From Artist To Medical Entrepreneur: How Jeff Barson Makes A Million A Year Online

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Many years ago a new writer came on board a blog I used to own called His name was Jeff Barson and his industry is business advice for cosmetic surgeons, at least that’s the best label I can apply.

More recently Jeff and I reconnected as he wanted to tell me he was now in charge of a very successful membership site (he had studied my Membership Site Mastermind program, among many other things, hence the connection). I asked Jeff if he’d like to tell his story on my podcast and he agreed.

Little did I know Jeff has a history first as an artist, which you will hear about during the beginning portion of this interview, including how Jeff was able to earn enough money as an artist living in New York to retire (clearly a rare achievement in that industry!).

Leaving the art world Jeff embarked on a partnership with a family member to set up medical practices, which later led to writing about how to run and market a successful surgery on a blog and community website. Today Jeff is in charge of a million dollar online empire with a range of successful websites.

Listen to this interview and learn exactly how Jeff managed to build a very successful and influential online community of medical professionals, and how he has been able to generate some fairly significant revenue streams as a result.

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  • Awesome post!, I’m looking to sign up to your coaching in spring!…

    Thanks Yaro,

    David Edwards

  • Wow this was some amazing info…It great to hear more success stories..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Great to have a few podcasts to get my teeth into Yaro (I was beginning to get withdraw symptoms!).

    Loving and the other things you’re up to. For me though, i’ll ALWAYS come back for the Podcasts 🙂


  • Bob

    Wow it is very inspiring interview. Getting success online is not pretty easy. One should struggle hard to be successful.

    Thanks for this.

  • Love the interview you did with Jeff Barson. The interview showcased another way of making money by providing information. As long as their in an audience for the information we are giving, we can make money. Giving really good information has helped him build a medical business without him running it. He has done a really good job with blogging to the medical industry..

    Cool stuff.

  • Great stuff Yaro. I am form Poland and I wonder if someone from my country started out even a bit similar bussiness to one I heard in your interview. I guess not…
    All the best

  • Thank you Yaro for this interview. I am always looking forward to listening to the interviews you make with successful online entrepreneurs. It is very interesting to learn how they started their business and became successful. I think you can learn a lot from these interviews.

    I am looking forward to listening to many many more interviews!

    Best regards from Germany,


  • Again a very interesting post thank you for it.

    Ersin Söbütay

  • Wow Yaro!

    As someone who makes money as an artist and a blogger, this interview delighted me. Also, my dad is a general practitioner, so hearing how doctors could become more entrepreneurial and make more money was useful. I’ve forwarded this interview to him, and I hope he takes the freelanceMD model to heart. He’s always looking for ways to make more money, and he has such a wealth of knowledge about the industry that I think GPs who are just starting out would read a blog about how to create a successful medical practice.

    Thank you for giving me this idea! What a treat to listen to this interview!


  • Hi Yaro,
    Thanks for the great post.
    In this week’s edition of “The Bloomberg News”
    there;s a story about the creator of “E-how”
    The article states that there are over 6 billion documents
    on the web, but they’ll need more., many more.
    So, this interview with Mr. Barson and the profitability
    of Info is timely and very much needed in these
    tough economic times.
    Great Interview.!

  • success in the NYC art world (!) -wow. great interview and solid advice -thanks.

  • Yaro,

    Very very interesting. Just goes to show you what happens when you do something you love.

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  • This just proves that you can make money online in other industries besides making money online

  • Thanks Yaro for the inspiring podcast, really look forward to these as you always know how to push the right buttons to get these guys to really spill their secrets.

    P.S. Is Membership Mastermind closing down for good?

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog

  • Hi Yaro,

    It’s always a pleasure to get your emails, because I know they will be entertaining and informative.

    Unlike most of the other stuff, which sucks canal water.

    Keep it coming.



  • Hey Yaro and Jeff I guess cool attracts cool (PS Yaro glad to see you are safe from that flood stuff over there).

    What i thought was interesting is that Jeff was INTELLIGENT to customize, test and assess the results. Serial Entrepreneur?

