Kajabi – Is It Really That Good?

I spent an entire hour watching the sales video for a new product you probably have heard of, it’s called…


You can watch the video for yourself right here – What Is Kajabi? – and then sign up for a 14 day trial (the trial option may be over depending when you read this blog post).


I wrote previously about Kajabi and some of the competing content marketing systems available to us who sell information online in this blog post – Which Content Management System Is Best For Selling Information Online?.

The reason I was willing to spend an entire hour watching the video is because I’m actually making the decision right now as to what system to change over to for my next training product. The choice of what system to use is a big one as changing is a serious hassle, so you want to choose one that does what you need it to and stay with it long term.

After watching the video I have to say that right now Kajabi is a front runner, it actually made me excited about using many of the features, and that’s a rare thing when it comes to technology.

Credit has to go to Andy Jenkins for yet again creating a marketing video that is brilliant, at least brilliantly targeted at me, an information marketer. I’m the perfect type of client for this so naturally the content got me excited and Andy, being an information marketer himself, knows exactly how to push all the right buttons.

Since you might be wondering what’s the big deal about Kajabi and what features I liked, I’ll give you a break down of my thoughts, including the pros and cons so you can decide whether to use it yourself.

What Is Kajabi?

Before I tell you what I like and don’t like about Kajabi based on what I know so far, I should point out what exactly the service is designed to do.

Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. It provides a platform for hosting content, like videos, audios and text documents, which are delivered using some proven templates, such as the video squeeze page and sales page for marketing the content, and a membership community area for delivering the actual product.

Rather than me go through the entire set of features, you’re better off watching the video if you want a more in-depth look. You can do so here –

Watch The Inside Kajabi Video

Here’s What I Like About Kajabi

Let’s start with the good points, in particular the innovative features that really made me go – that’s cool!

  • I liked that Andy Jenkins and his development team are information marketers themselves, so they know and have experienced what problems info marketers face and have added really cool features specifically for some unique situations.
  • Kajabi was tested on some pretty huge launches this year (2010), including John Reese (Outsource Force), Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula), Mike Filsaime (AffiliateDotCom) and Andy’s own Video Boss launch.
  • I like that the platform runs off cloud hosting so you don’t need to look for any special media hosting in addition to what you are paying for.
  • The ability to time the release of email opt-in boxes on squeeze pages is cool, so you can allow people to start watching your prelaunch videos and at certain key times in the presentation, once they are hooked, you can request the opt-in (it’s a bit sneaky though, but completely optional, and is worth testing – I bet it would increase conversion in most tests). If you don’t understand what I mean here, watch the video and Andy shows you exactly how it works.
  • Similarly to the opt-in feature, I like that you can delay revealing the “buy now” button on sales videos, which forces people to watch the sales video (or a portion of it) and learn about the product before they can buy. This can reduce refunds. Again it’s optional in Kajabi and again watch the video if you don’t understand what I mean.
  • I like that Kajabi allows you to drip feed the release of content in a membership site based on a time delay, so you can give members access weekly or monthly or whatever duration you choose. If they haven’t been a member for long enough they won’t have access to certain parts of the product. This is a feature available in many other membership site scripts, content management tools and I’ve done it using just Aweber with my courses, however the Kajabi implementation was very clean. I love how it shows what content is coming up and how many days they have to wait before they can access it. That’s powerful for retention. Take a look at the video to see what I mean.
  • Kajabi contains some pretty cool community management tools, allowing your members to signify whether comments left to content are just comments, or questions or answers to questions. This can then be filtered so you can easily see what questions are waiting for you to respond to. You can also highlight answers offered by other members to reduce your workload. Community has become a really important stick factor for keeping members involved and thus not cancelling or refunding, so making this aspect of your membership site easier to manage is a helpful feature.
  • The function to not allow people to download video files until after a certain period of time is interesting. I’ve never been too concerned with people stealing my content, for example buying my product, downloading all of it, then asking for a refund. I figure there are a few bad apples in every bunch and you just have to accept that. That being said, I know a lot of people like to have features to discourage this problem, so Kajabi’s ability to switch on the download option until after the refund period (they can only stream videos before that), will be well received.
  • I was initially told that Kajabi has no affiliate function, or a shopping cart, or split testing – all features available in other tools like FusionHQ, but towards the end of the video I was pleased to see that all of these features are available or coming soon as add-ons you can pick and choose to apply to your Kajabi account.

This is just a handful of the cool things I saw in the video. Bear in mind I have not actually tested any of these features in action on a live product, so the next step is to actually use the system and see how easy it is to implement. I’ll be playing with it over the coming weeks, and I recommend you do so as well.

There is a 14 day Kajabi free trial offer you can take advantage of right now – Click this link to watch the video and trial Kajabi.

How About Kajabi’s Bad Points?

Alright, so what don’t I like about Kajabi so far?

  • I don’t like that all the hosting is on the Kajabi platform. This of course is a good thing too, because it means you don’t have to worry about it, and the promise of cloud servers is great, however the “all your eggs in one basket” situation is scary. Even now I have my sites hosted across three different servers and my media files on two different cloud servers, this means it’s highly unlikely everything will go down at once. Of course the same has been said about cloud servers in general, which is what Kajabi uses, so perhaps this really isn’t a big concern. Time will tell.
  • Testing is another issue. Although I liked that they BETA tested with some big launches, things will be different with thousands of clients joining the service now that it is public. Personally I’d prefer to start using a service like this after about a year of public release so I know the bugs are ironed out based on a lot of people using it. However I want to use it now, so I’ll just have to take the risk and hope Andy’s team are up to scratch at fixing any problems quickly.
  • I was pleased to see add-ons, and I like the idea of bespoke options for things like the affiliate module, shopping cart, etc, since you may not use them. However if you do want all these features and there is a fee for each add-on, I can see Kajabi becoming quite a costly service.
  • Kajabi, which comes with some great templates, may become so ubiquitous that eventually it’s widespread use could hurt your product’s image. Personally I don’t think this is going to be an issue because the system seems 100% customizable, so you can have your designer create something completely unique if you’re worried about being “just another Kajabi product”, but I know some people are concerned about this, so I’ll bring it up.
  • Price could become an issue if you are a heavy user of data. The basic packages come with some a reasonable amount of bandwidth, but if you start using much more, you will incur a cost. That being said, if you have a lot of people using your files, data cost is going to be an issue no matter where you host, and I don’t see Kajabi as priced much different to other services when it comes to bandwidth allocation, especially considering the tools you are getting.

