3 Limiting Beliefs You Must Eliminate From Your Mindset

I had conversations with two people in the previous weeks who were considering blogging for the first time, or at least taking it serious for the first time.

It’s interesting to speak to people who are considering this path, especially hearing what stops them from doing it. Most people never start a blog, and of those who do, very few see it as something they are committing to beyond a few casual posts a month.

Obviously if you want results with a blog that can potentially have an impact on your life, you need to put enough effort in to have an impact on other people’s lives. Sure you can set up a casual blog, write an article now and then that your closest friends see because you share it on facebook and twitter, who then encourage you to continue, but that’s not going to change your life.

If you want the exposure and reach that can lead to real income or amazing business or personal opportunities, you’re going to need to at the very least commit to writing on a more consistent basis. It helps tremendously if you change your mindset and reframe your blog as merely a casual journal to a proper project, something you see as serious as a job you care about or a business you want to see become your main occupation.

What Stops People

If you’ve read my articles for a while you know I focus more on mindset than anything else when it comes to successful blogging, business and life performance.

Everything begins and ends with the mind, and not surprisingly, this is the first place I see weaknesses and limiting beliefs surface in new bloggers.

I was speaking to my potential new blogging friends urging them to get serious about it. I explained the possibilities, the paths they could take, talked about how they could use their blog as a platform to expand into areas they are passionate about, if only they would focus on increasing output on a consistent basis.

The most common excuses dished back to me for not taking action all relate to some kind of fear.

“Why would anyone read my writing?”

“I don’t have enough to say to write a blog regularly”

“There are already plenty of amazing blogs covering the same subjects, why would anyone read mine?”

Unfortunately these beliefs always prove true when a person isn’t congruent with their goal, and that is the real challenge to overcome.

No one will read your blog if you don’t produce something to read on a regular basis. If you don’t take your blog seriously then you’re not going to be thinking about creating content, hence you won’t think of any new topics to write about. Finding other blogs writing “better” content than you could write is easy too, so why not believe you have no chance to compete and never try in the first place.

It’s easy to defeat yourself, especially if you are not certain what you are doing is what you want. Being confused is a forgivable offense. Everyone starts there, where you are not sure if you want to do what you are thinking of doing, especially when you have demands pressuring you to make money or pursue a career or follow the herd like all your friends.

It’s Easier When Someone Else Decides For You

Taking a job is a lot like becoming part of a religion. Relinquishing control to a higher power takes away some of the responsibility for your decisions. Being told what to do and toeing the line is much easier than making decisions for yourself and coping with the outcomes.

If you take a job you have a boss and a company you are responsible to, a job with functions that are there to follow every day, and plenty of social proof is all around you. Everyone else in the company is doing the same thing so it must be right and it’s certainly the safest choice because you won’t upset anyone.

This is why employment will always be less scary than entrepreneurship. If you are responsible for what you do every day, if you don’t do it then no one is going to be upset. You might become upset with yourself when you realize you aren’t getting anywhere, but that’s a lot easier to cope with than upsetting other people (or is it?).

How You Can Break Free And Succeed

The first step if you want to build a successful blog or do anything that is entirely in your hands, is to commit to it. The choice must be made in the mind and from there everything else is born. Your foundation is your ability to continue action regardless of circumstances and emotional state, which is incredibly hard if you don’t have a runaway train-like direction towards your goal.

Obviously you shouldn’t be blind in your actions. There’s a difference between committing to a goal and focusing on actions that are entirely changeable based on results, and hitting your head against a brick wall expecting it one day to not hurt because you keep doing it. Feedback from experience is by far the best tool for navigating towards a goal, so combine a steadfast mule-like approach to action, with a rabbit-like agility to change direction as terrain changes.

Finding this kind of clarity is by far the hardest part. There’s not much I can do to “teach you” how to gain this insight, this internal power.


Because it relies so much on your self esteem.

Whatever you believe you are capable of is what you are capable of. When you haven’t done something before, you will easily find all the reasons why you can’t do it.

This article is not going to dive into how to increase your self esteem – that’s an entire series in itself (start with my Positive Change series for help in that area), but what I do want to do now is destroy some of those limiting beliefs I mentioned earlier that budding bloggers almost always have.

Don’t Believe The Fear

Let’s begin with the first limiting belief – why on earth would anyone want to read your blog?

That’s a good question, but it’s easily answered.

Why does anyone want to read the Lord of The Rings, or Harry Potter, or the Bible, or for that matter listen to the Beatles, or watch Sex and The City, or consume any form of content produced by other human beings?

The answer is because they want to. Even a textbook prescribed to a student at university that is incredibly boring (I had plenty of those) is read by some people because there is a motivation to do so – in this case to gain the information necessary to pass the subject.

In your case your blog will be read by people who have some kind of compelling reason to do so. It might be because they share your passion for the subject you are covering, or perhaps they like your writing style or your personality, maybe they searched for an answer to a question that you provide, or maybe they were guided to your blog by a peer recommendation.

The real question here is not of the value of what you produce, but of your ability to produce it in the first place. If you create something that serves a need of other human beings then your words will be read. As the sign above my high school homeroom blackboard said – 100% of the shots you don’t take don’t go in (thanks to Wayne Gretzky for that one!).

You must be a creator. The universe is structured in a way to not only reward creators, but functions in a perpetual state of creation. There is no such thing as a static existence. You might sometimes feel like your life is going nowhere, but you are always moving towards something and away from something else.

In the case of blogging – or Internet business, or any aspect of life – if you are creating something for others, or you might call it “giving”, then you are opening doors to what you want.

It amazes me how many people get stuck because they don’t have direction and believe that thinking about it or getting coaching or having discussions will help them get unstuck. Yes these things are helpful and have their place, but if you really want a concrete answer – create something and see how others react.

