Kison Patel is the founder of, a SAAS platform for managing the lifecycle of mergers and acquisitions.

Kison spent ten years of his life running his own boutique M&A advisory firm, participating in some way with 363 asset sales.

During this career, Kison noted how many processes of deals were handled with very ‘old’ technology, for example using spreadsheets for tracking due diligence.

This lead to the idea for DealRoom, which at first as an MVP was an attempt to better document and add a communication layer to the due diligence process.

During the interview I wanted to learn more about M&A, as well as hear the story behind how Kison grew his SAAS company, which is 100% bootstrapped at the time of this recording.

I asked Kison for examples of deals he worked on, how he sourced deals, what’s the difference between a business broker and M&A advisory services and we also talked about how he built what he calls a ‘media company’ within his SAAS as a marketing strategy.

If you’re growing a SAAS in a legacy industry or thinking about starting one, make sure you listen to this interview.
Enjoy the podcast.