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Tom Kulzer: Founder And CEO Of AWeber Shares How He Built A Business Of 120,000 Customers Starting At Age 21

The latest in my series of online marketing podcasts is an interview with Tom Kulzer, the CEO of AWeber Communications, which is a email autoresponder service that I subscribe to along with thousands of other small businesses and Internet marketers. The company is nearing it’s 17th birthday and Tom, as the founder, has been there since day one.

Tom recounted the story of how he started the business as a 21 year old, what forms of marketing he used in the early days that has carried through to the present and we also discussed some issues regarding SPAM, RSS and the future of email.

Enjoy the 30th episode of my podcast!

Summary Notes

  • Introduction to AWeber
  • How Tom launched his software business as a 21 year old almost 8 years ago
  • How AWeber markets the business and gets new clients
  • Tom’s thoughts on SPAM, RSS and the email autoresponder industry

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