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Dave Jackson: How To Launch Your Own Membership Service And Attract An Audience For Your Podcast

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Dave Jackson has a great voice for podcasting and he should since he’s the dean of the School of PodcastingSchool Of Podcasting, a membership service to help budding podcasters get their shows up and running. Dave and I had a fun chat about running an online membership service including discussion of various software packages, we delved into his history and looked at the future for his online project. If you like podcasting, plan to launch your own membership service online or just enjoy a fun interview then download this podcast.

Show Notes

  • We started with a brief intro to Dave, his School of Podcasting and how he got into podcasting.
  • Dave offered some advice on running an online membership service business (including discussion of AMember).
  • Next up we looked at how to attract an audience for a podcast.
  • I asked Dave about his previous online ventures, including weeklywebtools.
  • And we wrapped things up with a look at the pricing of his membership service and the scripts and software he uses to manage School of Podcasting.

Enjoy the interview,

[ Download MP3 | [ Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ]

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