I can’t see that many “bad” parts of the service, at least so far. With some testing, especially given the large userbase that has no doubt flooded the service since it opened, we will get a good feel for how stable it is.

I’d still like to see how it inegrates with Clickbank and Paypal. I want to see how it handles upsells and downsells once the shopping cart add-on is available, and I’d like to see how the affiliate system works.

Comparing Kajabi to the other options out there, including Nanacast, FusionHQ, Delavo, Traindom, Digital Access Pass and Wishlist is the real challenge, but at some point you have to just bite the bullet and get something out there.

I for one will be playing with Kajabi and takig advantage of the 14 day free trial you can get right now as I type this article –

Try Kajabi For Free For 14 Days

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Kajabi’s entry level package is $97 a month after the trial, which is not too bad in my books and comparable to the other options out there.

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  • Cloud computing worries me. It was a problem with a cloud computing system that closed down Virgin Airlines booking system in Australia. And Virgin didn’t have access to their customer details to contact them. Any thoughts?

    They say kajabi is from an indigenous Australian language. Do you have any idea which one?

    I think it is a bit expensive for me at the moment. I guess it is very much for people with ongoing courses or who are often publising stuff. For me it is very occasional at the moment.

    It does seem to be a turnkey solution, so I’ll be very interested to hear what you think after the 14 days.

  • I like the looks of Kajabi. I do not like the fact that the cloud hosting isn’t available with the lowest priced package, however. It’s biggest selling point to me is that it has the power of Amazon’s cloud behind it.

    But if I don’t buy a more expensive package that I don’t need, I don’t have access to that.

    I also feel that the basic package is priced way too high. Yes, it’s a great platform… but for someone just trying to get one site going and making money, it’s a really stiff monthly fee. I’m disappointed because Andy specifically said he was going to make it affordable for everyone. But it really isn’t.

  • Amy

    I’m worried about everything being on the one server system as well. If it stuffs up, your site goes does, your business goes down. I’ve had experience with these “gurus” before and can honestly say their customer service is in their backside, so I am not going to jump on the bandwagon just yet. I want to see how good their service is first. I really do not like these guru’s, they are so full of themselves, but the product looks excellent. Sorry to say that, but it’s how I feel based on my own experience. We’ll see….

  • Yaro, I appreciate your Kajabi review, warts and all. You certainly provide a great model for product reviews with this post. I’m interested to see how Kajabi meets your needs with your new training program. The cost is a factor and as you rightly point out, the add-ons (affiliate marketing, etc) will add further costs. It seems to be a fully-featured product with some powerful testimonials. I will keep my eye out for your next Kajabi review.

    • A model for product reviews? Seriously? This was your typical biased towards the product “review” which is nothing more than a pre-sell and affiliate link.

      It’s blatant… For starters he hasn’t even really used it so how can he make a review? No real negatives are listed but to appear fair and unbiased, some minor negatives are are noted and immediately downplayed to seem as no big deal or explained away. There’s no comparison with any competing services. It’s a sales letter, not a review.

      How about the real negatives such as running your info product launch on a platform that would give full access of all your details to info product marketers and the fact that it was created and is promoted by known snake oil salesmen who make a living selling over hyped, rehashed “make money” info products and collude with each other in their “Syndicate” to price fix and remove competition from their market.

      • Dude, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

        • Yaro, I hate to admit it but I agree with his assessment of your review. You are trying to appear impartial but it’s obvious you aren’t. You might as well made fun of the name and called that a negative.

          Look, we all realize you need to make a buck. Just don’t lose your credibility along the way.

          Some may think your review is balanced. Others see through it.

          Bugs… Crappy support from the beginning and their own launch videos wouldn’t play past 12 minutes for many visiting the site.

          Please show me some reviews were you are an affiliate and DON’T recommend the product.

          I’ll take a pass for now.


          • “Some may think your review is balanced. Others see through it.”

            That has been the way for every review I write, regardless of what I say or whether I use an affiliate link or not, and will remain so as long as I keep writing. Everyone has a different level of skepticism, and see things differently. If I try and control that then I am screwed.

            I write with the agenda to share my point of view and give people a place to share theirs within comments. I make money from any sales I make as an affiliate because that is what this blog is about.

            Bear in mind when I wrote my opinion of Kajabi I was reviewing the sales video, not the product itself as I hadn’t used it. That’s why I was more than happy to let all the comments come through from people who had used it after my blog post was written. If I was looking to focus on being glaringly positive in the hope of making more money, then I would have simply deleted the negative comments – and yes, that would have likely been a dumb thing for my credibility as people would have experienced all the problems afterwards.

            Thank you for your feedback Mike.

  • James Dyson

    Very comprehensive post yaro, I like your approach to this. I think there’s no doubt Kajabi looks like a powerful platform, it’s just whether everyone will want to hand Over control of their business to them.

