Podcast: How Companies Use Social Media And What It Means For Bloggers

I meant to have this out to you on Wednesday last week after I recorded it, since the prior evening I attended a Third Tuesday meet-up in Toronto, which was the inspiration for the podcast. However, you see, I bought a new macbook pro.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new mac, but this is my first mac and since I recorded the podcast on the mac there was a BIG learning curve to figure out how to get it ready for publication on this blog. As you will hear, it’s not quite right, but the message is definitely clear enough to enjoy. Apologies for the change in volume and odd shuffling noises.

How Do You Measure Social Media?

This Third Tuesday meet-up was a good one, the topic being – How do we measure social media? – with three expert panelists (Katie Paine, Marshall Sponder and Marcel Lebrun) taking questions from the audience made up of mostly PR and communications professionals, and related consultants and small business owners.

The idea of measuring the impact of social media is akin to measuring the effect of branding. Social media, much like branding, is often difficult to directly correlate with a business outcome, despite it obviously having a big impact on business results. I won’t go into here since I do so in some depth in the podcast, so have a listen!

If you are a blogger, a business owner or a person interested in the business side of social media, you will enjoy this rambling podcast.

Thanks to Joseph Thornley and his crew for putting on a great meet-up.

Show Notes

  1. Introduction to the Third Tuesday event
  2. What we mean when talking about measuring social media
  3. What this means for bloggers
  4. Why it’s the conversation that matters most, not the influencer
  5. No industry wide standards for measuring social media are available
  6. Not many people are actively measuring, only monitoring
  7. There is an opportunity to provide a database of influential sites ranked by social media analysis
  8. Use social media to assess how your competition is perceived and use that information to compete
  9. Consulting firms providing social media data mining services
  10. What changes to ad budget spending at companies means for bloggers
  11. Why being an influencer in any niche is so important

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  • Check out Ubercast mate – it’s brilliant


    • Hey Ed

      Where can I find Ubercast?

      I did a quick search but am not sure if I found the right one…

      Cheers from Australia!

      Gideon Shalwick

  • Not a bad effort for your first time Yaro!

    Welcome to the Mac Club!

    Gideon Shalwick

    PS: Did you end up using Garageband?

    • No actually Gideon – I ended up downloading audacity for mac and recorded with that.

      I do intend to learn garage band and I’d like to check out this ubercast tool (Ed – I can’t find it either), but there was no time for a learning curve when I did this podcast.

  • Hi Yaro…thanks for the podcast. We’re just about to launch Shoutlet…an all in one tool that enables users to create, distribute and track social media campaigns. The tool doesn’t aggregate all the info you wished for in your podcast but it covers the main areas of interest in terms of where content is published, how its viewed, shared, bookmarked, etc.

    Let me know if you want to line up a demo. Shoutlet comes from a Wisconsin based company and we’re launching in APAC very soon.

    Hope that’s helpful. Keep up the good work!


  • How’s the new mac Yaro? What model of mac are you using?

  • Got a macbook pro 15in for my travels, though I must say the learning curve is tough.

    I love it for video, but I miss some of my old programs that I can’t get on mac for text editing (keynote tabbed text editor for one and NoteTab text editor which I use to play with HTML files).

  • Hi Yaro,

    I had no idea you were present at the meeting last Tuesday night! I wish you had come up and said hello to me – I’ve been reading your blog, on and off, for a few years and I would have really wanted to talk to you.

    OK, I don’t get to Toronto much, and this trip last week was the first time I went there for several years (was a good trip, btw) and the Social Media RoundTable was great as was Third Tuesday.

    If you drop by NYC contact me, maybe we can meet.

    BTW, I will share the link to your podcast with my readers but I wonder if we can get an embeddable version that will stream – I’d like to put the podcast on my blogs.

    Thanks again – and I want to say again, thank you for making a podcast of this event as I was just asking about it last night!


    • Hi Marshall – thanks for dropping by. Sorry I didn’t say hello, I was quite hungry so I stormed downstairs to order food.

      I’ll probably be in NYC later in the year so maybe we can meet up then.

  • Yaro,

    The podcast is great, despite the quality 😉

    I’m really new to podcasting – this might be a rhetorical question, but should every blogger place one in his/her blog? I mean, not all blog topics and types should implement podcasting, I suppose?


  • Thanks for that great podcast! It’s really interesting topic for me as a blogger:)

  • Loved the Podcast. Must learn how to do this better myself! Thanks for all the great tips. I’m learning how to do this well!

  • Hello! First of all great content here!

    I recently changed from PC to Mac myself and I had the same problem. I was using Garage Band and I thought I was recording through my cool mic and realized I was recording via the internal mic.

    Yes funny but trust me once you get it, you will LOVE the Mac. I just got the new iPhone today too so I am all Apple and loving it!

    Anyway, the reason that I am posting is to thank you. I really enjoyed the audio. I am a new blogger and I am excited and hoping to build a nice community this way. I love helping people!

    I am going to subscribe to your blog as I have already seen that you put it good content so thanks for the inspiration!!

    Have a great weekend and I will be back!

  • Companies Use Social Media And What It Means For Bloggers topic have a good info . I am very happy to read this nice article.

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