A Dynamic PageRank?

It’s probably just the Google Dance (PageRank) update still going on and if you follow your PageRank I’m sure you have noticed this too – but doesn’t it seem that PageRank is dynamic now rather than static in-between updates?

I notice when I wake up in the morning here in Australia PageRank is lower across the board and then throughout the day if fluctuates. It’s usually at it’s peak when I go to bed.

Could this mean that PageRank is changing based on live data rather than remaining static even though the underlying values it represents are constantly changing? Would this be a good thing?

For the link sellers it would have an impact but I don’t think it would be that drastic. Instead of stating you have a PageRank of X to potential link buyers you say your PageRank fluctuates between X and Y. It would also provide more meaningful statistics as you could tell when your site was rising in Google as the PageRank rises on a more current basis.

I’m fairly certain it will calm down and settle like usual. When Google plays with PageRank, just like when it was offline for nearly a month last year, all kinds of speculation goes on. It shows despite that fact that we shouldn’t pay too much attention to PageRank it really has an impact on us Webmasters. We love to talk about it and we just can’t help but chase that little green bar.

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  • I’ve noticed the same thing on my site, it’s either one or the other. I’m sure it’s just migrating across all the datacenters, etc. Dynamic PR is an interesting idea however.

  • I can’t keep up with it Yaro, and maybe I shouldn’t be too concerned.

    My home page seems to open as 2 different URLs. One is .com/index.php whereas the other is simply .com/

    The first has been showing a PR of 4 and the second a 5.

    I’ve just noticed that the first – com/index.php is now at 0 and the .com/ can be anything between 4 and 5. This seems to reflect on the day itself rather than the time of day.

    The content on my home page is dynamic as it’s updated by tables, but there’s very little content in general now as I’ve transformed it into a launch pad for the rest of the site. I’ve since got rid of all the written stuff that used to be below the fold (no one was reading it!) so I don’t expect my PR to climb with future updates.

    Having said that, some pages that have no changing content at all (like the search by Map) also have a PR of 5 and there’s nothing to the page. Strange!


  • I’ve noticed fluctuations too but it seems to have settled down now to a PR5 – up from PR4 🙂

    Having said that my SERPs have not changed at all and I would rather have SERPs than PR.

    I think I’m just about over this whole PR thing…PR alone is a very blunt diagnostic instrument.

  • […] Yaro Starak de Entrepreneur’s Journey hace una curiosa observación sobre el comportamiento del PageRank en los últimos días. Es obvio que hay un update en progreso pero al observar las fluctuaciones Yaro se pregunta que pasaría si el PageRank fuese dinámico basándose en datos en tiempo real más que estático y actualizado cada unos meses. […]

  • I’ve noticed something going on. I though it was just me. I would see a 4 on one computer and a zero on another. I would IM friends and they would get different results. I’m glad I’m not just going crazy myself here 😉

  • I noticed one of my sites finally got a PR – 4 instead of zero. Then it was back to zero a few hours later and now back to 4.

    Hopefully that means it’s coming out of the absolutely real yet mythical sandbox! 🙂

    My home site has also has its PR change from 4 to 5, but no (noticed) fluctuation

  • Well…I was upset when “Yaro” wasn’t No.1 on Google UK (for a day) It’s the quickest way to get to your site!

  • Anthony .. it’s called Bookmarking 😛

  • There does seem to be a higher level of toolbar PageRank fluctuation during this update.

    I believe it has something to do with all those “BigDaddy” data centers being rolled out.

  • I’ve noticed some fluctuations in PageRank on my website (netbusinesstalk.com) too during the beginning of The Dance, but things have settled down since. I think it may just have been the updating of data across datacenters that caused the fluctuations and not a Dynamic PageRank.

  • My serps(search engine results pages) haven’t changed and a lot of my websites have fluctuating pr. Some guy at Google is reported to have said that the toolbar is for entertainment purposes only. I guess he is right.

  • My site appears to be still moving about with intra-day changes happening… This doesn’t appear to have settled down yet.

    Ref: purebill on seochat

  • Google toolbar has not been updated for a long time, so dont keep much attention on it, more important is making good backlinks, the rest follows.

    John Bertrand

  • […] During the last Google PageRank update it seemed that PR would just not stay still. It kept changing on many websites depending on the time of day. It seems to have settled down now, but because of this Yaro Starak wrote an interesting post on his blog called Dynamic PageRank. […]

  • Personally,

    I’m pretty pissed with the whole PR nightmare.

    I have over 500 quality backlinks to a site that is ALL great content about copywriting and my Alexa is going up by about 250,000 EVERY DAY.

    And I have a PR of ZERO.


  • Google updates their pagerank in 2-3 months. Kevin, is your site still new? I can understand your frustration of pagerank 0 as i have my fair share of it too..

  • mls

    my site has 980 backlinks and my PR went from PR2 to PR0, whats wrong?

  • whats going on guys, has Google changed their algorith? a lot of webistes has their PR downgraded.

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