    I also agree that it could become costly pretty quick if you want to create multiple funnels or have lots of traffic (but this in turn should mean you’re making more)

    Definately a contender, but for now I will be sticking with nanacast for my affiliate program/memberships and my optimizepress wordpress theme for building my sales sites and funnels


  • Hi Yaro,

    As I pointed out in my previous comment on the the subject of Kajabi in your previous post, I like your balanced approach.

    There is a lot to like but a lot to question about Kajabi as well. Just the first few points that you don’t like about it are more than enough for everybody to pause and take note of them.

    Customer support will be overloaded when all these people start using it. I got a hint that even when it was just Beta tested, customer support wasn’t that good.

    To be charged for every add on that should be part of the system as a whole is a big turn off for me too.

    I’m with you in the view that waiting for a year to see what people are saying then is a great idea.


  • Hi Yaro,

    Thanks for your timely pros/cons review of Kajabi.

    The Kajabi videos are so overwhelming that I was sort of blinded by the glam and glitz. Not a good sign…

    It would be great if you could quickly (oh, go ahead and take until close of the business day ) do a top line review against Nanacast, FusionHQ, Delavo, Traindom, Digital Access Pass and Wishlist.

    Personally, I have to guard against paralysis by analysis, and the effort would bamfoozle me. I’d rather trust reliable people like you to give a thumbs up or down. While there is probably no harm in using the free 14 day, what’s the point if you think it’s a loser? And with the trial clock ticking…

    Again, Yaro, thanks for your review AND your next one that compares Kajabi with the others. Looking forward to it.



    • If only I had the energy to test them all out Bill. However I am building a team of writers to help contribute to this blog (see the Jobs tab) and one of those jobs is review writers, so perhaps one of the new people in the team will take on the job of testing out all the programs.

      If you’re reading this and that is something you’d like to do and report back on this blog, please get in touch. It would be great to have thorough reviews of all the options mentioned.

      • It is definitely something I would like, though I would like to have a chance to review (privately) the reviewer – you, I am very familiar with! I, too, am concerned about the price. That’s why I am so thankful that you have given such a well rounded review. I have been following you for a couple of years and know the quality of your work and trust what you say. Thanks for the review!

  • Yaro I have been catching hell over my Non Affiliate Kajabi review thank you. At least you pointed out the downside thats why I like you Yaro.

  • tim

    I’m on the trial..

    so far it’s really poor, so many bugs and yet they said they had a load of beta tests.

    You can’t actually upload a singe picture, but you can upload video! You have to link to a picture elsewhere, sidebars aren’t customisable, there’s so much missing that it needs.

    It has great potential but it could be a wait.

    • When you say they say it had a load of beta tests…

      Wasn’t that only four people doing launches with it?

      That is not a load of beta tests…

      Hundreds of users doing thousands of transactions each bringing in tens of thousands of subscribers/clients would be a load of beta tests.

      4 internet marketers doing a couple small launches is hardly a comprehensive beta test of all corners of the system.

  • Even though the cloud hosting set up is supposed to better protect you from down times I would be hesitant to put all of my launches with one company. Considering I don’t currently have any launches on the horizon it’s really a mute point, but nonetheless.

    The $97 price point for the basic package seems reasonable for someone that is already making money online, like yourself, and can therefore afford the cost. However, for someone like myself and others out there that are not yet doing launches the price seems prohibitive. Kajabi just might not be suited for relative newbies.

    I do appreciate the balanced and honest review, somehow I think many others are simply gushing about the product instead of looking at it objectively. Thanks.


  • Great post Yaro but in my opinion Kajabi has more negatives than positives. I am definitely not going to entrust my online business to sombody else.I want to have total control of my sales pages, and my “sales machine”.The Kajabi system, althought it looks very impressive does not fullfill my criteria.
    I was wondering if you know about new great alternative called OptimizePress developed by James Dyson.
    Optimezed Press is a WordPress based platform and is super easy system that can be used to create sales letters, sales pages, sales video pages, launch pages and anything you can possibly want and need. The best about OptimezedPress is that it is supper easy to create anything you want. There are hundreds of cusomisation options and templates and the options are just one click selections so you can be new to IM and use it effectively. The system includes custom shortcodes so you can create unlimitted super looking professional pages without any experience.
    All pages you will create are super SEO optimised and because you install it on your own domain on WordPress, they get ranked quickly. In addition you are in complete control as you host it on your own domain which I love.
    The price is very good and, even better, it’s one payment ONLY with NO MONTHLY CHARGES.

    What was my final deciding factor is that James Schramko said he was not likely to use Kajabi. He recommends OptimizedPress. He says it is better than Kajabi.

    The overview website about the system is http://www.optimizepress.com/ (not an affiliate link).

    I wonder what everybody thinks.

  • Sounds like an amazing platform, but I think some users may not like the fact that once their programme has finished that you end up paying a small fortune to keep it hosted. At least with something self-hosted you can alter your hosting package to cut costs (or even take it offline) and then bump it back up if you relaunch.

    Thanks for the review Yaro 🙂

  • Before I say anything, I wish to disclose that I’m the founder/co-developer of one of the solutions that Yaro mentions above (DigitalAccessPass.com). So now that you’re going to read this more closely, I’m going to make sure I’m absolutely dang honest and forthcoming here. So here goes my list of disparate-yet-congruent thoughts…

    1) I like Andy Jenkins as a marketer. I don’t know him personally. I have purchased Stompernet products before (when he was there). I think he’s a good guy.

    2) Marketers are not the best when it comes to “Support Intensive Techie Products”. In fact, very few marketers can sustain this business model (like Mike Filsaime has done successfully, with his Paydotcom service).