Action is creation, and that is why it works. It’s the ultimate confusion destroyer because it eliminates possibilities by creating outcomes. If you test enough possibilities by creating things one of them will eventually take you to what you want.

But I digress, I’m getting a little off topic…

If you believe no one will read your blog and that stops you from writing it, then you’ve just proven yourself correct. How immensely satisfying (NOT!). You’re human, you consume other people’s creations, why is it so hard to believe that other people will be dazzled by what you create?

What About Passion?

Let’s assume I’ve pumped you up enough that you believe others will like what they receive from you. At least a teeny-tiny fragment of the world will take a look, enough for you to find out if you want to keep writing about what you are writing. However, what are you going to do when you run out of things to say?

Let me tell you what anyone who is passionate about something knows – you can’t ever get enough of what you love.

Sure we have limited time and attention spans, but when something captivates us, we will never ever be satisfied. Think about a TV series you loved – did you ever want it to end? (I could have watched LOST forever.) How about a book, or even a person you met who is just so amazing you think about them all the time? You can never ever get enough of these things, they are insatiable.

The beautiful thing about blogging, when you connect the dots perfectly and you align your passion with other people’s passions and become a creator and not just passive consumer, you enter a world where there are no limitations.

You can’t run out of things to say if you’re talking about what you really love. There’s an unlimited number of stimulation points, triggers, inputs and situations that generate ideas. The only way for it to stop is for you to either die or clear your mind completely through meditation – though even in a meditative state your subconscious will no doubt find a way to create even while your conscious mind is dormant.

If you’re struggling for ideas then you’ve either chosen something you don’t care about enough, or switched your perception of your subject to something that is more like a job or a task that must be done, rather than a passion that must be expressed.

Your emotional state dictates how you create. Change your frame and you change your world.

Observe how you feel when you think about writing your blog. Think about the subjects you are covering and what they mean to you and your readers. Ask yourself where your content is taking you, what is the “big picture” creation you are working towards, the sum of the parts that leads to a life changing goal (presumably – why work towards anything less!). If you see the spark behind the next step – the next article – it can lead to magic and that magic is full of endless ideas for possible blog articles.

You’re an interesting person with interesting opinions, ideas and concepts to share. Don’t ever think otherwise or once again you’re killing creativity before it even has a chance to teach you or anyone else anything.

Competition Doesn’t Exist

The last limiting belief to destroy today is that of competition. So many people give up on blog ideas because they believe there is too much competition already covering the same subjects.

There’s something interesting I learned about the blogosphere many years ago, something that can be wonderful and very different from the traditional offline world of business. Competition doesn’t really exist.

Let me explain…

I’m into dance music, in particular the trance and progressive scene. This particular genre has a global following large enough to support a lot of DJs. The DJs travel around the world playing shows and producing music they release on podcasts, CDs, and to play live.

I subscribe to about 12 different podcasts from different DJs. Each podcast is put together by a DJ, however they are all composed of different tracks created by different DJs. Tracks are often remixed, which means one DJ takes another DJ’s track and creates a unique spin on it. DJs all play each other’s music, helping spread awareness for each other’s work. Obviously some DJs are more popular than others, but no DJ plays only their own music, they always mix it up.

Every week of the year many DJs are playing live gigs in all kinds of places on the planet, often with each gig featuring multiple DJs. As far as I can tell (you never know what goes on behind the scenes of course), the dance music industry is more about collaboration than competition. There’s abundance rather than scarcity, cooperation rather than competition.

I can listen to music from one DJ and another, one doesn’t exclude the other. DJs actively work to promote each other and hang out with each other at live gigs, making for a community vibe rather than one of ruthless competition.

It turns out the blogosphere is a lot like this. I started writing a blog about how to make money from blogging (and other related topics). I certainly wasn’t the first and I wasn’t the last. There always seems to be room for more if you have good ideas to share.

Bloggers generally share content and support each other by recommending each other’s good articles, podcasts and videos, promoting each other’s products, interviewing each other, combining to launch projects together and very much working within the framework of a community.

Even if you don’t participate in the community at all, just because you start writing about a subject doesn’t mean readers have to decide between your work and the established players. Obviously the established players have the advantage of incumbency, but a reader is not mutually exclusive, he or she can read as many blogs as they choose. This happens because the barriers between one blog and another are non existent. There’s no fee to read most blogs, which means switching cost is zero, so you can consume as much as you have time for.

Obviously the issue of information overload and attention deficit comes into play as a result of lots of options, but the point is still valid, just because one blog already covers a topic you are passionate about should not stop you from entering the market. In fact you should see that as encouragement as it demonstrates there is a market large enough to support a blog and you have at least one other blogger you can get to know and possibly collaborate with.

Remember your voice is distinct, your experiences are unique and your style is your own. No one can compete with that, so you always have a point of differentiation.



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It’s All In Your Head

I’ve debunked at least three of the major blockages that stop people from starting a blog. Although I can attempt to convince you of all kinds of things using my words, at the end of the day all of this is about you.

You decide whether you believe other people want to read what you have to write about.

You decide whether you have enough inspiration to produce content on a regular basis.

You decide whether the existing websites in your market represents competition that stops you or evidence of success that inspires you to start.

No matter what happens, it’s entirely your responsibility and your choice. All you need to do is figure out which choices are the best for leading you to what you want, then have the courage to make them.

Yaro Starak

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  • This is definitely an inspirational article for potential bloggers and bloggers like myself. I blog about graphic design and internet marketing – definitely a crowded niche if ever there was one. But you’re right about “competing” being complimentary as there definitely seems to be space in the marketplace for me despite me not being the best designer or blogger in the world.

    When somebody asks me when they should start blogging, I say “now”. Why? Because it’s virtually impossible to make a mistake at first that can’t be rectified later! (OK, there’s the URL, but spend 5 mins thinking about that, then you’re away!)

