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Audio: Internet Business Conversation With Michael Pollock

Michael Pollock from SmallBusinessBranding.comThis Entrepreneur’s Journey podcast features an Internet business discussion with Michael Pollock who blogs at Small Business Branding. Michael and I have known each other for a few months now, well “known” in the sense that we have Skype conversations but have never met in person since he is in the USA and I am in Australia.

Michael and I completed a discussion on the topic of Internet business. Here are the show notes (a fancy name for a list of the topics we talked about in chronological order).

  1. Flipping websites for profit
  2. Making money from websites using advertising such as AdSense, including the importance of a keyword niche and Darren Rowse the Problogger.
  3. Sitepoint website marketplace and website evaluation.
  4. Making money through affiliate programs using ClickBank and the Googlecash online marketing method (using AdWords to sell affiliate products without having your own website).
  5. Blogs networks
  6. A little about Yaro and Michael and their Internet businesses

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