    3) Big name marketers are used to doing big launches, having people download their stuff and go away, until they promote the next big guy’s next-big-thing. They usually are not the best at offering great customer service, tech support, high-availability SLA’s (service level agreements), etc.

    4) IM info products are a totally different thing. They’re a walk in the park when compared to support-intensive products. I know this, because I’ve been launching support-intensive products for the last 15 years. It takes a different kind of mentality to deal with customers and technical issues on a daily basis. And no, he can’t just outsource it and walk away happily into the sunset. There will be major issues. There always are. I have managed hundreds of technical projects – including a software development project for one of the major cities in the US (government project) which was a billion (yup, with a “B”) dollar project, a 100-member strong development team with programmers, analysts, database guys, system engineers, and so on. And we had only like 200,000 users, and it was not easy to develop, support and maintain it.

    So even at say 10,000 site owners on the system, and hundreds of thousands of *their* users hitting the system, it’s going to get ugly. And I don’t know the skill-level or capacity of Andy’s team to manage that kind of scalability. So I can’t comment much on that, but I’m hoping he’s hired like a solid bunch of techie rockstars (who by the way, will *hate* doing tech support, because smart programmers hate interacting with people and customers and doing Q/A and offering support by chat and phone). His support team is going to have to have even bigger rock stars in a different way.

    5) I’m surprised that they didn’t go about this with a silent private beta (with more people using it than the 3 guru-launches mentioned). Because guess what – supporting 3 clients is going to be much, much, different than supporting 300 (or 3,000 – or 30,000 clients). Anyone can support 3 clients, no matter how much traffic these guys brought in. It’s not just about “hardware resources”. It’s also about your support infrastructure – your “people resources”. Will there be someone to chat with 24×7? Can you call tech support 24×7 (at least 12×5)? Will they charge more for phone support? What happens during emergencies? How many customers on the phone and chat can these guys handle in a day? Customers are going to be coming at you from everywhere – and I mean *everywhere*.

    So why would you not do a staggered roll-out, allowing a few hundred people to come on to the system at a time (like every few weeks, or every month)? It really amazes me that they’re hitting such a big project as if it were some downloadable video product. I get a bad feeling that they’re terribly underestimating the effort. Makes no sense to me to launch something like this like a typical IM launch (“run, run, go, go, go, my bonus, your bonus, BAM – closed”).

    Anyway, there are so many ifs and thens and buts. It is not going to be easy. Mistakes and slipups are going to be ill-affordable.

    But Andy Jenkins, who as I mentioned before, is a smart dude – and also a good guy (I think, as I haven’t met him, but his marketing has always been very congruent and real). I’m sure he has consulted enough smart folks about the massiveness of this launch, and how it’s going to hold up. And I’m sure he’s assembled a great team too. But right now, it’s all still on paper. How it all goes down, remains to be seen.

    But whatever happens, I’ll always be cheering for the good guys, no doubt about that.

    So here’s to wishing Andy and his team great success.


    – Ravi Jayagopal
    Founder & Co-Developer

    • I appreciate your detailed and well thought out response to Kajabi. I would have to agree that rolling out such a massive product as Kajabi, which is going to have be highly support intensive for thousands of webmasters, is a rather large task. I too would hope Jenkins has a bunch of customer service people at the ready for the inevitable onslaught of questions, bugs and necessary changes that will pop up.

      It does seem like they are treating Kajabi as another big launch product instead of just offering it on an ongoing basis. Considering the monthly charge hopefully they offer a great deal of support.


    • Hey Ravi great detailed post. And thanks for posting on my article. PS I left you a reply there as well sir.

    • Ravi makes some really great points. I’ve seen similar issues. I’m also concerned with Internet marketers launching hosted solutions. Typically there is no one on the team with previous hosting/architecture/scalability experience. “We’ll just use Amazon” is NOT an appropriate response.

      I don’t know who else is behind Kajabi other than Andy, but if they don’t have one network person (not a developer–those are two different skillsets) I wouldn’t do business with them.


    • In reply to Ravi and Yaro

      Two months back I spent weeks going over different systems for a membership website solution. I needed one quickly as I was getting a heap of interest on my mobile marketing blog after a mobile marketing product was launched and people who coming to me for honest, no hyped truth … I needed to be up and running before people went cold.

      It was a nightmare to be honest as I went from a one system to another (without giving you all the details), but I finally ended up using DAP (Digital Access Pass), and the support from Ravi and Veena has been incredible, and my site works well, there have been a few issues but my support tickets are answered quickly and my site Mobimastermind.co is going great!

      I love the wordpress sneak peek feature that allows me to show snippets of post (upto the `More` break) to get people interested but protected content, but have the content indexed in the engines.

      Now I have signed up with the Kajabi free trial to play around with it, but I am not impressed with hyped sales pages and video and from what I have been reading there are a number of bugs. I assume there is no sneak peek feature in Kajabi?

      But if you are looking for an alternative and want to deal with real people and techie’s like Ravi then DAP is great. I don’t see why you can not use wordpress and have most of the features that Kajabi offers. At least with DAP the affiliate system is all in one place along with email broadcasting, ARs etc.

    • Kathy

      Thank you for that honest, sincere and upfront assessment! This was more helpful to me than any comment on the blog and for that I thank you.
      I think that even given the problems I will probably go with Kajabi because I’m almost certain they can hire tech support people (hire what you don’t know/like) and that is a pretty easy fix and I’m intrigued about Kajabi University and all their tutorials have to offer clients (that you can take advantage of even during the trial).
      The price point is kind of high but I will try it out and see where it goes! But thanks again for your assessment of Kajabi! Kudos on a well written informative post!

  • Excellent video newsletter i must say, very convincing with all those new features, membership sites will be a revolution under this system…. but i must say for a newcomer to internet marketing, its way too expensive for me, i guess the Big guys can afford to invest in it!

