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How To Assess Your Strengths To Find The Right Topic For A New Online Teaching Or Coaching Business

With so many people looking to start a new online businesses at the moment I wanted to release one of the modules from inside my Blog Money Finder introductory course (which is available for sale individually, or comes as a bonus training when you enroll in my flagship course, Blog Mastermind 2.0)

This is module 2 of the training, about what I call ‘Convergence‘ — the point where something about you meets something that the marketplace needs and will spend money on.

This is a CRITICAL video for you if you are still at the point of choosing a topic for your online education or coaching business.

If you pick the wrong topic, you don’t make money, so watch this 15-minute video and then complete the activity at the end.

Click Here To Download The Strength Assessment Activity Sheet [ PDF ]

Discover Topics People Make Money With Today

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  • How to discover a ‘specialty’
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