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Press play on the audio stream above to hear a special lesson taken from my Master Your Mindset training series. Normally you pay to access this training either by purchasing my Mindset E-Guide package or by becoming a member of The Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

This audio covers two of the most important mindset shifts I made when I first became an entrepreneur – the concepts of ‘Inevitability Thinking‘ and ‘Learned Optimism‘.

Your default explanatory style, which means how you interpret events in your life (negative, positive, temporary, permanent), has a huge impact on your results — and your general wellbeing and happiness.

The great thing about your explanatory style is you can change it. First you have to become aware of it, which this audio will help you do, then you go to work to reframe it.

As I explain in this audio lesson, the discovery of my own explanatory style came about after a particularly challenging time in my life dealing with panic attacks while studying at university. I spent two years struggling with this condition and had to completely rebuild my explanatory style to eventually cure myself.

This Is About More Than Positive Affirmations

While I’m not against positive affirmations, especially as part of your process to reframe your outlook on life from negative to positive, as an entrepreneur I didn’t believe I could just wish myself to results.

I wanted to experience results, tangible things — and in the case of being an entrepreneur, I wanted to make money.

My very rational brain knew that I had to take action, to build something, in order to attract customers and make sales.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are not coming from a place of supreme confidence when they first start a business. Imposter syndrome, self-doubt, depression, negative influences, poor self-esteem, bad choices, poor track record… all these will negatively impact your progress.

This is where inevitability thinking comes in. Inevitable means guaranteed. It’s going to happen. 

To think in inevitable ways, you have to have belief in an outcome coming true. To create this belief, you need to leverage systems and processes that other people have built and have proven to work. Their success, and your understanding of their process, leads to your ability to have congruent belief in your inevitable success too.

As I explain in the audio lesson, pairing inevitability thinking with learned optimism is a powerful one-two punch for an entrepreneur’s mindset. Go listen to it now.


P.S. This audio is lesson 5, the final lesson of a second 5 part series of audios I created on mindset for entrepreneurs. The original series has 10 lessons. You can access all 15 of these audio lessons, and so much more, by becoming a member of my Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

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