    “The established players have the advantage of incumbency” – exactly! So every second you spend thinking about creating a blog is an authority-gathering second wasted.

    • Hi Yaro,

      Great post and two years down the line the blog is running, but the “hitting the head against a brick wall” never seems to go away. We all need to find our rhythm!

      I agree with Rob – don’t put off what can be done today, tomorrow we will fix it – just hope there are enough tomorrow’s, time always seems to escape via a crack in the floor somehow!

  • I can’t agree enough with “you can’t ever get enough of what you love.”

    Passion is KING!

  • Very inspiring article Yaro.

    It reminded me a quote from Napoleon Hill: “Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do.”

  • This is awesome! I wholeheartedly agree. The best thing about tackling your fears is that once you do it enough times, the fears start to pop up less and less. You become so familiar with them that it’s like- oh this one again? Yup, I know how that goes… moving on.

  • Thanks for the motivating post Yaro. Its very helpful for the people who are yet to start like me.. Really encouraging post! 🙂

  • Thank you for such an inspirational post, Yaro. .

    Competition is the fear factor for me. I feel inferior when I see blogs that are already well settled on the internet. But, these blogs also had to start from zero some day right? This is the only thing that is motivating me. Competition is actually a good factor that helps in bringing out great things from us. Lets be positive and face the competition and try and win it.

    Prajwal Shinde

  • It’s all about that motivation, and people need to get off that couch and go get it. Yes it will be time consuming, but if you want that good life..then you have to put in that work.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  • Now there’s the inspiration I’ve been looking for. We are in agreement, but the way you framed it makes me want to tuck it under my arm and walk tall. I’m on my way and I’ll check back with you again for more encouragement.
    Crys [email protected] (not yet activated, stand-by)
    My Jumping Off Point blog can be found on Facebook in the meantime.
    Thanks again !

  • Now there is the encouragement I’ve been looking for. I’m in complete agreement, but the way you framed it makes me want to tuck it under my arm, own it and walk tall. I’m on my way and I’ll check back with you again for more encouragement and direction.
    Crys Galivan

  • Thanks a lot for a very inspirational post.
    i really agree in what you write here, and I believe it can not be told too many times how important the mindset is for any success in life.
    What you write about competition is just amazing, a common problem is that most people do not see it that way. Too many people just see other blogs as competition and for that reason they stay away from blogging.

  • thank you Yaro. Definitely a very inspiring article!

    I’ve been working on my blog launch for a few months now and will open it in the end of January 2011. You article pinpoints some of the doubts I had before starting working on it.

    I was already motivated for my blog launch, but thanks to you I have even more motivation!!

  • Yaro, this is a fantastic blog. I always get something that is relevant to my situation. This post is one of the best ones I have seen to date. I have thought about blogging, but have yet to find subject that I would be willing to commit to. It seems you have to combine an expertise with a passion. I either have a passion for something and no expertise or an expertise with no passion. Couple that with having to support my family on a job that I don’t like and not enough pay to cover the bills. I’ve got to break out of this rut soon. I’ve told my wife that she could start a blog as well since she lost her job last year. We could have duel income. It’s very hard when you are desperate for money and you need something, anything to work. Anyways, keep up the good work and I’ll keep my RSS feed to this blog.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Once again a nice post. Resonated quite well with many of the things I am personally going through.

    ‘Perfectionism’ has always been an obstacle for me to work with. I am much better now in this regard. I think many of our colleague bloggers or internet entrepreneurs might be having the same problem to overcome.

    Getting lost in Information Overload was also an issue for me. Of course the driver for it was also the underlying need for having all things perfect.

    Things are going better for me as now I work online or offline (with my computer) with a task-list in my hand. I have learned to commit myself to finish the tasks in the list first before I get distracted with other information and ideas.

    The other issue that may exist with many newbies would be:
    – it is difficult for someone just starting with blogging to believe that they can do the process successfully. It’s difficult for a human being to believe in what he has never done (just seen or heard).
    – Also if you are surrounded by people who are ‘real alien’ to the world of internet business or blogging, you are likely to reinforce your belief that it is not your cup of tea

    Learning to outsource and freeing your mind from routine or technical tasks can help you find creative ideas and energy to produce.

    Like me, if any of your readers has his/her own professional service business offline, focusing on what you want to do online can sometimes be difficult. This should not be an excuse. Because, I see that the life style that I want to have can happen only if I slowly decrease my offline work and build online activities that gradually compound over a period of time to show me their results. We have a choice before we act. I choose to do more stuff online!

    I think it’s a long comment! 🙂 But, Yaro, you truly knows what your students face.

    Keep posting…
    God bless all

  • I you believe you can’t your probably right. Old saying but very true.

    Great post Yaro

    When I started my blog it took me forever to write my first post. Mainly because I didn’t think people would read and like it. I didnt want to prove myself right either.

    However. I plucked up the courage and published the post.

    It was received very well (not just by family and friends). I learned that the only thing that was holing me back form doing it sooner was ME.

    That was a good revelation as I and in control of ME.

    I’ll be back

  • I truly believe you don’t get what you want, you get what you fight for! It really comes down to passion, drive, and knowledge. Thanks for another great post Yaro, and thank you for passing all of your knowledge through your blog and the Become a Blogger series. Blogging is work but your program certainly helped me avoid some mistakes.

  • Yes we all have limiting beliefs and most individuals choose the path of least resistance.

    The religion of employment is simply more enticing than self employment. Most people think that it’s easier and less risky to get a job than it is to establish their own viable business.

    You trade your time and work on your part of the company puzzle. You usually get rewarded immediately or at most 2 weeks into the future when you receive your pay cheque.