    • Yep I feel the same about the cost too. You also have to factor in your autoresponder cost as well with Aweber, etc.

      It all starts adding up when you are new to the game and you are unsure if things will take off and you’ll get the results you are seeking.

  • I like it but the big drawback for me is that it’s a hosted solution. I have not had good experiences with cloud computing running a serious, online business, where I need a reliable system. I have a dedicated server and just bought wishlist.

    It looks really cool, but I am not sold just yet.

    Thanks for the review Yaro.

  • I really like Kajabi. I just wished they would release it so that you can own the script and upload it to your own server. The price would have to be higher and that’s fine. But at least I’d have everything on my own server.

    That being said, it is so packed full of features and HIGHLY targeted to internet marketers that it’s SO APPEALING! Those guys know exactly what they are doing, lol.

    I’m strongly considering using it for the launch of my membership site, because I don’t know that you can find better features anywhere else at any price in a way that it’s set up so easily.

    • Hey Leslie you touched on something being discussed on forums around the world right now. There is still an advantage to wishlist or DAP because you pay once. Also there is WP spire I am posting a big post Monday with more alternatives

  • Yaro, thanks for giving both sides of the story. Sometimes the flood of “support” from affiliates for these products tend towards the buy it now side but you have given a fair assessment by giving what you consider to be the downsides of the product. I feel the host all is a bit scary and open to price increases as well as a risky test. Like you I would prefer to see how it works for others and see if they can offer some uniqueness so sites don’t al look the same.

  • tim


    a bunch of us have been trying it out all day and adding queries and issues to the Kommunity support with ZERO response

    the platform has so many bugs it simply DOES NOT WORK as it should.

    I wonder if it was tested as stated…

    i advise not to promote this til they go away retest and relaunch, it is a fiasco!

  • Nice, balanced review. But have you read their Subscriber Agreement? Yikes!

    I thought WordPress.com had stiff terms of service, but Kajabi’s makes them look like a bunch of legal pansies. Their take-no-prisoners subscription agreement will scare off anyone who bothers to read it.

    I wonder why I never read any reviews of Premium Web Cart. It seems to have many of the same features – and more – without the hosting. Is there something there that’s not obvious, because they seem to look a lot better than, say, 1 Shopping Cart.

    I notice that Kajabi doesn’t integrate with Premium either.

    Would love to hear some feedback about them as a possible alternative.

  • Kajabi is a great concept and certainly has potential… but after testing it for 2 days there are literally to many issues to name… just check out their own support forums for details.
    I think once they work out the bugs (6months – 1 year) it will be worth another look for some projects, but realistically it is quite limited and needs a lot of work.

  • […] Kajabi – Is It Really That Good? (yaro.blog) […]

  • It has tons of bugs people. The cancel subscription button was broken.

    Its not ready for release…

    I think it needs 6 more months…

  • I’m in full agreement with all the other posts from people who have actually used it. The level of ‘broken-ness’ from the bugs and unresolved internal issues render Kajabi essentially unusable.

    As I was watching the super slick, super hypey videos I was thinking to myself “I’ve seen this before, but maybe this time everything will be different. Maybe Andy Jenkins will deliver on his promises.” I’m sorry to report that that’s not the case – far, far from it. The interface is clunky and bare-bones, and there are too many problems across the board to even start mentioning. As Onuora said, it is simply not ready for release – period.

    I wish Jenkins hadn’t wasted two hours of my time with his ridiculously good videos. And that’s what the videos have revealed themselves to be – ridiculous. Ridiculous because they (like far too many product launches) over-promise and under-deliver.

    Take a pass on this one people, trust me.


  • Yes Kajabi is making very strong impressions and a lot of my clients who were using other platforms are asking me if it will be possible to transfer to Kajabi just because they have heard it from someone it is good! Like very good! This happens everytime they introduce another new e commerce cms platform. Well lets hope Kajabi makes it for longer this time!

  • You know, I spent some time thinking about all the stuff that Kajabi does and then thinking about WordPress and various plugins…

    And I don’t see what Kajabi does that a WordPress blog with the right plugins can’t already do.

    Embed video? You can do that with wordpress
    Dripfeed content? You can do that with wordpress
    SEO optimized? You can do that with wordpress

    I went through the entire list. Someone please point out to me what Kajabi does better than WordPress.

    Hosting? Godaddy has pretty robust hosting and it’s not all that expensive.

    Dreamhost has excellent hosting and unlimited everything. One cheap hosting package, unlimited bandwidth, diskspace, domains, email addresses, mysql databases…

    But the sale’s video was excellent. I wonder how much Andy charges to do video work.

  • Dear Fellow entrepreneurs who are impressed with Kajabi and considering it for their next product,

    I’ve watched Andy’s pre launch videos with great interest, read his PDF report on obstacles we web entrepreneurs face and have really liked them. I think there is no question that all that was impressive.

    I also have a first hand experience of being a Kajabi platform user (not a site owner). I am participating in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and have used Kajabi for a few months now.

    I sell downloadable software. Not really membership sites. But I certainly want to create communities around my software (to retain customers and develop stronger relationships).

    I’ve reviewed a lot of membership systems out there and am currently using Ravi’s Digital Access Pass. DAP works quite well, I have a laundry list of my complaints against it, and Ravi already knows about them 😉

    And here’s my bullet point review of Kajabi.
    – Good for membership sites. Especially when the only integration you need with outside systems is email sending and payment processing.
    – Provides a ready internet marketing platform – squeeze pages, funnels and the like
    – Has nice content dripping features that work.
    – Focused on marketing. I believe that’s very good.

