Anita Campbell: Creator Of Small Business Trends On SEO For Small Business And Personal Branding

Today I have yet another fantastic entrepreneur interview for you in my series of small business podcasts, this time with Anita Campbell, Editor of Small Business Trends and the Small Business Trends newsletter. She is also the host of Small Business Trends Radio show.

Show Notes

  • How Anita went from lawyer to corporate IT to small business consultant
  • About the small business trends radio show
  • How to be a trendwatcher
  • Personal branding
  • Search engine optimization for small business

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  • “Your big break might just be around the corner” or something as Anita said. This is what I am hoping for!

  • Drew Carey and Cleveland. Priceless! That was seriously funny.

  • Thanks Yaro, thanks Anita, I thoroughly enjoyed the audio.

    Humans tend to remember the beginning and endings of new information the easiest and I think Anita’s final comments will stick forever. Wise words indeed: ‘Remember that things are always darkest right before the dawn’ or words to that effect. I wonder how many folks fizzle out by not seeing through those final stages of setup? Or as I always say Patience & Persistence – Hmm! Easier said than done!


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  • Thanks both of you. I also enjoyed the podcast. Yaro, may be you should consider a career in the media instead of blogging- log. You have great talent as a host of a podcast.

  • Don’t give me any ideas Razib – I’m having enough trouble staying focused as it is 🙂

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