.

    Can you tell me how that is done?

    The second thing is how do I get my authenticate content — which I’m planning on posting in that area (the left side of my website) — distributed? I understood the two areas of comments on other sites, but am not clear how the words get to be part of a search someone does in Google or Yahoo.

    Can you detail that for me?

    Thanks for sharing your expertise. I’ve always wondered “who puts all this stuff on the internet?” Now I know, is US!

  • Yaro

    very many thanks for your generosity. I really enjoyed and learnt much from both videos.

    Now I have to figure out what to do about it 🙂

    We don’t plan selling other peoples stuff from our sites but are interested in building contacts in the way you describe.

    We’re also interested in affiliate marketing as a strategy for promoting our software.

    Thanks to you we now have a much better understanding of how, and why it works.



  • Thank you for your generosity! I’ve read your Blogging Blueprint and downloaded The Roadmap. I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend. The videos are excellent, with very detailed and specific instructions. As soon as my tech guy can get over here to show me the cpanel on my website, I’m ready to rock-n-roll. Thanks again!

  • Tiana

    You rock, Yaro. I’ve paid for content that wasn’t as good as what you give away for free. One of these days I’ll be in your mastermind program for sure. God bless you.

  • Yaro,
    Thanks for the very informative video. I have to take your advice however and just concentrate on 2-3 things to learn and implement. My head is already feeling overloaded with information.

    I do have a question:
    I have a real estate site that I have recently started blogging on. The blog is part of my site. Is it better to have a stand alone blog or one as part of a site?

    Thanks again.

  • Exifun

    Hey Yaro,
    great to have found you and your blogs.
    for the last two weeks, i have been searching for websites and blogs, dealing with blogging matters and affiliate marketing, to learn how to blog. I think i can now say:

    I´v found what i´v been looking for.

    I must say, You are doing a fantastic job. Not to forget Gideon with his detailed professional Videos. It is just inspiring. I am now so greedy for the Videos to watch and for the two PDF documents

    Roadmap to become a blogger and
    blog profits

    to read yet. There are of course a lot of detail informations i want to study yet.

    Thank You and i will come back to You after studying these materials.


  • Hi Yaro,
    Your videos are informative and motivating. I thought I knew a lot about the internet and websites. I have worked with Ebay, Yahoo, Ning, Ubid and others. I have been in IT for over 20 years, but a lot the steps you teach in your videos were new to me, (Blogging for one).

    I look forward to prosperous relationship.



  • I have had a family blog for about a year now. I have just decided to test the waters to try making money with a blog. I really liked your video. I am a visual person and when I read informational material my mind tends to wonder. I do have a question though; I have not found any other web site or blog like mine. I am not sure how to really compare myself to “experts.” Do you have any suggestions? The only experts in my field (children’s products) seem to be consumer reports.

    I was also wondering if I purchased your personal tutoring package, do I actually get to talk to you? Or is it just a set of standard e mails?

  • Shock and awe. Yaro, you did a great job and have sold me on the ideas of providing solid, relevant content of deep value. I am looking forward to working with you in expanding our business.

  • Yaro,

    what a powerful set of videos. I look forward to the learning experience.
    The videos and the programs offered by you in general, are easy to follow and motivational.

    See you on the other side!

  • I am a novice blogger. Finding your “become a blogger” was a Godsend. I posted a piece on AC about how important I thought learning the basic process was. It may be in the review procedure right now. In the AC article I called you a medic, something about the title requirements. In a BlogEvolve post I also called you “blogger M.D.” Maybe a bit overstated but even as fresh as I am I can see that my peers are hung up on what to do next and need a little help, I advised seeing the “doc.” Making it simple and linear is your forte, thanks for keeping things simple. Better said, thanks for providing a solid base to launch from.

  • Yaro! Excellent pillar video. I recommended it to friends who love to blog, but don’t have an idea how to make money from it. I like the fact that you’ve included your webcam image into the slide show presentation. Yours John

  • Shanny

    I.Am.Inspired! I had to literally be pulled away from my laptop, as from the moment I viewed I was not able to let it go. For years, I’ve been dreaming about turning my passion for writing into an income (doesn’t everyone?). But although blogging has been popular for some time now, I never thought this was something feasible for me as I didn’t have the technical know-how to setup a blog and I didn’t have insight setup a successful blog. So I got stuck in the dreaming and planning phase and never got out. By means of the guidance of, I will be able to setup my own blog and start working towards success! I’ll be sure to refer others to you, as your guidance has been extremely helpful! And you’re crazy enough to give most of it away for free! So here is my “thank you” to Yaro and Gideon. You will definitely be hearing again from me!