    – Kajabi is about projects. Not products. So it suits only membership sites where the primary product is the membership site information. Hence it clearly does not work in my needs.
    – Community interaction features are designed keeping site owners in mind! Not the actual community.
    – No APIs / possibility of integration with other systems yet
    – May get very costly with all those add on modules coming
    – All eggs in one basket – sure, I don’t like that either – I think if they offer backups / exports, I can live with them

    My Verdict:
    – Kajabi is good for people who want to launch online training courses. Who don’t want the hassle of managing all the moving parts. And who are not control freaks. Not suitable for others yet. Though I won’t write it off my list just yet.



  • tim

    2 things that u should know

    1. you can’t even upload a single jpeg into kajabi it has to be hosted elsewhere and then you embed the url !

    2. Video uploads are taking 12 hours plus sometimes to process before they are available on a page

  • I really like that kajabi has the moblie video app krunch but 12 hours to upload it is too long does anyone know where to find this app separate from kajabi?

  • Hi

    Great balanced review about Kajabi. I just got disturbed recently after watching the video on this website http://goo.gl/lE3S which claims to show a phone discussion of Andy Jenkins and Jeff Walker. There Andy Jenkins talks very bad about other people. I wouldnt want to give my business into the hands of him anymore.

    Does anyone have an advice how to take those things?

  • Kajabi looks great but as advertised, it’s made for marketers. I am just starting my blog and it needs to Kajabi (take off) first. I can’t see how it would help me as a start-up blogger.

  • There is such a difference between the quality of the marketing videos and the product that it’s sad.

    They shouldn’t have released it yet.

    Honestly Nirav, I cant see how it could be used for anything at this point. It just doesn’t even look functional.

  • Two words Yaro, A-MAZING

    I’m officially Kajabi-fied.

    Thank you Yaro for what I believe will be THE tool I’ve been looking for to pull together my info products business like never before.

    Success Vibes to you,
    Valerie Love

  • I appreciate the down sides to Kajabi. The hosting may be a big issue but as you say time will tell. I am still considering it as changes can bring great results but they can have a bit of challenges to start and you have to be ready for those.

    Andy Jenkis has created great products and has great reputation. So, the product is back up by his name that is a lot 🙂

  • I know the benefits of cloud computing but at the same time some concerns come to mind. For example if anything happens to the online company, all of your work could be lost. I don’t mean real time scaling of bandwidth and redundancy, I mean if the company and programmers running kajabi go bankrupt and cease operations.

    Anyway, I think Kajabi appears best for marketers with their own products or membership sites, and it does seem to solve the Clickbank refund problem.

  • tim

    join the free trial and see what people who have been struggling with it are saying in the support areas, it’s a riot!

    • Unfortunately, it appears they have removed the general conversation forum where most of the negative feedback was being shared. A few minutes ago, I was looking in the Bugs forum and confirmed that someone else had noticed that fact because there was a post about it. Unfortunately, that post has now been removed.

      In the video sales pitch, they present themselves as being very above-board and up-front. But the lack of transparency reflected in the removal of the negative feedback is disturbing to say the least.

      After experiencing some of the problems that were the subject of complaints, I had pretty much decided to wait the 14 days to see what type of response people were receiving. But the removal of the negative feedback has made me decide to go cancel my account now (assuming the cancel link works!).

  • I will be very interested to hear about the support side of Kajabi. In my experience as a customer of a several web-based marketing products I am most loyal to the companies that have good to excellent support. Nothing is more frustrating than having to submit a support ticket or ask for help on a support forum only to get a poor response or inadequate help. Your product will be at a stand-still until the issue is resolved.

  • Hi Yaro,

    I kinda understand where you’re coming from, however for many information marketers out there having just begun, I recommend using the combination of
    1. Optimize Press (for launching and sales page & squeeze page creation)
    2. Digital Access Pass which has excellent affiliate features to boot, and a whole lot of other features such as true drip (drip content over time) and 1 click upsell…

    Kajabi looks awesome, however you still do need another shopping cart service at this stage plus its quite expensive to scale up on…

    Anyway that’s my take..

    Daniel Toh

  • Thanks for the informative review Yaro. The price is a little over my budget at the moment. It will be interesting to see the reviews that come after people have actually used the system for a few months, and it does concern me having everything on the one server system too.

  • A friend of mine was telling me about this the other day he’s in the business and thinks it will be OK when its ready. Its one for the big boys unfortunately out of my price range.

  • Kajabi seems really cool and interesting. You can tell a lot of work went into this. The primary reason I won’t buy it though, is due to the fact that everyone will be using this platform now. Don’t get me wrong – if it works, it works, but I like to be a little different with my marketing campaigns and product launches to be “different from the norm”. But I will admit the videos they put together made the thing look pretty awesome. Solid marketing there.

  • I’m one of Andy Jenkins Video Boss subscribers and apart from the product being awesome, it was built using Kajabi and I love using it. That said, I’m on day 4 of my trial with Kajabi and a little disappointed.

    Yaro, I would love to see where you found the drip feed content feature for individual subscribers. You can drip feed content on a project basis but I submitted a request to their customer support since it seems this cannot be set on an individual subscriber basis, only per project.

    What I mean is, Jackie subscribes on 1 Jan 2010 and gets access to week 1 content. On Jan 8th she gets access to week 2 content too. However, if Bill joins on Jan 8th too though, he has access to both week 1 and week 2 content.

    Please correct me if I’ve missed this but support did say they had submitted my question to their technical support team and would get back to me.

    Bottom line is I love the Kajabi interface. I personally hate piecemealing membership sites together with different scripts and would have paid for my laziness BUT … Kajabi is made for those who push big product launches … the kind of “we’re closing the doors in 2 days” after the 2 weeks of being teased with great video. This isn’t a criticism by the way, I personally learn a lot from these videos but I’m trying to emphasize a point that this DOESN’T represent the majority of marketers online who want a membership script.

