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Michael Pollock from SmallBusinessBranding.comThis Entrepreneur’s Journey podcast features an Internet business discussion with Michael Pollock who blogs at Small Business Branding. Michael and I have known each other for a few months now, well “known” in the sense that we have Skype conversations but have never met in person since he is in the USA and I am in Australia.

Michael and I completed a discussion on the topic of Internet business. Here are the show notes (a fancy name for a list of the topics we talked about in chronological order).

  1. Flipping websites for profit
  2. Making money from websites using advertising such as AdSense, including the importance of a keyword niche and Darren Rowse the Problogger.
  3. Sitepoint website marketplace and website evaluation.
  4. Making money through affiliate programs using ClickBank and the Googlecash online marketing method (using AdWords to sell affiliate products without having your own website).
  5. Blogs networks
  6. A little about Yaro and Michael and their Internet businesses

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  • Nathan Waters

    Awesome! I’ve been following Michael’s Savy Solo Casts for a while now… will listen to it as soon as I find a spare 55min 😀

  • Great podcast, Yaro. I just started listening to Podcasts in the last couple of weeks, and Michael Pollack’s and your podcasts are basically the only two that I have listened to so far (other than a random one here and there but not subscribing to). I enjoyed listening to it, although the one complaint I have is based more at Michael than at you and is a problem for most of his podcasts. I could not hear him nearly as clearly as I could hear you, so I wound up having to turn the volume up a bit more than I like for listening to your end of the conversation and not as much as normal to hear his end of the conversation.

  • Rory

    Thanks again Yaro,
    This should be a great listen, its amazing to see how much this Blog have evloved in past couple months. Keep the PodCasts coming 🙂

  • Blaine – I’m currently getting the hang of audacity and there are some controls you can play with raise and equalize volume only on certain parts. I couldn’t do it with his podcast because Michael was recording it at his end, however if you use Skype to record a conversation you can control both voices in the conversation.

    I’m quite aware about issues of volume and I definitely want to get it as close to perfect as I can given the equipment I have at home to record with. A lot of the information products I have coming out soon use audio recordings extensively so I’m trying to find the best balance between clear good sound and small download size.

    I’m curious what people prefer – would they mind downloading a large file size if the sound quality was better (in stereo) or in the case of information podcasts (not music) is it better to go for a smaller size sacrificing quality?

  • thanks for posting this yaro.

    blain: sorry i’m not as loud as yaro. i’m still trying to perfect my audio setting on this end. of course, yaro does has that deep, baritone voice, and he’s a pretty loud aussie anyway. 🙂

    best – mp

  • I’ve also just really started getting into podcasts, having a listen to one every morning on my walk before starting work. It’s a great way to learn at the same time as you exercise, but finding quality podcasts in the internet business and online marketing arenas is still quite hard.
    Some of the big guys are doing shows which are quite good, interviews are good and radio news style shows can have some good content sandwiched in between a lot of chatter.

  • Personally, I would not mind having a slightly larger download, but I can easily see where somebody might feel that to be a burden. I would think that if your bandwidth fees aren’t too bad, though, that I would prefer a slightly larger file and be able to clearly hear what is being said. I work in a noisy environment and spend the majority of my day with ear plugs or earmuffs blocking the noise from 4 servers 6 feet from my head.

  • hey yaro:

    how about we put together a really great podcast on internet business and online marketing? we can host it at solostream. 🙂

    best – mp

  • re: file size vs quality

    I think it’s best to go with the smallest file size without the audio quality being really bad.

    Another ideas would be to have an option to download a high quality version via bit torrent.

  • I finally got around to listening to it today – well done guys – nice work!

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