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Podcast: How Companies Use Social Media And What It Means For Bloggers

I meant to have this out to you on Wednesday last week after I recorded it, since the prior evening I attended a Third Tuesday meet-up in Toronto, which was the inspiration for the podcast. However, you see, I bought a new macbook pro.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new mac, but this is my first mac and since I recorded the podcast on the mac there was a BIG learning curve to figure out how to get it ready for publication on this blog. As you will hear, it’s not quite right, but the message is definitely clear enough to enjoy. Apologies for the change in volume and odd shuffling noises.

How Do You Measure Social Media?

This Third Tuesday meet-up was a good one, the topic being – How do we measure social media? – with three expert panelists (Katie Paine, Marshall Sponder and Marcel Lebrun) taking questions from the audience made up of mostly PR and communications professionals, and related consultants and small business owners.

The idea of measuring the impact of social media is akin to measuring the effect of branding. Social media, much like branding, is often difficult to directly correlate with a business outcome, despite it obviously having a big impact on business results. I won’t go into here since I do so in some depth in the podcast, so have a listen!

If you are a blogger, a business owner or a person interested in the business side of social media, you will enjoy this rambling podcast.

Thanks to Joseph Thornley and his crew for putting on a great meet-up.

Show Notes

  1. Introduction to the Third Tuesday event
  2. What we mean when talking about measuring social media
  3. What this means for bloggers
  4. Why it’s the conversation that matters most, not the influencer
  5. No industry wide standards for measuring social media are available
  6. Not many people are actively measuring, only monitoring
  7. There is an opportunity to provide a database of influential sites ranked by social media analysis
  8. Use social media to assess how your competition is perceived and use that information to compete
  9. Consulting firms providing social media data mining services
  10. What changes to ad budget spending at companies means for bloggers
  11. Why being an influencer in any niche is so important

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