    Naturally, the system can be made to work since The Video Boss course uses it and it’s great … it was because I fell in love with the user interface that I wanted it. That said, I think the launch was premature and it seems, the system isn’t reliable when used on a larger scale.

    If you visit the warrior forum and other blog reviews of those who have used Kajabi, apart from the bugs, this could be an expensive piece of kit and people (including myself) are sceptical about letting someone else take charge of their business.

    Whilst not all negative, I certainly couldn’t recommend Kajabi to anyone right now … I recommended it to one client and he hasn’t had a chance to test it properly since it keeps locking him out. It’s taken them 48 hours to respond to his request and now he’s back to square one again. 🙁

    • ***Correction*** The evergreen setting allows you to set your own time frame within Kajabi so you can drip feed content to subscribers based on when they joined.

  • Yaro,

    I can’t thank you enough for your review and for allowing all the comments. It really helps me understand I am not the only one with these thoughts or pulling my hair out to just find an honest reliable platform to start building my membeship site with.

    However as the Divine provides answers when asked…I was cleaning out my links and clicked into several that led me to this facinating launch. Well Lookey what I found.

    The Big guys and the Beautifully slick Kajabi launch, as well as all his buddies wasn’t built with Kajabi it was built with this EZvideo player. They say so right in video two.
    I am so frustrated with these markerters. Misleading and trying to make you believe that by using their products you can be as professional as them…only to find out they are using someone elses product which you have to pay for in addition if you want the markerters results.

    Take a look at these videos for EZ…of course you have to optin but it is well worth having another piece of the puzzle before committing and having to get a refund from Kajabi.


    Yaro your feedback would be appreciated and respected.

    Thank you,



    PS: I tried submitting this comment once. I don’t know if you moderate them…but if this is a duplicate…I apologize…just delete one.

    • @KatrinaMarie … I think you’ll find that it’s the player that Kajabi uses – it certainly isn’t the entire system since I’m an end user of one Andy Jenkins’ Kajabi products and it’s nothing like EasyVideoPlayer. Naturally, Kajabi uses different pieces of software in different ways to create the entire system but, it’s far from being as simple as using one piece of $97 software (assuming that this is the price bracket for EasyVideoPlayer).

  • @Trish….

    thanks for the response…the vids do say they use Kajabi for the members site…But the front end that we experienced was created with ezv..and I saw some comments above about problems with vids uploading in kajabi.

    It is hard not to look at that presentation and think WOW I can create that with Kajabi…and then find out I can do that with EZ video as well and not pay so much for the membership in kajabi to make a membership.

    I also learned on further research that esv is promoted by Omar who works for Mike FIlsaime and he uses ez for all of his stuff.

    They are all connected and helping each other which is to be expected and naturel in business. Nothing wrong with that. They have the funds, means and staff to develop these programs.

    I wonder if kajabi has actually incorporated ez as part of the membership site in the background. It has all the features that Andy said Kajabi offers. Maybe that is why the cloud storage is at a fee higher then amazon. Or maybe kajabi uses their own account for kajabi users so they don’t have to mess with seperate accounts.

    But it is human nature that what you see upfront is what you expect to get…I am a RE Broker and when a customers sees a beautifully decorated house they buy it…of course they realize that all the decorations and furniture do not come with the purchase…but it helps the sale for sure.

    In the case of Kajabi…not knowing you can buy EZ…own the program and use with a wordpress site and a wishlist plugin…would have the same outcome…and you would own it all and not have to worry about some other company controlling your business or domain. In the long run no matter what purchase or join…you still need to bring team members to do the work…weather with Kajabi or not. If your a business owner you don’t want to spend all your time figuring any tech or system out. You want to create products, delegate and market.

    Just important to know all the options…if you are starting out and don’t have an established business or list and need to budget your money. As tempting as a one stop shop is…I feel more secure owning the rights to my own work having control and not paying recurring fees. Thats like paying rent for an office…been there done that.

    Checking out Optimize press offered for $ 97. right now.

    The comments here thanks to Yaro have been very helpful.

    Thank you all,


    • @KatrinaMarie … note my initial comment above yours, where I give my take on Kajabi having been both a user of their system and a subscriber to the trial.

      Kajabi uses EZ video player inside the members area and I’m assuming it would make sense if used for the video squeeze too. I’m personally saying goodbye to Kajabi based on cost, bugs and like you, prefer to be in control of my business. I’m now building my site using WordPress, Wishlist Member, WP-drip and mingle. I’m forcing myself to be happy with what I have but I loved the community element and suave commenting feature Andy used in The Video Boss which, is also a feature in Kajabi.

      One question I would love to ask everyone is, do we all really need the front end of our sites our sites having the now typical launch feel … Kajabi, OptimizePress, JV Press, FusionHQ? After this launch and all the others before it, are people not a) fed up of big launches and b) are there not better ways to sell memberships than huge pay days? Just a thought. 🙂

  • Hey yaro,

    I just received an email from kajabi and it seems they are already
    ready to take flight with thousands of customers:

    “Most software solutions like this need to be avoided when they’re new unless you want to be paying to be a guinea pig, but Kajabi has ALREADY handled the biggest launches in 2010:

    Video Boss, PLF 3.0, List Control, Outsource Force…

    And we’ve had HUNDREDS of people in a private BETA for 6 months! Kajabi is ready to rock RIGHT NOW. All it needs is for you to commit to giving it a try.”

    I too am waiting for the affiliate addons to be released because I don’t see
    how kajabi could be profitable right now without the ability to make JV partnerships, nor upsells, nor downsells.

