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This was a really fun interview for me.

Why? Because Scott Valdez, my guest entrepreneur on today’s podcast, started a business called Virtual Dating Assistants. Scott’s business is all about outsourcing your online dating so you only have to show up to go on the dates.

Online Dating

I have a confession to make: I have done online dating.

Back when I did it the first time in the early 2000s (I call this online dating 1.0) there was a major stigma surrounding the whole concept. You wouldn’t talk about it to other people – it wasn’t something considered “normal”. I gave up after a few months and some not-so-fun experiences.

Today online dating is an accepted way to meet people, with all kinds of regular guys and girls using dating sites every day (online dating 2.0 – it has become mainstream).

I gave online dating a second shot in the last couple of years and had much better experiences, however, like all forms of dating, it still requires work.

Finding people, approaching them, getting to know them and seeing if there is chemistry between both parties is a laborious, but hopefully enjoyable process. When it comes to online dating, much like Internet marketing, you have to figure out what you want, then start searching for people, initiate contact, make sure you have a good profile (sales page) to “market” yourself so they respond (this is like an opt-in to an email list – an indication of interest), and then you hope that it leads to a date, which you can call a conversion in direct marketing speak.

That might not sound romantic, but as processes, online dating and information marketing are very similar.

Scott Valdez certainly agrees. He trained himself to become an online dating expert simply because he found it his preferred method to meet people. He realized, as most people who use online dating eventually discover, it might take a few dates to find someone you click with, which takes time and effort.

Automating The Online Dating Process

Scott came to understand that he could free up his time and go on many more dates if he could find a way to speed up the online communication process. In short, he outsourced his online dating to other people, who he paid to help set up dates.

This might sound simple, but there is an art to it, and it needs to be heavily integrated – you can’t simply tell someone to go find you potential matches, you still need to pick who you like and stay aware of whom you will go on dates with. That doesn’t mean that much of the process, including profile writing and email writing can’t be automated.

Consider too that most people don’t know what goes into a good profile or how best to set up dates quickly. There is a science, something when applied that can drastically improve how many dates you have coming your way each month.

Scott Valdez from Virtual Dating Assistants

Selling The Service

Needless to say, helping people to get more dates from online sites is an in-demand service, and Scott was smart enough to see the need and launch a business around it. In particular those in busy careers, such as doctors, lawyers, pilots and yes – entrepreneurs – tend to use the service and have the money to pay a premium price.

I won’t spoil the details, you will have to listen to the interview to learn how Scott went from quitting his job while living in Argentina and only a couple of weeks later having to put new clients on to a waiting list because he couldn’t service the demand (and the service costs as much as $1440 a month!).

Today Scott has a six-figure online business, which he manages living in Argentina, coordinating his team who help people to meet other people using the world wide web.

You can find out more about Scott’s business here:

Here is the MP3 download. Enjoy the interview…


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