Daryl Grant: How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Part 2

This is the second and concluding part of the interview with Daryl Grant, who with her husband Andrew (www.andrewanddaryl.com) make over $250,000 USD selling multiple information products on various niche topics through the web.

You can download part one of this interview here – How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Part 1

Part 2 Show Notes

Daryl and I continue discussing the specific details on how her business works. In particular we cover –

  • How she finds profitable niches.
  • How she gets traffic to sales pages.
  • How the books are written (she doesn’t write them herself).
  • How she gets the copywriting done for the sales pages.
  • I ask Daryl whether she uses affiliates to sell her products for her and why she chose ClickBank as the payment processor for her products.
  • Daryl offers some advice for people considering following in her footsteps and building a passive income online.

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  • […] You can now download part two of this interview here – How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Part 2. Technorati Tags: daryl grant, ebook marketing, info products, marketing podcastInternal Tags: daryl grant, ebook marketing, info products marketing podcast […]

  • A really thought provoking podcast Yaro – I always wondered whether those long sales letter type pages were working; it appears they are!

    I also appreciated hearing that the ebooks had actually been positive influences in the lives of some of their readers. I would be interested to know if there is an expected percentage of people who ask for their money back too.

  • I am going to give her ideas a try. I will let you know how I go.

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  • […] I listened to Yaro’s recent interview with Daryl Grant where she talks about how she has had success making and selling ebooks and that she is offering a course for $50 a month ($35 US) and decided this would be something I would like to tackle. To free up some cash I canceled my LA Fitness membership because I prefer running outside anyways and signed up. […]

  • I absolutely salute journeymen and women who still make money selling eBooks.

    IMHO it has become a nightmare with proliferation and the retention of rights!


  • Wow, I have to agree with the above post………..Seeing someone successful in this area still gives me some hope and inspiration. I have been trying various methods for the past 12 months to become successful online, all a learning process but a long way to go.
    Congrats Yaro on your successes as well, nice to see a fellow Aussie achieving.
    Great blog BTW !!

  • Yaro —

    I’ve commented about this before, but your Podcasts are just top-notch. I just got thru both parts of Daryl Grant’s interivew, and “Wow”.

    This is exactly, EXACTLY the type of business I wanted to get into. And I found the interview very refreshing. Daryl was very upfront with an approach to how to get the business done, that it almost felt that ANYONE could do it – but isn’t that really makes an expert, an expert? The ability to make even a tough task seem like child’s play?

    While so many are so fearful to reveal their secrets (unless with a price attached to it), I almost felt that Daryl was giving so many steps that should be the price of gold.

    Now, obviously, the true “meat and potatoes” of the business is the actual content up for sale – and I’m sure that is what differentiates the weak from the internet millionaires, but I almost found that she was very upfront with a step-by-step approach with how you go from idea to presentation.

    And that in itself, is so valuable, that I would seriously consider attending her (their) training session – even without any experience in doing this business.

    Yaro, you do something very similar with your blog. And that is probably why you are successful with this valuable resource (I love checking all the older posts, just to soak it in), but it is internet marketing – WITHOUT the sell.

    It is first: creating value, THEN provide options to learn more. I would imagine the latter would be where you truly start making money. After you build rapport, and then give the people a sample of what you are capable of.

    I would imagine if you are really passionate about your work, you would not think twice about giving information out, because in the long run, things tend on happening for a reason.

    Or, is that the classic system of internet marketing, that I am just becoming aware about?


  • Hi Kunal,

    I think you are coming to understand the principle of “give give give” in online marketing. The idea of presenting as much amazing information as you can for free, which leads to sales from prospects who love what you represent.

    It’s one of the most important concepts in web marketing I believe and I think you understand the power of it based on your comments.


  • I am learning to be an online entrepreneur right now. The road to learning is tough, with competition for every single niche I can think of. This is a great story that inspires more people to earn through the web.

  • Thank you for this interview! I am definitely keeping this as something to listen to during my free time. =)

  • Great post and interview! I’ve tried alot on the internet from MLM, networking opportunities, surveys, data entries … and it wasn’t until I started creating a niche information website and blog (and following Yaros courses) that I started to actually make money with it and really enjoy it. I’m not rich with it but as a mum at home it makes me a nice income on the side and keeps growing. Niche websites do work!

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