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Goodbye TV, Goodbye Radio…Advertiser’s Dilemma

Advertiser’s dilemma

I’m a 20-something male. I’m affluent. I have ample spending money, few responsibilities and even fewer liabilities. Potentially, I’m a fantastic customer. I’m ripe and ready to be funnelled into long term sales channels. I will get a mortgage, buy substantial assets and live a consumer lifestyle as I progress through the ever-ageing customer demographics.

Problem. How do you get my attention?

I don’t watch TV anymore. I don’t listen to the radio. I hate all things “advertising”.

I like the Internet. I like commercial free.

I use Pandora and Di.FM.

I adopt technologies fast…but most don’t last…unless they are top of the class (google/itunes/skype).

Who has my attention?

Peers. Friends show me what is cool. I find what I like by seeing what others like me like. I tell others what I like. We advertise to each other simply by living and interacting.

Advertiser’s solution…

Become my friend.