    Too soon to get in.
    Let’s let it grow a little and see how the price will increase with the new addons

    Greetings from France.
    Au revoir. (goodbye)

  • Hi

    Are there any users out there who have moved to kajabi form membergate. looking for the best way to transfer our data but not gettign the best support form Kajabi HQ at the momnent 3 days without reply

    Big issue is making sure we have the right shopping cart as we currentley use Sage Pay

    Any Ideas?

  • Actually, my comment is: Is there anyone who has tried this and DOES plan to use it?

    Seems pretty awful at this point.

  • For the people I work with in the painting services area this is to difficult to make work.

  • Now that a few months have passed since the launch of Kajabi and I have been trying to use this product…but it is a tough learning curve, the instructions are not clear and unless you have a lot of experience in using these types of products, it is going to be a challenge.

    I just had our web designer add our content for a new membership site but that has video trainings and pdf files but no matter what she does, it does not look very good. I don’t think it is visually appealing at all.

    On the other hand, our designer built out some awesome membership site pages in customerhub which is only $35 a month and we have it tied right into our infusion platform and account.
    I love the way the design turned out in there.

    Since I do very well selling SEO coaching and consulting and business coaching programs and private coaching- I don’t mind paying and investing in my business. My products are high price points and we do big launches. The Kajabi that we have is $199 per month. If it delivered better I would stay but I think we are going to cancel today before I spend any more time on it. Time to me is much more important than money. I can make money any day but I can never get my time back.

    For you who are complaining about prices of Kajabi or other products, I suggest you raise the price of what you are selling. If your business is not making enough money even at the beginning to pay 97 bucks a month for a site, than you need to look at what you are selling. Find a better need to fill that you can make money in. Specializing is the key, niching down to specialized services and programs will always bring in higher profits.

    I love the infusion system. My only gripe with it is that I still have to keep my 1shopping cart because I have a lot of people who pay via our paypal terminal and the program that I like with paypal does not work direct with infusion.

    But I will tell you the customerhub add on is fantastic. It is a lot like what Ryan Deiss Perpetual Traffic is built like. And that is very visually appealing to customers.

  • Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

  • You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

  • Thank you for taking the time to write this!

  • Good information. I’ve been following Kajabi since it’s launch. I’m also an InfusionSoft user, and have signed up for a similar service called “CustomerHub” — http://www.customerhub.net. Have you ever peeked at that service? I’d love to hear how you think it stacks up against the others. Thanks…

  • How about an update? Once you started working in it, did you like it? What problems did you encounter?

  • DrK

    3/15/16 We just bought and returned the newkajabi. There were too many glitches, nonintuitive set up issues and zero support. The price tag is hefty and we were willing to pay it because we bought into the idea that we were getting a top of the line, all-in-one solution. The problem is since things were either buggy or hard to figure out, the no support made it as useful as a new car without an engine. We couldn’t actually “go” anywhere with it. We were really disappointed but the hero support meant we couldn’t even get a handle on why things weren’t working out. All over the web are positive, encouraging reviews, so we’re not sure why this was our experience if this is such an easy to use system. Also, it seems ethical and irresponsible to roll out a SAS launch, collect expensive product fees and disappear on the support end. I think a product like this needs live chat support with shared viewing of the customer’s site. Instead there’s an email form which no one answered; limited support hours and no weekend support hours. I don’t understand how this works for all these multi-million dollar online businesses when we found it unusable as a small business. We opted for a simple, intuitive online course platform that is really easy and gives full control regarding on demand or timed courses, etc. We may have to integrate several things if we don’t use their sales pages or payment options, which we hoped to avoid with the all-in-one newKajabi, but like I said, a car you can’t go anywhere in is useless. We are considering using clickfunnels in addition to the course platform, to cover all the bases.

  • Sammy C


    Why don’t you have dates on posts, I notice this on other sites and am curious why IMs do this. You seem like a more honest type of person but this date issue smells.

    Why do your purposely omit them?



    • Hi Sam,

      I took dates off many years ago because it negatively impacts your search engine traffic, especially on a site like mine that is over ten years old.

      A lot of big old sites like copyblogger.com did this in previous years.

      Imagine you do a google search and one of my fundamental marketing advice articles comes up, but the date says 2009 – you’re not going to click through to read it simply because you think it’s too old to be of value. Hence by taking the dates off it means people click through and read the article.

      We’re going to be deleting a lot of the old ‘dead’ posts here at EJ too (like this Kajabi review) so in future only evergreen relevant content will remain.


  • 27/4/2017- YARO, keen to hear from you again – google still puts your review up as number 1 and I’m thinking of using Kajabi- I would love some reviewed thoughts- is this product WORKING for your tribe???

    • You bring up a good point Corey – I haven’t used Kajabi in a while, and they have released many new versions since then. I’ll approach them to do another review. Yaro

  • Clair

    Hello Yaro, thank you for this post. Would it be possible to see when the post was written, as well as the comments? It would really help to know how timely this conversation is.

    • Hi Clair – This is an old review. We’ve just been granted access to the new Kajabi, so look out for an updated review very soon. The comments are spread out over years, some newer, some older. Yaro

  • I was using Memberstar when I created my membership site, an online kung-fu school that I launched in 2008. Memberstar went out of business, so I found Kajabi and moved my site. It was much better than Memberstar. Earlier this year, I was notified that I had to migrate to the New Kajabi platform. It was a major pain, because the new platform would not play any of my more than 800 video lessons. It was two months of tedious work to move the site, so I was not a happy camper. Kajabi’s support staff was helpful. I have to say, despite the pain involved, I’m very happy with the New Kajabi, and have plans to expand my product offerings.

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