Welcome to episode zero of Vested Capital!

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Although the title may be new, this podcast is still hosted by me (Yaro) and will continue in a very similar style to what you are used to from The Yaro Podcast and before that, the Entrepreneurs Journey Podcast.

I started podcasting in 2005, not long after I started blogging at Entrepreneurs-Journey.com (hence the first name of my podcast). It was an amazing time for content publishing online, but clearly I was a bit too early to catch the podcast waves that wouldn’t really hit until about 10 years later.

In more recent years I retired the Entrepreneurs Journey brand, and switched to my personal brand (Yaro.blog), changing the name of my podcast to reflect the change as well.

This year, 2021, I decided for the first time to focus on my podcast and take it in a new direction. While I have been consistent with my show over very many years, there have been big gaps between episodes. Given the podcast has existed in some shape or form since 2005 and I’ve only published 200+ episodes during that time, you know the publication schedule has been a bit up and down.

I enjoy podcasting. It’s amazing to connect with my audience and my guests, I like the social aspect, the learning, and it makes business and investing sense too, since you form so many amazing connections with successful people. However, podcasting has never been at the top of my priority list, but that is about to change.

Why Vested Capital?

Vested Capital is about how to make money and then put that money to work to make more money — in other words, how to vest your capital!

I’ve always been excited by things like startups, cash flow, big exits from selling companies, investing in technology and new asset classes. Vested Capital will cover all of these topics, and more.

This podcast will still focus on interviews with entrepreneurs and startup founders, but I’m going to expand the scope of the show to include people who are making and growing capital in unique and effective ways.

While increasing the scope of my topic, I also hope to increase the caliber of guests, sharing stories from people who’ve made millions, hundred of millions to even billions of dollars.

I’ll be talking to startup founders, entrepreneurs who’ve enjoyed big exits, angel investors, venture capitalists, crypto leaders, tech stock traders, real estate investors — all sharing how they made money and put their capital to work. These activities happen to all be areas I am also active in as an investor and startup founder, so my passion and curiosity is genuine, which I hope you will see in the podcast.

How Yaro Has Made Money

For this episode zero, I thought I should tell the story of my own process to build income streams, start businesses and invest to grow my capital.

If you are familiar with my background story, much of this will not be new to you, but if you have never come across my content before, this episode will give you a solid overview.

Capital (money), as I explain in this episode zero, is an incredibly powerful force for change. Having capital gives you options, you can invest, start new businesses, secure your future, buy property, stocks, bonds, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and open doors to amazing opportunities.

Of course to make capital you first need cash flow and profits from something. So just as I share in my own story here in episode zero of how I grew my cash flow, I will be asking our guests how they got started and track their entire journey to wealth.

How To Subscribe To Vested Capital

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Enjoy the episode and talk soon,