    As a business owner you trade your time and resources, one of which is money for possibly nothing or for something unknown. There is no guarantee of a monetary reward. It’s a path that has more obstacles and challenges.

    Yes both paths have positives and negatives, and both offer many rewards in addition to monetary benefits. I would say that the self employment path has the potential to be more financially rewarding.

    Each person will decide for themselves how much risk and resistance they are willing to take on. Are you a tourist or a trail blazer on this road called life?

  • Your Message I love this post – it ticks so many of my personal thought boxes. There can be a feeling of being exposed when writing blog posts and trying to guess what you think your audience wants to read. If you put all that to one side and just sit down and write, you create what is right for you. Just by doing that over the last couple of weeks I have managed to write 6 blog posts in very quick succession and get my blog “mojo” back after a summer block! Great post and totally spot on.

  • Thank you Yaro. Thank you for the great post. This is the perfect post for me. I’m going to read it from the beginning again, once more.

  • I know so many people who talk about starting a blog, but never seem to get around to doing it. It boggles my mind. This is an excellent post and I have a few people in mind that I need to share it with.

  • First, thanks for touching on more of the mindset Yaro. Second – thanks for the continued inspiration and mentoring I get from the insightful posts you create.

    …and third, I’d like to share my perspective because we happen to see the World the same way from different points of view. At least I find myself shaking my head in agreement through-out the entirety of the post.

    With your Blog Profits Blueprint, I set up my own mindset blog in August. I wanted to create a name, the ideal space, with a structure of thinking and skill sets that doesn’t limit the creation of our ideal life. I wanted to provide the ways of thinking and acting that I have had successful experiences with, to share my view on Lifestyle Design and using the Internet to create the Ultimate Lifestyle Business.

    My focus wasn’t this clear in August, but by following through with my plan and invoking my passion into the work I do, I have been able to adjust my flight plan and altitude as I go by recognizing when I was limiting myself and taking action to free that bind from my life.

    Limiting beliefs pop up everywhere. When you conquer one, another will show its ugly head. What I would add to this post if I were contributing, is that becoming aware of when you are limiting yourself is a huge skill to pick up in the beginning.

    When I became aware of when I was limiting myself and made it a conscious habit to recognize it as often as possible, I found that the choice of what I truly wanted to do was easy to make.

    Whenever I face fear or anxiety, uncertainty or doubt – I simply realize what is going on within me, and act on creating something meaningful for everyone. Otherwise, it was emotional reactions and destruction of something I had worked hard on building up to that point.


    Competition – great subject to touch on! I see competition as verification that 1) There is an active market, and 2) There is someone with equal or greater value to reach out and build a relationship with to collaborate and share ideas to create something better.

    That makes me think specifically of the power of leverage, and how you choose to view what is in front of you. You can see potential and possibilities, or problems and reasons why everything will hold you back.

    I believe when you create an entity such as a blog and/or business, the mind that is in control needs to be the one that see’s potential and possibilities. I believe it so strongly, I try to twist it as many ways as possible to help others make the connections in their minds, so they can see a less limiting world in front of them from the day they read my blog forward.

    Working to become congruent in your thoughts and actions with an end-goal in mind will take you to what you want as long as you persist and stay patient. I value this belief and it is the one I remind myself of to keep my fire burning!

    Cheers Yaro

  • “it’ all in your head” – indeed Yaro and that’s the problem in many cases.

    I think that knowing that it’s all in your head and actually being able to manage the negative feelings are 2 different things.

    I think it has a lot to do with our subconcious mind and the types of language drving us.

    I really am now learning to deal with this and deal with emotions as well. It’s an important factor in my view when it comes to future success.

    Thanks so much for this inspirational post.

    I find myself drawn a lot to these and I find myself wrting about these types of posts as well.

    Lately I wrote one on fear that got quite a lot of feedback:

    I’ve found that when I write these types of posts people tend to really leave more feedback because I make them think and I also am more candid and more willing to reveal parts of me.


  • Master Scott – I love what you wrote:

    “I truly believe you don’t get what you want, you get what you fight for! It really comes down to passion, drive, and knowledge.”

    Well said my friend.

  • The Rabbit and the Mule, I love it.

    Thanks for a great post Yaro 🙂

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  • Hi! Thank you for the very inspiring post. I like a lot but I don’t agree with the point that “switch cost is zero”. The day has only 24 hours, and the cost of reading one more blog could be not watching your favourite tv series.

  • Yaro,

    Great post. I especially agree with you on the topic of Competition.

    So many people teach people getting started in online marketing to look for untapped, uncompetitive niches; but the truth is that the competitive markets is where the money is… it’s simple economic theory, but competition seems to scare people from entering them.

    I think mindset is a huge point and enjoy that you talk about it frequently on your blog.

    Brian T. Edmondson

  • that is so true! nice post here, Yaro! since i am anew blogger, i am struggling with those problems, too. why would anyone read my blog? geez!

  • Keep in mind also that nobody may want to read you and your blog NOW, but give it time and practice. You’ll find your voice, master your subject and get much better at writing than you ever dreamed.

    And THEN people will line up to read you.

  • “Do the thing, and you shall have power”

  • very inspiring, i am a very new on this blogging activity. those 3 limiting beliefs does happens to me. thank you

  • I agree! We, humans, have powers of various sorts which we habitually fail to use due to our mental limitations. We need to unlearn them.
    An amazing book which I found absolutely helpful, and you have probably heard of, is Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends and Influence People”. Read the book and you’ll see the change in your blog traffic. 🙂

    Good luck to all! 🙂

  • I love your work and your message Yaro.

    You inspire me, but I have to disagree with your comments about action vs thinking. Action is not creating. The creating happens long before the action begins.

    Before jumping into action, your beliefs must be in line or your action will create no effect, or a negative effect.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  • Very thought provoking Yaro! Thank you!

