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How To Make Money With Blogs Without Becoming A Professional Blogger

Alternatives Models & Motivations

I’d like to offer some alternative options before I end this article, but I need to clarify exactly why you blog.

1. The Passionate Blogger

My advice to a passionate blogger is to blog for fun. Forget about the money and if you can, avoid monetization at all unless you know yourself well enough that you are confident the allure of the dollar won’t destroy your passion for your topic. Once you taste money you may find your motivation wanes as your attention moves away from indulging in your passion to trying to make money. This can ruin a potentially great blog or inspire you to greater heights, depending on what kind of person you are.

If you do decide to attempt to make money from blogging, blog for a year or so first, then bring on somone else to monetize your blog for you so you don’t waste too much time learning about monetization, which distracts you from what you should be doing – blogging.

The best advice I can give is to listen to your internal “fun compass”. If you are not having fun then don’t do it.

2. The Professional Blogger

You guys are possibly in the worst situation or the best situation depending on what you expect from the future. You already know how to make money from blogging and what goes into a successful blog. I suspect you will continue to enjoy some success online but it will be a rollercoaster ride of instability and inconsistency.

Professional blogging is a lot like being a sugar addict. You get a hit now and then which skyrockets your motivation and energy, then when nothing happens for a duration of time you are down in the dumps in a low.

Each big affiliate sale you make or a sudden increase in AdSense clicks or an advertiser approaches you with a nice payment for a month of advertising, you think that it’s the best thing ever and indication that the future really is laden with gold. After a few months of highs and lows where you make some money, but nothing amazing you re-consider what you are doing.

3. The Business Blogger

In a lot of ways you guys and girls who blog for business are probably the smartest when it comes to making money.

Selling content – ebooks by establishing a sales funnel – for example my 40,000 word ebook could be blog content.

Hire people to blog for them. Pay for tech support, blog management, gain access to opportunities you don’t have – the rich get richer.

So what to? The basics – aim to outsource content production as soon as possible because the process of testing and finding good bloggers is a long one – as any good business owner can attest to – finding and keeping good people is very difficult.

Beyond that, professional bloggers need to find other ways to generate content and move the reliance from their shoulders. One of the industries that has done exceptionally well in this area is social networks. Digg, Del.icio.us, MySpace, Facebook etc do not require input from the owners to produce value – the value is generated by the users. Professional bloggers need to replicate this style of content production – but would that really by blogging since blogs work because they represent the blogger’s personality and personal brand.


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