    Shanny Sommer

  • robert

    Great video but had problems listening to it because of all the buffering, i can gain a lot of info from your material, but a lot of it is confusing because i have never written blogs before, but i would like to learn, thanks.

  • Tom Rogers

    Hi Yaro – You are really a very organized presenter with an accessible attitude. Just great! The ‘Conversion…’ video sure converted me and now I’m going through Video 2, and then planning to move to the text. This is all new to me, but I find your method of presentation so clear, that I can see a path of action that fits my ideas so far. Very motivating, lots of great content and real examples of success….a great learning experience!

  • Yaro, Thank you so much for the very teaching video. I really like you or style of teaching. You are straight talking with no hype or pretense. I will be looking at them again to refresh and pick up new information.

  • Jeff

    Very interesting. I have spent the last couple of days with your materials. I’m a total newbee; and this is very much like drinking from a fire hydrant. Will spend some time grokking it then be in touch, as I am planning to go forward. Am already outlining a business plan.

  • Vir

    The video was cool and unique. It was not only educational, it also laid the reason why the stuff you are selling is a bank breaker (for my level) yet irresistible. On my wish list now. =)
    Keep on!

  • Mark

    Hi Yaro,
    Really enjoyed the video, I have signed up to several subscription services which were all smoke and mirrors. I am now in the initial phases of finding my niche in the area of day trading (I trade currencies and futures for a living) combined with personal development and maintaing a great state of being. Will keep you posted via your blog comments.

  • Wow, this and the other free video’s Yaro have done are fantastic for learning the ropes. I’ve never been seriously into blogging, but I have set wordpress up for a few friends. With the power of WP2.7 and Yaro’s techniques, I feel there is a lot of mileage and power here, and not just for bloggers. I think normal small businesses can also benefit from this thinking style too in relation to how their real world and Internet presense synergise.

    Although I’m late to the party I still feel excited by all this and am very tempted to join the Mastermind program to get an accelerated training.

    Thanks to Yaro for his great vid’s and plain speaking style which makes the content easily digestible.


  • Yaro,
    the video was great,really enjoyed it….but….I have just watched your video and sales page for Membership Site Mastermind and in advocating that the membership site is THE way to go, you appear to contradict all you have said about making money from blogging.
    For example, you say that you did not really make stable, steady income until you set up the Membership site.
    But in the blogging mastermind videos you say you were generating all this cash(steady cash)from blogging.
    I was considering buying the Blogging mastermind program but am confused now and then what is the story with the ‘Become a Blogger’ programme?
    So many products…so little time.

  • Hello Yaro,
    What a great video. You really made me enthousiastic. In fact I have already signed up for the Blog Mastermind course. I ordered for the whole package at once, because I cannot wait to learn about all this fantastic stuff. I am an e-business consultant and work for small businesses in the Netherlands. My goal is to deliver small companies at lowest possible costs tools to get their profit from e-business. I really think that a high level blog is a good way to do so. After seeing your video I am even more convinced that this is the right direction for me, and that, in the process, I can earn part of my income from my blog. Cannot wait to learn from your strategy and tactics.
    Thrilled to keep in touch with you.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I have watched your first video and will watch the others as well soon.
    You have some great ideas and I will weigh them all out carefully.

    What I want to say right now is this. You did a GREAT job of presenting your ideas. Your video is clean, crisp and professional. I very much appreciate your well articulated, understated yet authoritative style of speaking.
    I have worked in senior management positions for some major corporations and owned 5 of my own companies. I recognize talent when I see it and you certainly have a gift. Don’t stop using it!

    Thanks for making this available Yaro. A great many people can benefit from what you have done, if they will but pay attention!



  • Hey Yaro,

    You come across as a trustworthy person in your videos. That’s why I’ll keep watching them and likely become one of your paying students. I have been doing this as a hobby for awhile but I want to kick it up a notch and create something that will generate meaningful income. The best things that I have learned so far was (1) the importance of good original content and (2) the importance of building an email list. BTW, I signed up for Aweber (but I forgot to look for a link on your website first.) sorry… So far the set-up of my email list was simple and I have a good looking form for my financial newsletter onsite.

