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This is a new podcast focusing on website marketing compound effects. It’s been a while since I did a solo podcast and for a lot of readers this might be your first taste of my show since Entrepreneur’s Journey has grown somewhat in the last month or so, and has some newbie subscribers. If you are interested you can find a nice neat list of my previous solo podcasts at the bottom of the articles page.

My podcasts are usually short-ish, about 15-20 minutes of me talking and the topic is always Internet business. Today’s show is no different, covering a very important concept for those marketing online with a tight budget. Compound effects are effective means to establish consistent long term traffic to a website and help with the search engine optimization process as well. I hope you enjoy the show!

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  • This was a good podcast and I needed to hear it. was somewhat down in the dumps today as my blog isn’t growing as fast as I wanted it. Compound effects will help it start to grow exponentially. I just need to stay the course, slow and steady does it. thanks Yaro for the support.

  • Great podcast, im gonna implement some of these tips into my blog, hopefully over time ill start to see some revenue coming in.

  • rio

    I was pleased to see this. Just what I needed. Thanks.

  • Great podcast… I agree a lot of things compound to create great results. I’m going to check out some of your other internet marketing podcast now, thanks

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