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Today’s Entrepreneur’s Journey Podcast features an interview with Robert Gerrish, who with Sam Leader created the website and wrote the book with same title, Flying Solo.

Robert contacted me a few months ago to introduce me to his web project and since then I have had numerous communications with Sam and Robert. They both are very committed to the Flying Solo website and are putting in a lot of time to grow it into a resource for solo business people both in Australia and the world. This interview gives us a good insight into how Robert got to where he is, including his work as a business coach and presenter, and what he is trying to achieve with his current Flying Solo project.

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  • Great podcast Yaro – your best yet IMO.

    There was some more talk about congruence with your vision and also “standing for something”. These are both topics that I feel are very important – not easy to achieve, but important.

  • This was a great listen Yaro, particularly as a follow up to reading Robert’s book. His analogy about very specific targeting of your message to a single person resonates with me.

  • What can I say? it was really worth it! I’m happy to see you are doing interviews, it adds more variety of stories to your blog!

    Since I read your article about podcasting I’m thinking on doing one. Although, I’m not sure if my spanish accent will be well taken on the community. I’ve already have some complains about my grammar (doing everything I can…, english isn’t my first language!)

    Cool blog, keep it comming!
    Javier Cabrera

  • Javier! – you should be doing a spanish podcast. There is a huge audience in the spanish speaking world and I believe the spanish blogosphere is growing quite nicely. I suspect you would have no problems getting an audience if you put your work out there.

    …I plan to learn spanish one day too so perhaps your podcasts will be a good way to practice 🙂

  • […] Apart from the 26, you can also head on to here to his Podcasts archive. I’m bookmarking it right now. make money online Related Posts […]

  • Podcasts? Because target audience includes some who are better listeners than readers

    Podcasts may not interest all in your target audience but as Michael Pollack at Small Business Branding points out, some people learn by listening as opposed to reading. If you have ever studied marketing and communications you may have learnt…

  • Lots of great tips & strategies in this podcast, but the most important was how the more Passionate you are about the subject of your blog, the more the world will be interested in hearing what you have to say!

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