    You made some great points in particular about competition. Too many people come from a scarcity mindset that keeps them from viewing other people in their niche as competitors and not potential collaborators and friends.

    What if you saw your buddy Gideon simply as another blogger trying to steal away some of your market? You would’ve missed out on a great partnership and substantial income source. Not to mention all of the people who have benefited from your combined expertise.

    Another element to getting over the fear of competition is passion. I think passion trumps everything! When you’re truly passionate about something, you’re not concerned with who else is doing it too. You just blast your message and that carries power and increases confidence.

    Thanks again Yaro!

  • One word. Fabulous!

  • I do agree to your idea that everything originates from mind. I appreciate there should be regularity as well. But some times you may not be in a position to devote required time for blogging. It creates intervals. You can well create an article to cover this. I elect to remain your regular reader. Cheers!

  • The last fear I’m battling to have my life depend on a blogging based business is tax. Around me I hear the cries of the self-employed that almost everything they make, is taken away by tax bills. They’re working incredibly long hours to overcome the tax threshold. Could it be that tax systems wildly differ between countries, making the likelihood of being serious about it (which in my opinion boils down to depend on it for a living) vary accordingly?

  • Bev

    I just started my blog in Oct.’10 and this article is right on! I’ve had websites before but my blog is my passion. It speaks about the common problems we all have to walk through and how to come out winners. My most recent article I put up yesterday talks a lot about where kindness comes in the mix especially during the Holidays.

    Thanks so much for making it easier for me and others. You’re the best!

  • Hi Yaro!

    Thanks for reminding me again. I always feel blogging is about competition. Spend too much reading other success blog instead of focus on myself. I will change my mindset now and walking toward my goal.


  • This was a great post! Thanks for sharing such imperative content. 🙂

  • Hey Yaro,

    First of all great post! You are an inspiration to all of the blogger’s there!
    I understand all so much about the making the commitment to get started in the online business industry…

    I was working a 40 hour a week job as a courier driver all while working on my online business from home trying to get it off the ground but it was hard because I was pretty exhausted when I got home from work at some times 6 pm, there just wasn’t enough time in the day!

    I wasn’t willing to settle for a life of working for someone else… I just knew I could achieve a lot more so I made a solid commitment and gave my notice in at work, I was going all in!

    Now Im working full time from home and loving it! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    This industry excites me to the core and the possibility’s are endless, the creativity in this industry is mind blowing but the point is that it all started from rock solid commitment and stopping at nothing to accomplish what I set out to do…

    Loving life!

    Thanks for your insightful post Yaro! Again you are an inspiration to what is truly possible in this industry….

    Make it a great day..
    Billee Brady

  • Yaro, this is a powerful tool for beginners and folks filled with doubts about making a living from blogging. Your advice has been a source of hope for me.

  • “How immensely satisfying (NOT!).” Loved this line. I think everyone struggles with these issues starting out (myself included) and the overway to overcome them is to just jump! Action, action, action. Nice post

  • I received an email leading me to this article as I am *literally* at my laptop putting my blog together after tussling with these very issues for a long, long, long time.

    The mind is the center, you are right…I *really* like what you said about “action is creation” – I’d never distilled it down to just three words, but I have been coming closer and closer to this realization as I have worked towards overcoming my own limiting beliefs.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you for placing all the emphasis on mindset. I think that is where the problem begins and ends,


  • Another insightful post, Yaro. There’s so much more depth to your writing than is usually encountered in the Internet Marketing area.

    This one really hit home with me. Despite being repeatedly praised for the quality of my work in a variety of fields, I persist in believing I’m ‘not good enough’. Working on it 🙂

  • Yaro, thanks for your inspiring words. ANd yes, this is not first time you have been inspiring me all along. Finally I started a blog on Self Development, Natural Health & Wellness, & inspirational wisdom TIPS to help improve quality of life of my readers. I am busy creating and will continue to place new & more contents. Thanks for your advises & support!
    Be Well, Rakesh Sethi

  • Great article! This really speaks to the mental hurdles I’ve been dealing with while trying to start my blogging career.

  • Creation has no competition, copying IS competition. LOL

  • So true about the example with the DJs similar to blogging. Good bloggers will promote others content and even put their unique spin to an otherwise popular post. There’s so many different ways of bringing good content to the masses.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • This was a great post. I fully agree and actually just responded to a friend’s question – what typically holds people back: skillset, mindset, or environment? – with mindset. I have met with enough entrepreneurs and been one long enough myself to know this is a #1 hindrance. Your post has inspired me to get back on the horse and start creating again. I know people like my content, can think of several months of topics in seconds and am not really thinking about the competition (although that has been intimidating at times – there are some great small business writers out there!)… have to get to work! Thanks Yaro!

    I’ll be sharing this with others 🙂

  • Totally Inspirational!!
    Just what I needed Yaro. My husband and daughter have heard so much about you and your posts, that they either scream … No More … or think what NEXT.

    Most of your posts cause a stir at my house and mind you my little one is only 7 years old and the next one is 10 months.

    Thank You


  • Yaro:

    I have been around internet Mkting. about 5 years now, made a little $ here & there, But always seemed to lose interest(I joined & quit more programs than carter has pills):-).

    About a year ago I set up a wordpress Blog just to write about what really MATTERED to me (http://www.matthewsmatters.com) without worry about any financial reward . Little did I know that this would become a PASSION for me (I Love to Teach & Public Speak) but never thought my ‘prose’ was up to snuff, so to speak.My blog, especially in the last 90 days has taken on a life on its own, I think mostly because of a ‘network bloggers community’ I associate with where we read each others Blogs & promote each other—It was then I realized for the 1st time that people felt I had a ‘Gift & Message ‘ to share,,,& thus my Interest in Blogging became a Passion…as I post between 3-5x weekly

    You are such a ‘gifted writer’! So many great points. I can sure relate.There was a time I felt just like you said “Who would READ MY Writing?”..Yet for me that is just the POINT it is MY writing & no one can express & say things in the unique way that I can,,,,& so I WRITE/Blog.

