In the previous episode of Vested Capital (EP2), we talked with David Horne and Marty Balkema, founders of Calm Capital. They had recently acquired the company Wavve.

On this episode, Baird Hall, one of the co-founders of Wavve, shares the other side of that acquisition, as the seller of Wavve.

Baird takes us back in time to the origin story of Wavve, how it was a spinoff company from their first business when they needed to create audio snippets for sharing on social media.

The spinoff companies continued when they needed to create captions for audio within Wavve, which led to the creation of Zubtitle, a company Baird co-founded with a different partner.

Both Wavve and ZubTitle grew to earn over $100,000 a month each7-figure companies.

ChurnKey, Baird’s latest company that helps subscription businesses deal with churn, was created as a result of needing to solve the churn problems within Wavve and Zubtitle.

Baird, as you can probably tell, is amazing at using a need in one company as the genesis to create a new company.

It’s very challenging to grow one company, so working on two or even three at the same time rarely works. This is one of the reasons Baird and his partners made the choice to sell Wavve, so they could move on to focus on ChurnKey.

All of these companies are covered in this interview, which I know you will enjoy if you like SAAS startup stories leading all the way to exciting exits.

Enjoy the show.