    He has opportunities to possibly sell physical products to his audience (DVD) as well as a annual Seminar (BIG MONEY). I know he mentioned his conferences person but this could be even bigger.

  • Jeff is quite a risk taker with a definite goal in mind. I’m inspired by his story and want to be like him one day. Thanks for the post, eh.

  • No doubt it’s entrepreneurial task. To set business from base/ground to top level. This post is capable to re-candling. Really i liked this post.

  • Thanks for the free advice. A very informative and inspiring interview for me.

  • VERY inspirational and fantastic advice. Well done…

  • That was quite fascinating an interview to listen through. Hearing about such stories are what makes it all seem worthwhile. Well done to Jeff. You deserve all your success for sure.

  • Great interview Yaro, It is always good to hear a success story. It is amazing how he was able to make it as an artist that is definitely a feat among itself. Then to be able to go into the online community and soar above others. It shows what a great mind can do if you put your heart into it.

  • Thanks Yaro for such an inspirational story, it’s always nice to hear about such success stories as they make you feel so motivated. The interview was great! Thanks for sharing

    Riya Sam
    Training for

  • Awesome podcast Yaro! Jeff really embrace the entrepreneurial mindset 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Hello Yaro this is awesome interview! I’ve just download it. thank you very much for your content

  • thanks for this interview a very good informative way of describing success, jeff has really embraced the entrepreneurial mindset, a great job, keep it up!!!

  • Thanks for sharing Yaro. Loved listening to Jeff’s story. Thanks also to Jeff for taking the time to share your story with us.

    – Robert

  • Thank you for your insight, I’m always willing to learn new information about websites and how to improve my unique views per month.

  • This is great. I love to hear about creatives that find success in the business world. Being a Freelancer gives you back all of your down time. So make use of it!

  • A truly inspiring and powerful story! Thanks a lot for sharing this. 🙂


  • I was particularly interested in how he managed to be successful by running a blog within the medical industry, and the interview provided more than what I expected. Had a great time taking notes too. Thanks.

  • I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely love reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the tips coming. I loved it!

  • I read every news post from Yaro and every single one I tk new things. Incredible! This history amazing me !

  • Very inspiring, just goes to show the power the internet. Maybe I should have stayed an artist 🙂

  • Jeff, the fact that you were able to make enough money with your ART background and was able to settle down for the short time, shows how brilliant you are! Just listening to some of the economic principles you have, speaks to me that you do have alot of business and economic knowledge. I almost wonder since you said ART is a very entrepreneurial field, which I do agree, why do people even bother going to college for a degree in it? I mean unless you are going to study about the history of it, and from that side, I don’t see why an artist would need to go to get a degree in that. Pretty crazy stuff with the litigation, can’t believe that.


    • It’s true. You don’t need a degree. Art is a meritocracy. It’s just a very poor business.

      • Thanks for the follow up Jeff, I am a college student myself, and I always doubt sometimes how far a degree alone gets you, but in the end with many cases its more about the individual rather than the degree itself.


  • Jeff, the fact that you were able to make enough money with your ART background and was able to settle down for the short time, shows how brilliant you are! Just listening to some of the economic principles you have, speaks to me that you do have alot of business and economic knowledge.

  • @Jeff: Yes, you don’t need a degree, but one helps

  • Jeff, thanks for the interview. I found many paraells, in that I have changed my career from a professional to an internet marketeer.

    Am finding it tough, but your interview really gave me the shot in the arm that I needed.

    Thanks again

  • Literally one of the best interviews of an entrepreneur I have ever heard (and I have heard hundreds, possibly thousands). Great job, Yaro.

  • Jeff Barson here. I wanted to make a comment for clarity.

    Yaro’s post above may give the indication that I personally make ‘a million’ from by online businesses. While our Select Partners and services have grossed more than two million dollars in the last year, that is not all my personal income. I do make hundreds of thousands personally but not yet millions. Still working to that. ; )

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  • Thank you for sharing such an informative and inspiring story. These type of stories always motivate.

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  • Thanks for a very inspiring story and very inspiring blog. Keep up the good work Yaro!

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