    You talk also of being a CREATOR….again up until about 4 years ago I never saw myself as creative & yet more & more I see this Creativity happening for me & for me it is because of 2 main reasons 1) I have come to REALLY believe that I am a ‘chip off the Infinite Intelligences’ Block(God for me)–He IS a Creator so therefore I AM a CREATOR/Creative 2) Because I started the process to CREATE by my Blogging , that very ACTION inspired more thoughts, Ideas & thus Posts!:-)

    Then You mention ‘PASSION’ (one of my FAVORITE concepts BTW:-)…a name I chose for my Business was ‘Live Your Life Fully Today’….I have been looking, & looking these past 5 years or so for a business model I could Throw myself into with reckless abandon that would Align with a Passion of mine. I believe the more & more this past year that I have consistently Blogged the More I see Blogging as that Passion,,,& all the while it was right under my nose…LOL.

    I still have many questions, obstacles, & techy things( I do not like these:-)) & it takes me 6-8 hrs. to ‘craft’ what I feel is an acceptable Post + I am not sure how to monetize my blogging BuT as one entrepreneur said “I do this for a LOVING not a Living.”

    I STILL consider myself quite the newbie at this ‘Blogging Craft’ (I still need to set up a sign up form on my Blog with a free report among other things about blogging I need to learn & implement)

    Thank You So Much for Inspiring Me!

    Matt Geib

  • You are different. You write so well. Yes, I like you!

  • Thanks Yaro for such a nice blog!

  • Cy

    People often ask me why you do what you do and how you do it so well. My answer to them is always the same; I like to do things that are easy because I am not that smart to begin with. I am just an ordinary guy who took what appeared difficult at first and saw it’s potential reality as to how EASY it could be to become financially independent.

    It is all a matter of “desire” because if we really want something we can pursue it until we get at least some sort of results especially if it is an alliance with a right group.

    Here is a very insightful article on how to defeat the forces of fear and negativity

  • Hi Yaro,

    I think that most if not all beliefs are limiting. The ones that you write about in this post are definitely the ones one should get rid of as soon as possible.

    It’s all in our heads. Most of it anyway. If we can remove our own limitations, the ones we don’t control won’t matter much.


  • Once again, you never failed to delight the readers. Absolute-inspiring write up,Yaro.

  • Dear Yaro,

    Thank you for writing this post. Blogging truly can be a way to succeed, and all of the usual excuses fall away when you go for your passion. Since discovering your blog in October of last year, I have started my own successful blog about changing the world through fundraising. I post 5 days a week and people wonder how I can find time to write or so many things to post about! This month I will pass the 7,000 uniques/month marker on http://wildwomanfundraising.com, 35,000 visits/month, and 76,000 pages/month. I currently have about 200 people on my mailing list. I have 1,300 followers on twitter and just launched my first book and have had readers and buyers from all over the world.

    I’m not rich yet by any means but I have a solid platform to build things on. So solid that I’ve started coaching other people how to have success blogging. I’m coaching a composer and a shaman right now, and I’m going to tell them to read this post. Thank you for changing all of our lives. You have a ripple effect of encouraging people to succeed!



    • I join all the people before me in saying great post Yaro! The fear of someone saying “who the hell are you and why would I want to read what you write” pervades. It is a self confidence issue for sure, one must believe that they are the expert they know they are! I suppose it is a variation of “If you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you!” Believe in yourself and what you have to say and you will begin to have followers.

      Mazarine – great encouraging reply from you. So good to know that someone is moving in the right direction. We so often hear people extolling the virtues of a mentor or “guru” but all too infrequently do they actually highlight the success they are having as a result!

  • Yaro,

    Another great post as usual. I have to say I’ve never thought of the whole competition thing this way, as it does seem like the internet is super-saturated with any and every possible topic in existence. But that’s a great way to look at it, much thanks for another great piece of advice!


  • Hey Yaro

    This was really a great post. I think everyone has the capacity to create great content that people want to read, excuses can be presente all the time only if we let them.

    When we awake and truly perceive the potential and uniqueness we have, there is no time and space for excuses in our mind and lives.

  • Yaro,

    Your post are always so well written and thought out. I love reading them because I feel that the information I am looking for really speaks to me through your words. I Love coming back to your site to always find valuable and useful information to use. Thank you.

  • […] about 3 limiting beliefs you must eliminate in order to become successful online (you can read it HERE), and I thought I’d convey to you what I believe, rather know, is the #1 problem that […]

  • To reach better life or success, anyone need to change him or her mind for the the success. And looking for people who support it and build good relationship to them.

  • Good post. Very inspirational.

    You have a statement in your article that made me laugh “There always seems to be room for more if you have good ideas to share”. It reminded me of a quote a photography teacher I had in college use to say and I have always believed it to be true. It goes “there is always room for one more good one” His name was Jerry Cole


  • Hi Yaro – another great post to inwardly digest, thanks.

    I find I only seem to have two gears – 1st and 5th – mainly I chugg along in 1st more-or-less on tickover, but every now and then I race along in 5th and can’t seem to stop myself typing 🙂

    The problem with that is that I then equate it as a rant! and more often than not won’t publish it on my blog for fear it’s too personal a view. Having read this post though I might just dig them out from file 13 and put them out there.

    Cheers ….. Pete.

  • Thanks very much Yarro for sharing all your knowledge.

    I’m reading your post for a while and you helped me a lot with organizing all my thoughts.

