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With all the talk of doing a product launch online thanks to Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula 2.0 release, I thought I should talk a little bit about how blogging can be used to launch a product based on my experiences.

My list was built off the back of this blog and I have conducted a product launch process a couple of times. In this audio I go through some of the techniques, the mistakes and the successes I have experienced over my three years as a blogger, which led to the eventual successful launch of an information product, which I made over $150,000 from.

If you are thinking of doing a product launch online, or a relaunch or closing down sale or any kind of online promotion, and if you want to know my opinion of Product Launch Formula (and let me be frank – I did NOT plan on buying the product at first because I didn’t think I needed it), then this is a podcast you have to listen to.

Show Notes

  1. How to build email lists
  2. How I created my first list of 3,000 subscribers using blogging
  3. Some key lessons from Jeff Walker about using surveys before releasing a product
  4. The first million dollar launch day
  5. The real reason I bought Product Launch Formula (nothing to do with the content itself)
  6. Jeff teaches me the importance of list segmentation
  7. What I did in the lead-up to my own launch
  8. How I attracted top affiliates to my launch
  9. The real reason you do a launch – to build a list (so you CAN start with no list and still succeed)
  10. Who should and should not invest in products like product launch formula.


Success with No List and No Affiliates?

If you are still worried about conducting a launch without an email list, watch the latest free video from Jeff about the guy who started with no list, no web site, and no joint venture partners and did over $7,000 in sales – impressive stuff!

Here’s the video – No List, No Web Site, No JV Partners

The Yaro Podcast

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