  • Yaro,

    Absolutely great video, it cleared a lot of niggling little things up that I was struggling to understand.

    You explained things clearly, precisely and with enough detail to help me move forward.

    I’m looking forward the watching other videos.



  • Hi Yaro, This is the first time I have ever been excited or even interested in finding out about blogging. I did a Google search on it after seeing a short mention of it on my local news and found your websight after looking at a few others that didn’t interest me at all because they wanted $$$ before you could get any information about anything. I was about to give up when I clicked on you link and was much impressed. I have had both your videos for a couple of days now and have watched the first one a couple of times and am about half way through the second one (what can I say, I’m a little slow on the uptake) but so far I can’t find any catch so that puts me on the very impressed side of the page. All I can say is that your presentation, video, and information is excellent and is giving me much to think about in fact I have already been trying to think of a niche that may possibly be good for me without even trying to set anything up yet. Thank you for putting much clarification to many of my questions.

  • Hi Yaro, I was reading an article of Darrin Rowse on his Pro Blogger site, when I came across a Blog Mastermind banner. I was very impressed. I signed up for your newsletter and I am promoting Blog Mastermind on my Bloogle AdSense Blog I will definitely incorporate everything you teach, into my blogs. I can tell that everything your teaching is genuine. A lot of these programs that these so called “internet marketers” are putting out these days are junk. So when I watched your video I was surprised to see something so great, it’s not what I am used to seeing. If you don’t mind, I would like to write an article about you for one of my posts this month. Keep putting out the good work and I will keep taking your advice.

  • Hi Yaro. I am an artist with very little computer skills, i found your ad on artquid and was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to promote my web site,and what you think would be the best way to sell art on the web

  • Joy


    It has taken me a long time to move forward but I still think you are doing the greatest thing possible by helping people. I am on my way, thanks to you!

    Always grateful,

  • Hi, Yaro

    Some time ago I made a search on “niche sites” and one of your articles on this topic fetched the first result in Google.

    After reading it – I spent few weeks to read through virtually all posts I could find in your “Archives” and starting blogging has become only the question of time.
    Then it was a series of video tutorials by your friend Gideon Schalwick which helped me to setup the environment and start acting.

    And now it has come to this video and the “Blueprint” report. Video is great – though after reading so many articles of yours it didn’t bring any brand new ideas, but it is an excellent summary (or more exactly introduction) to the business model of blogging.

    Hopefully, some day I will be able to participate in one of your coaching programs. You seem to be a trustworthy person (in the world of business sharks 🙂 ) – and you are the first person I would spend money on getting advice from, though currently I’m not in the position to do so.

    Good luck,
    Crystal Tao

  • Hi Yaro,
    I just want to say that I have watched both videos and I thought they were presented very well. The information presented was very good and informative. I don’t know the first thing about blogging and the things they can be used for but after watching your videos I am very interested and am looking forward to testing things out and making them work. I will most definitely be referencing back to your resources that you have available. I know it probably sounds easier to get started than it really is but am going to give it a stab. Thanks for sharing your experience and making it available.

  • Rob

    Hi Yaro,

    The videos are great. I’m not new to internet or email marketing. Like you, I’ve taken some of the courses with the big names. And I’m running a blog, too. I must say, that I’m worried about offered a product to my list. I’ve been at it six months now, and the traffic is consistent, but not growing. I’ve been confused about what to do, so I’ve been looking around for new information. I’m enjoying yours, and it’s got me refocusing on the blog – my focus has started to wander, I started creating other website and affiliate marketing stuff. Maybe I’m avoiding the next step?

    Anyway, if you’re interested . . . here’s my blog. It’s in the green/sustainability niche.

    I’m looking forward to your other videos!


  • Hello Yaro, I watched your videos and liked what i saw. Your style was smooth and easy to digest. I will watch them again to see what i missed and then i will make my move. I have a few good ideas that i think will work and i will keep you posted. Thanks again and keep it up. Matthew

  • Good video, I will have to check it out further even though I swore I was not going to buy another internet marketing product..

  • Hi Yaro
    Lots for me to absorb,thanks!!

  • Great video Yaro! It certainly tied a lot of things in and focused me on what the important things to do in order to generate traffic. I certainly have some decisons to make and work to do!

    Thanks Again!

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