    In this article I loved the approval that competition doesn’t really exist.

    I also knew that passion is an action full, reading about it in this post, gave me a big smile.

    I’m looking forward to read your next post.

    Best Regards
    Yossi Salmon

  • The easiest way to loose passion is to take a long break from blogging. When am traveling or going on holiday I make sure I keep reading articles related to my blog niche. That way am able to come back full of blogging ideas.

  • Great post, Yaro.
    Thanks a lot. Your post started a cascade of thoughts about writing and blogging.

    I was very glad when I found out that making writing a habit makes blogging the most joyful thing in the world.

    Now I know: It’s not necessary to wait for “the magic moment of inspiration” to write. Just write every day.

    I tell myself: don’t wait until you are in the mood of writing. Just write.
    And: listen to your readers and write for your readers but don’t forget to listen and write for yourself in the first place.

    Just write.


  • Yaro,

    Here is a quote from Albert Einstein, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

    “Change enough of the little pictures, and you change the big picture,” Ashleigh Brilliant.



  • Zac

    This is exactly the type of inspiration I was looking for, and at the right time. My blog is still a baby, less than 10 posts, and I’m already become aware of the hard work that goes into a building, and maintaining a blog.

    Now that I’ve got the basic mechanics out the way, I need to re-visit the purpose of my blog every time I go to draft a post.

    I will refer to this post often, it’s the motivation I’ve been looking for.

    I found you a long time ago Yaro, and I’ve hardly ever read your posts, but this one was definitely worth having you on my rss feed.


  • Your Article is really motivation for those who want to start a new life as a blogger but do not dare. Yes, it’s so important to put into the project a lot of effort at the beginning to see first results that can be celebrated 🙂

  • Yaro, loved everything you had to say 🙂

    As a chill/dance enthusiast and creative, I loved your inclusion of your passion for music here! I totally relate to the ‘vibe’ created in the DJ community. It is the individuality and ‘oneness’ through shared experiences that helps us thrive, and one I seek in playing with others. Any field is the same – seek your collaboration!

    There is always room for one more. My Voice just got stronger and I’m ready to roll it out. Thanks Yaro!
    Best Wishes for Continued Success,
    Paula D’Andrea
    Fitness & Lifestyle Expert

  • I think this is not just a post about 3 topics, its about guiding a persons mindset towards his passions and bringing out his latent skills!

    Great Job!

  • Very good article and it is so true. Every person is different so even if people are writing about the same topic your experiences and your view make it different. In reality the market is not saturated like so many people believe it to be.

  • Your message about consistent output is salutory. I have a great asset in my blog and I have let it slip because of time pressures, but you have inspired me to get moving again. The “Lizard Head” is always alive and well, diminishing our self-esteem and blocking out our intuition. Seth Godin in one of his great blog posts asks, “When is the best time to start? – he ultimately answers “last year” … but today is the second best time!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I loved reading this post. I always enjoy your posts especially those with positive and inspiring messages. They help me to go back and continue working on my blogs. It’s true that when you haven’t made it, it’s easy to give up. But messages like yours keep us going through the challenges no matter what.

    Thanks a million.

  • Hi Yaro, this is indeed one of your best writings, very uplifting and show the parts that you can’t see or understands for many of us. Thanks..

  • Such a good write up, Yaro. I used to be a drummer in a band when I was a student. We were touring and played in local clubs a lot. What I found out is that no matter how good or how bad you are as band there alway be people who will say “you are best band ever” and there alway be people who say “you are crap”. Just go out and do it. You will find you fans (and groupies :-)).

  • […] wrote a great article recently titled, 3 Limiting Beliefs You Must Eliminate From Your Mindset.  It was this very article that inspired my blog post […]

  • […] to shine the light on them. Yaro from Entrepreneurs-Journey wrote a very inspirational article, 3 Limiting Beliefs You Must Eliminate From Your Mindset, that I thought really spoke the truth, especially about competition and how we can hold the best […]

  • Hey Yaro
    Mindset is a fascinating thing. The ease with which you can enter and exit from either a limiting belief or a wonderful positive feeling is amazing.

    Positive thinking is a matter of constant reinforcement. Original thought is really a unique spin on an existing idea.

    Thanks again for the insight


  • I particularly liked your take on competition, as the “competitive advantage” has been burned into my memory as an important part of business success. Brick and mortar businesses must know the competition so they can “defeat” them. Changing my mindset to “cooperation” is vital to keep plugging away on my blog, because my product is essentially shared information, all derived from somewhere else anyway. Having eliminated who I have to defeat, I don’t defeat myself. Thanks!

  • Yaro,
    That was an awesome article,I’ve been reading your e-mails for quite sometime now.I am very interested in learning to Blog.But to be honest with you,I don’t know the first place to start.And I have no understanding on how to make money from it.I know this is off the subject of your last e-mail.But,will you ever go over any of this?
    I realize you have a program out there,but right now with bieng unemployed,I just cannot do it..Any advice out there from anyone would be welcomed…

    • Bev

      Hi Kim,
      I was directed to http://www.becomeablogger.com by a friend and found it full to the brim with free, helpful videos on how to set up a blog and what to include in it. It’s truly a wonderful start for me and I know would help anyone looking to start a blog. Take a look.

      Best to you, Bev

  • Hi Yaro
    I have been following your blog for awhile. At the end of August I lost my job, been called back a few times to fill in. But can’t count on it. Started a website that was inspired by this dramatic change in my life. This last post made me realize that my experiences may come to the same results as others, but is also very different and unique to me. Maybe others can also relate to it. But the writing of my posts has also been a time of learning about me. I think we can all learn by seeing what others have wrote and reflect on our own lives, to enrich not only ourselves, but also maybe family, friends and strangers. I will keep at it. Thank you

  • […] just read a great blog post by Yaro Starak. He writes about limiting beliefs you have to change if you want to succeed or even start as a […]

  • What an inspiring article to read on a Monday morning. Just when some of the doubts and fears started to pop up about the action I’ve taken online. This article was surely attracted into my life! …Perfect timing.

    Thanks Yaro

  • Great message here!. I really love the idea that we control the outcome of our actions. I am a huge believer in positivity and taking “massive action.” Good stuff, Yaro. Business always has obstacles – knowing how to manage the risk is key.

    Thanks, Yaro.

  • There’s a piece of graffiti I adore here in Brisbane – it’s been painted on an underpass in Fortitude Valley and it says: ‘The more you think about it, the bigger it gets’. [How awesome is it when vandals get metaphysical?!] 😉 It’s so true though, because what you focus on, your brain obligingly seeks out evidence to confirm. So whether you’re looking for positive reasons or negative reasons for something, you’ll inevitably prove yourself right. Of course, there’s that wonderful quote from Hamlet – “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so”. Focus truly is EVERYTHING – so it’s sad to think some people fall in the trap of allowing neative thoughts such as reasons why their blog WON’T work, to take root in their mind. The more you think of reasons why something won’t happen, the more you attract similar negative thoughts to it. In my experience most people (even if they’re aware they’re bringing themselves down with negative ideas) don’t know how to break free from their habitual thought patterns. A great Cognitive Behavioural Technique for tackling this (I’m a huge fan of having actionable strategies to effect change) is to disrupt the negative thought (such as, ‘there’s too much competition, why would anyone want to read it’) and replace it with the opposite, positive thought (e.g. ‘even in the most competitive markets, quality content gets read – what’s more, I have lots of interesting things to say’. You can use this technique almost like a mantra. I recently wrote a post on my blog about how mantras are great for thought disruption and filling your mind with more positive, productive content – http://www.tameyourmindmonkey.com/?p=89 – thanks again for a great post Yaro!. 🙂

  • great tips, thanks a lot, i myself write a blog since 3 years, visitors are increasing very slowly but i write for myself that’s all, if u keep this attitude then there is no place for frustration. just focus on giving good content and rest will happen automatically. but some ‘seo plugins’ and ‘social bookmarking sites’ can bring lots of traffic to your blog. u just need to eliminate 3 limiting beliefs, give good content and spend few minutes on social sites…that’s all

  • “There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so”.
    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

    “Change enough of the little pictures, and you change the big picture,” Ashleigh Brilliant.

    I like all that comments lol x)

  • Thank you very much yaro. Very inspiring article from you. Again thanks for upgrading my knowledge.

  • Enjoyed the post because you are one of the most practical thinkers I know. Can’t stop the ideas unless you meditate or die. hahaaha true.

    Also interested in rules of the universe and enjoy how you dive into them. Universe does reward content creators and the best part is nothing is stopping anyone from creating their own content. Monetizing that content is another thing, but it’s beautiful to know that you can write or talk about anything and do anything in this world and if someone reads, watches or listens Wonderful and if not, you can keep doing your thing!

  • Thanks Yaro for an inspired piece of writing from someone who has clearly been there on the entrepreneurs journey. I love the fact that you make your writing your own! Everything you have learnt from a multitude of inspirational people and events has been processed through you and comes out as something which you first own as yours and then share with others – truly magical.

  • Hi Yaro this is what I need!! I really need to be motivated to run internet business. I think I’ll bookmarked this article. thank you again

  • great stuff , i bookmarked it. very knowledgeable article.

    Misbah Mumtaz

  • Another thing is the long delay between work and results. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to see first results, progress and this is an issue for a lot of people.

  • Competition — Just because there’s a giant site in your niche that gets millions of page views, it doesn’t mean people signed a contract to view just that site.

  • […] the heart with brutal honesty and his words are enlightening and effective.  One of his posts, 3 Limiting Beliefs You Must Eliminate From Your Mindset gave my blog new focus and direction.  Yaro is not only a great writer, but a great teacher.  […]

  • I don’t know if it’s all in my head or not but I need to look at this stuff with my 5th grade science fair projects.

  • In keeping with the idea that tackling your fears head on will eventually lead to elimination of the fears, I find that the more I attack a fear and overcome it, the more I get a rush from doing so… So in facing what I’m scared to do, whether it is tackle something out of my comfort zone, speak to a much larger audience, or release a new product, once I’ve done it the buzz is almost intoxicating and itself leads to more and more motivation to keep making strides in the right direction.

    Thanks for a great article! Jeff

  • Great post – really enjoyed it and needed to read it today. Having one of those days where I need to stay committed!

  • This is the best post I’ve read here since I first discovered Entrepreneurs Journey.com . I didn’t know u practiced meditation too! I’ve made a clear action plan and promised myself not to waste time leaving comments on other Blogs, but this is such great content and was really worth reading. Everything that u want in life, is ultimately because you want to feel good.So you have to feel good about your business if u wanna be happy.

  • Hey Yaro,
    I particularly enjoyed what you said about the proper mindset, it’s absolutely true in my opinion. I started my website to provide answers to a growing confused internet marketing crowd and have since continuted to build traffic completely from natural search. I’m appalled by the may fraudulent marketers who don’t seem to be in this game for the long-haul. You come across as genuinely interested in people. Please keep producing the evergreen content!

    Best Regards,

  • Thank you. I’ve wrestled with doubt. Especially since these days (2012) there are SO many bloggers, but a fact I discounted was that there are also so many more consumers. I like what you shared about competition.

  • I understand the beginning is always hard. however, what worries me more is the insecurity feeling of not being in a job, which is a regular source of income. But at the sametime, I really hate my job… it consumes so much time and energy of me. Thanks again for the post. It’s inspiring for me at the moment.

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